30+ Popular Short Names for Boys with Meanings

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Little boys really are a treat – those squeals of laughter and muddy footprints scampering through the house. And, of course, blue and yellow cars parked in every corner!

Snips and slow snails, and short puppy dogs’ tails – that’s apparently what little boys are made of! So, what better to name your little boy than one of these snipped, short boy’s names?

We understand it’s no easy task to find the perfect name to best describe your rumbling, tumbling little man-to-be.

So, we’ve done the hard work for you and put together the best short names for boys with meanings!

The Most Popular Short Boy Names with Meanings

Pick one of these popular short boy’s names for your bright-eyed little munchkin as he starts on his great adventure!

  • Aaron

Meaning: This strong short name, meaning “mountain of strength” or “enlightened,” is a trendy and popular choice.

If you feel your little prince characterizes these endearing traits, then this is a great pick for him.

Origin: Aaron is a Hebrew given name with biblical roots derived from the Ancient Egyptian word “aha rw” and Persian Harun, meaning “warrior lion.”

  • Adam

Meaning: I may be slightly biased to this classic short name, which means “the ground” or “earth.” The little Adam I know has a cute, curly top of the hair and a pioneering spirit!

Origin: The name Adam is of Hebrew origin and has biblical roots, Adam being the original and first man that God created from the Earth.

  • Aidan

Meaning: Aidan is a short boy’s name that features on many of the top 10 lists for baby boys! If you see your little pumpkin as having a fiery spirit, then this Irish name is the perfect pick!

Origin: A fairly common name in Ireland, Scotland, and Wales, Aidan has become popular in many other countries, too.

The name is derived from the antiquated Celtic names Aodhán or Aodh, the given name of the Celtic sun God.

  • Alex

Meaning: Alex is a well-known boy’s name and is a shortened version of the name Alexander.

If you are on a search to find a name meaning “defender” and “protector,” your little boy will be the proud owner of this name for sure!

Origin: The most famous bearer of this masculine name was Alexander The Great of Macedon.

The name Alex has been given to many famous rulers, kings, and emperors and continues to be a favorite choice for many proud parents.

There are many variations to the name, including Alejandro, Alessandro, and Aleksander. The famous American actor Alec Baldwin sports another shortened version of this trendy name.

  • Archie

Meaning: We all know and love Archie from the famous children’s comic books! The name Archie is of German origin and means “noble” and “brave.”

This cute boy’s name has also recently been made famous by the Royals, Prince Harry, and Meghan, whose new addition is named Archie.

Origin: Archie is derived from the Old English name Archibald and is of Anglo- Saxon origin. Why not give your courageous little man this catchy short name?

  • Ash

Meaning: The name Ash is a short, modern name that is really popular at the moment, being a shortened version of the name Ashton.

I am sure you are familiar with the famous actor, Ashton Kutcher, who has made his debut on television and in many movies.

If your little boy is destined for the stars, then do pick this youthful name for him!

Origin: Ash or Ashton is actually an Old English habitational surname, meaning “from ash tree town.”

  • Axel

Meaning: Although Axel is seen as a unique and modern boy’s name, it actually has ancient roots.

The meaning of the name Axel is derived from the Old Norse name Ásketill, which means “cauldron” and “God.”

Origin: Axel is a masculine short boy’s name which is known to originate from Scandinavia, Germany, France, and Holland.

It’s definitely a unique name and a good choice if you want your son to stand out from the crowd!

  • Ben

Meaning: Ben is a popular, gentle name that is frequently making an appearance on the list of trendy boys names.

It is the shortened version of the name Benjamin and means, “son of my right hand.” Other nicknames, diminutives, and short variations of the name include Benny, Benz, and Benji.

You may have also heard of the term “the Benjamin of the family?” This saying refers to one being the youngest son in the family.

Origin: This wholesome short name for boys is often used by religious, orthodox Christian families. Though, it has its roots in many faiths, such as Christianity, Judaism, and Islam.

  • Blake

Meaning: Blake is a top choice for a little one born into a family who loves arts and crafts! This name was made famous by William Blake, the famous painter and poet.

The meaning of the name Blake is not well known, though it is thought to mean “pale.”

The name Blake is derived from the Old English words “blac” or “blaec,” meaning either pale or black. Whatever its origin, this name certainly is a modern, fun choice for your bundle of fun!

Origin: Blake is a common English surname.

  • Bray

Meaning: A rather unusual sounding short name for boys, Bray is short for Brayden, meaning “brave,” – and is definitely a unique choice.

I happen to know a little boy called Brayden. If your son is anything like him, he is sure to be a bubbly, energetic, bouncing little boy full of questions!

Origin: The name Braydon is of Irish origin.

  • Cam

Meaning: Cam is a firm favorite, Cam being short for Cameron, which means “crooked nose” or “crooked river.”

Perhaps you can pick this name for a little boy with a crooked nose? Only joking! Even if you do, it’s highly unlikely your bundle of delight will have a crooked nose!

Origin: Cam is a charming name of Scottish origin, derived from the popular Celtic surname Cameron. It’s a grand and noble short boy’s name for sure!

  • Cole

Meaning: Cole is a short boy’s name that means “swarthy,” “from coal town,” “coal-black,” or “charcoal.” Cole is also derived from the name Nicholas.

This charismatic name was popularized by Tom Cruise’s character, Cole Trickle in the movie, “Days of Thunder.”

If your son is set to be a gorgeous, dapper lad – or love racing, then look no further than the short name Cole!

Origin: The name Cole is an Old English boy’s name derived from the habitational surname Cole.

  • Dale

Meaning: Pronounced Day-il, the name Dale means “valley.” Now, this is a really striking and swanky, short boy’s name to pick!

Origin: This name is of English origin and was made famous by two cute, mischievous cartoon chipmunks known as “Chip and Dale.”

Do you see yourself as a parent of a playful little boy who is going to fill your days with laughter and amusing antics? If so, then Dale is the perfect name to choose for him!

  • Dan

Meaning: The meaning of the Hebrew name Dan, short for Daniel, is “God is my judge.” The name Daniel is also often shortened to Dan or Danny.

Origin: Daniel was one of the men mentioned in the Book of Daniel in the Old Testament of the Bible. He was a noble Jewish youth who served his King with loyalty.

Daniel or Dan is a resolute and righteous name, which any little boy and parent would be proud of.

  • Eli

Meaning: Pronounced El-ee, this unisex name has a serene quality to it and means “ascent” and “My God.”

The name Eli is the perfect fit if you are looking for a gentle name to match your son’s calm and considerate demeanour.

Alternatively, if you’re looking for a religious, pious name that represents your faith, then look no further – Eli is a wonderful choice.

Origin: Although an antiquated name, Eli is certainly gaining in popularity again! The name is of Hebrew origin and is an abbreviation of the name Elijah.

  • Ethan

Meaning: Ethan is a short boy’s name which means “firm,” “enduring,” and “long-lived.” These are qualities and traits that I’m sure every parent wishes for in a son.

Origin: This strong, masculine name features many times in the Bible and is of Hebrew, Old English, and French origin.

Tom Cruise also made this name popular with his character Ethan Hunt in the Mission Impossible movies.

Both popular and cool, the name Ethan is a firm favorite in many countries of the world!

  • Finn

Meaning: Are you searching for a short name that alludes to great adventures? Then there is no better name to pick for your boy than Finn, short for Huckleberry Finn.

The Adventures of Huckleberry Finn is a well-known novel written by Mark Twain, sure to inspire you and your little bundle of joy to create some adventures of your own!

Origin: This trendy name is of Irish and Old English origin, meaning “white” or “fair.”.

  • Flynn

Meaning: Flynn is an Irish boy’s name that means “son of the red-haired one” or “reddish.” If you are of Irish descent with fiery red hair, then this name will certainly fit your little one.

Or, perhaps your little one is lucky to have been blessed with a crop of ginger hair and a patch of freckles? If so, why not choose Flynn?

Origin: Flynn is a popular surname of Irish origin.

  • Gio

Meaning: The modern name Gio is a shortened version of the popular Italian name Giovanni.

Did you know that the name Gio or Giovanni is the Italian version of the English name John?

If you have an expressive and stylish little boy, then I am sure your new adorable addition will love this name.

Origin: Gio is an Italian given name and is a popular choice for expectant Italian parents.

  • Hugo

Meaning: Hugo – this alluring short boy’s name just rolls off your tongue, doesn’t it? The name is appealing and magnetic and also means “mind” and “spirit.”

Hugo is also the German version of the English name Hugh. It certainly is a top contender if you are looking for a strong, masculine name for your newborn baby boy!

Origin: The name Hugo, originating from Germany, has become a popular name in many European countries. And it’s climbing the charts for fashionable baby names worldwide, too.

  • Jack

Meaning: Jack is a fabulous name to choose if you want a short name that is both steadfast and solid. This common name is said to mean, “God Is gracious.”

Jack, the main protagonist in the English fairytale Jack and the Beanstalk, has made this name very popular. The tale is a classic delight for many a little boy and girl!

Origin: The name Jack is of English origin. Did you know that the name “Jack” is actually derived from the name John?

  • Jacob

Meaning: Jacob is a timeless name meaning “supplanter” and “seizing by the heel.” It is also said to mean ”to follow behind.”

This is a strong, earthy name often associated with someone who is hardworking and steadfast.

Do you have a little worker or busy bee on your hands? If so, then do consider Jacob as a name for your little man.

Origin: The name Jacob is common in many biblical texts and is of Latin origin.

  • James

Meaning: James, which means “one who follows,” is a lovely modern English name, is perfect for a little peachy, cheeky boy.

Yes – a beautiful, sweet baby boy deserves a name picked out for him that is just as distinctive and bright as he is! This name was made popular by the book James and the Giant Peach.

Origin: James is a classic English boy’s name and is very popular in Europe and particularly in English-speaking regions of the world. It is thought to be derived from the Hebrew name Jacob.

  • Josh

Meaning: The name Josh is a shortened version of the popular name Joshua, meaning “the Lord is my salvation.”

A shorter, more modern take, Josh has become quite trendy and cool. It is undoubtedly a choice of name for a little boy, particularly if you are religious and faithful.

Origin: Joshua or Josh is a Hebrew name.

  • Kai

Meaning: Kai is a cute boy’s name meaning “ocean”, “shell”, “restoration,” and “recovery.”

If you and your son love the magical, majestic beauty of the ocean, then do consider giving him the name Kai!

Origin: Kai is a unique name that has made its debut in modern times.

Surprisingly, it has various origins, known all the way from Japan to Scandinavia, to Greece and even Northern Island.

  • Kyle

Meaning: An upbeat, stylish name, Kyle is a popular habitational Gaelic surname. Kyle is a region in Scotland and is said to mean straight,” “channel,” and “narrow.”

Origin: Kyle is a Scottish surname that has become popular worldwide in modern times.

  • Lee

Meaning: In keeping with the theme of short names derived from surnames, Lee is another popular choice.

The name Lee is derived from the English place-name, Leah, meaning “clearing” or “meadow.”

Origin: The name Lee is a short, appealing Old English boy’s or girl’s name.

If you are looking for a simple boy’s name which is easy to spell and pronounce, then Lee definitely ticks all the boxes!

  • Liam

Meaning: Liam is a short boy’s name that has become a firm favorite among many parents today.

It has a modern and enchanting appeal and means a number of things, including “desire,” “guardian,” “helmet,” “protector,” and “boss.”

Origin: The name Liam is of Irish origin and has steadily made its way up the charts of top baby names worldwide.

  • Logan

Meaning: Logan is a top choice of name for any little boy who is about to make his entrance into the world! This attractive boy’s name means “little hollow.”

Origin: Logan originates from the Scottish surname Logan and is a name now heard in many playgrounds around the world today!

  • Luke

Meaning: The name Luke is a popular English name and the shortened version of the name Lukas, meaning “light.”

Does your little boy display the personality traits of happiness and positivity? If so, do pick this name for a little boy who is a shining beacon of light to you and your loved ones!

Origin: The name Luke derives from the Latin name Lucas, which is said to mean “the bright one” or “the one born at dawn.”

What better name for a little newborn who is being introduced to the light for the very first time?

  • Mark

Meaning: The meaning of the short boy’s name Mark, is “of Mars,” “warlike,” and “warrior.”

Hence why this name is the perfect choice for your strong and demanding little boy! This short, simple name is sure to be a winner and aptly describes most lively little boys.

Origin: The name Mark derives from the English and Latin name Marcus.

  • Olly

Meaning: Olly is short for Oliver and is a happy, trendy name meaning “elf army” or “warrior.”

Do you have a little elf warrior on your hands? If so, then Oliver sure is one of the top elf names to consider!

Origin: The names Olly and Oliver are said to originate from France and Medieval Brittain.

  • Reece

Meaning: A distinguished name and one of my favorites for little boys, Reece is a lovely choice! It aptly means “enthusiasm” or “fiery.”

This cheery name can also be spelled, Rhys. It is a unique and unusual name that your little squirt will sport this name with pride!

Origin: Said to have Welsh origins, this unique name originates from a town called Deheubarth, located in a region of South West Wales.

  • Scott

Meaning: Scott is a popular boy’s name, meaning one who is “from Scotland.”

Do you have a soft spot for the quaint, picturesque country that is Scotland, with its rolling hills and fairytales? Then stop right here; Scott may be the perfect name to pick.

Origin: This English name was given to those originating from Scotland.

  • Tom

Meaning: Do you have a set of twins on the way? If so, then the name Tom, short for Thomas, is a perfect choice! Why? Because this Hebrew name literally means twin!

Origin: Thomas is derived from the Hebrew word “ta’om,” meaning twin.

  • Zack

Meaning: The meaning of the short boy’s name, Zack, short for Zachariah, is “God has remembered.”

Origin: Zack is a shortened, modernized version of the antiquated Hebrew name Zechariah or Zachariah.


Little boys are fun, loving, and entertaining – and each has his own unique personality. Finding the perfect name for a little boy is never an easy task.

However, the name you choose needs to be representative of his unique traits, characteristics, and personality. And, of course, a name which holds a personal meaning for you!

Whether your little man is mischievous or quiet-natured, a day in your life as his parent is going to be a wonderful adventure for you.

I hope our list of short boy’s names has set your cogs turning as to the perfect choice of name for your handsome little man!

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