40 Scottish Baby Names: Delve Into Scottish Heritage With Charming Baby Names

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The beautiful land of the Scots has always been one of my favorite travel destinations. The rolling hills, the mesmerizing natural beauty, the rich history and culture, and the white sandy beaches – this country has it all!

If this seems inspiring, why not give your baby a Scottish name?

These names are very distinctive when it comes to their origins. And for that, the credit goes to their eventful history of battles and invasions.

Their baby names has its origin in the Old English, Gaelic, and Celtic languages. And did I tell you that they also have influences from Norway, France, Italy, and other neighboring counties as well?

When it comes to boy names in Scotland, they sound quite manly and strong. On the contrary, Scottish girl names are soft, delicate, and feminine.

Whether you are looking for Scottish baby names for your little prince or princess, I have got you covered.

Here I have come up with a great collection of names you will surely like. Keep reading.

Scottish Baby Names

Choosing a name for your little one is a challenging task. It takes your time, patience, and ability to choose the best from the lot.

Do you have a Scottish heritage that you want to honor with a Scottish name for your newborn? Or, do you find Scottish names attractive, and that is why you decided to give your baby a Scottish name?

No matter your reason, I have made the best selection of Scottish baby names here. All you have to do is sit back, relax, and scroll through this list.

And to make it easier for you to find what you are looking for, I have made different sections for boy and girl names.

So, jump to your preferred section and choose the best name for your little sunshine!

Scottish Baby Names for Boys

Scottish Baby Names for Boys

Have you become parents to a baby boy and looking for a Scottish boy’s name?

Well, there is something regal and strong about Scottish boy names. They are rooted in old traditions, Celtic mythology, and more.

And most of them have a story behind it.

Come, let’s explore the names!

  • Alexander

It’s one of the most common names used by the people of the Scottish Highlands. It can be a great name if you want your little kiddo to grow up as a strong man who can fight for what is right.

Alexander translates to the defender of man. There have been three kings of Scotland who carried this name.

Not only Scottish but also Greek people carry this name. And according to that, Alexander translates to “repulser of the enemy.”

  • Baird

Baird can be the perfect name for your little prince if you want him to be a poet when he grows up. It holds the meaning of a minstrel or poet.

Did you know the story behind this name?

Legends say that William the Lion was saved by the very first of the Baird Clan when he was attacked by a wild boar and acquired land in Scotland.

A famous personality with this name is John Logie Baird. He is the creator of the first mechanical TV.

  • Callum

Callum can be a good name for your baby boy if you want him to be kind, merciful, and peace-loving.

This name has its roots in the Scottish-Gaelic language and holds the meaning of dove. And the bird dove in the symbol of peace.

The Latin variant of this name is Columba. You can go for the spelling Calum too.

A famous personality with this name is Callum Ball. He is an English footballer.

  • Donal

With Irish roots, Donal is taken from the language of the proto-Celtic Domhnall. People of modern-day Scotland, Ireland, England, and other parts of Europe still speak this language.

It is a popular name in Scotland and other English-speaking countries.

It carries the meaning of a world leader.

  • Errol

Did you notice the regal and classy tone this Scottish name has?

In the Scottish language, Errol means a nobleman or an Earl. In English, it translates to an army commander. And in the Latin language, it means wandering.

Also, you may come across many people in Scotland who use Errol as their surname.

  • Fergus

Fergus gives the vibe of a muscleman. And it means something similar too. It is the epitome of power, strength, and masculinity.

This name has Irish and Scottish roots. It holds the meaning of the masculine one or the strong one.

Another variant of this name is Feargus, which has Gaelic roots.

Other variants of this name are Ferguson and Fergusson.

  • Gilmore

If you are religious and looking for a name with religious roots, you can go for the name Gilmore for your little boy.

It carries the meaning of the servant of the Virgin Mary.

It is taken from the word Gille-mohr which has Scottish-Gaelic roots. And it holds the meaning of a great servant.

  • Hamish

Our kids are our greatest treasure, and we want to protect them with all our being. Also, we want God’s blessings and protection on them forever, right?

And for that, you can give your boy the name Hamish. It sounds posh and has a sporty vibe to it. It holds the meaning of “may god protect.”

Some other variants of this name are Jacob and James.

  • Ian

I am a huge fan of the series The Vampire Stories. I have watched all its seasons several times. And the one character I love the most is Damon Salvatore, which the very sexy Ian Somerhalder plays.

So, this name has a special place in my heart.

It is a name of Scottish-Gaelic origin. If you like his name, you can choose between its other spellings, such as Ean, Eion, Iann, and Lain.

Ian means that God is gracious.

  • Jock

If you like quirky names with an x-factor, Jock is the name for you.

It’s a trendy name that is popular in Scotland and other countries where people speak English.

It is a variant of the English name John. A famous personality with this name is Jock Zonfrillo. He is a popular chef in Masterchef Australia.

  • Kai

If you want to name your baby boy something hugely popular worldwide, Kai is the name for you.

This three-letter word is super modern and has its origin in many languages, including Welsh, Greek, Scandinavian, China, Japanese, and Korean.

According to the Scottish language, Kai translates to the keeper of the keys. In Japanese, it means shell, and in Hawaiian, it translates to sea.

  • Lachlan

Lachlan has its roots in the Gaelic and Irish languages. It has an earthy vibe to it that I like.

It carries the meaning of “from the land of lakes.”

Some say that Lachlan has Viking roots too. And according to that, it means warlike.

  • Murdoch

This name has a traditional vibe to it. It originates in the Scottish and Irish languages and means the protector of the sea. Also, some say that it means the son of the sea.

You can choose between its other spellings, Murdoch, Murdy, and Murdoc.

  • Ness

If you want to choose a cute name for your little prince, you can choose Ness.

This short name has something that can make you feel good. At least, I felt so.

Originating in the Scottish-Scandinavian language, Ness holds the meaning of “from the headland.”

In the Hebrew language, Ness translates to miracle.

Scottish Baby Names for Girls

Scottish Baby Names for Girls

Well, first, congratulations on being parents to a baby girl!

Now, if you like Scottish names and are looking for one, let me tell you, Scottish names are amazing.

They will enchant you, especially if you love stories, as their names are rooted in mythology and are related to mystical creatures and places.

Keep scrolling!

  • Abigail

Abigail is a traditional name that sounds super elegant. Also, it has a classy vibe to it.

It has roots in the Hebrew, English, and Scottish languages. You can choose between Abigayl, Abigale, and Abigail.

It holds the meaning of “my father’s joy.” Give this name to your little one if she is her dad’s princess.

  • Babette

I like names that are uncommon and have a good meaning. And the name Babette is just like that.

Although it is used in Germany a little, it is rare worldwide. With its French and Scottish roots, it means the promise of God.

You can choose between Babbette, Babbett, and Babbete.

  • Camden

Camden is a unique name for your baby girl, especially if you want her to be close to nature.

Originating in the Scottish language, Camden means a winding valley. If you are looking for a variation in the spelling, you can choose the name Camdyn.

Although Camden is used in the USA, it is rarely used in other parts of the world.

  • Davina

These days it is hard to find a real friend. If you want your daughter to have traits that make her a good friend, you can go for the name Davina.

It has Hebrew and Scottish roots and means friend.

Some other spellings of this name are Davyna, Davinah, and Davena.

  • Edina

Edina sounds like the name of some gorgeous girl. It has that cute vibe most parents want in their baby’s name.

Originating in the German and English languages, Edina stands for a prosperous friend.

You can choose between Edynah, Edeena, and Edwina.

  • Fenella

I like names that sound melodious. If you are someone like me, you can choose the name Fenella for your little girl.

It has Scottish and Irish origins and means a white shoulder.

If you want variations, you can choose between Fenelle and Fennella.

  • Heather

Heather is a traditional name with its roots in the English and Scottish languages. And did I tell you how popular it is?

This name is carried by girls all over the world. You can choose between the spellings Heather, Hethar, and Hether.

This name carries the meaning of an evergreen flowering plant.

  • Isla

If you like feminine names like I do, you may like Isla.

This sweet and lyrical name sounds like the name of some pretty girl. Choose this name for your baby girl if you like the overall vibe of it.

With Scottish roots, Isla means island. You can choose the spelling Islah too.

  • Jeannie

Have you heard this cute name before? Well, I haven’t.

It’s an uncommon name that has a unique vibe to it. Although there are people with this name in the USA, it’s not used that much in other parts of the world.

Jeannie holds the meaning that God is gracious. You can go for the spelling Jeanie if you like.

  • Kellina

Kellina is a lyrical name that sounds super gorgeous. It has a stylish vibe to it.

Originating in the Scottish language, it means strong-willed. This name is perfect for your girl if you want her to have a rock-solid will.

With this name, the nickname Kelly will go well.

  • Lilias

Do you like flowers? How about you choose a flowery name for your little flower?

Lilias is the name for you.

This name with Scottish is unique, and it oozes prettiness! It holds the meaning of the beautiful flower lily.

Lilia, Lillian, and Lillias are some other variations of this name.

  • Maisie

Doesn’t this name sound cute? And it’s lyrical too.

Your baby is your most precious thing, and the name Maisie means something similar: pearl.

If you don’t like this spelling, you can choose between Mazie and Maisy.

  • Natalie

Traditional names have a different kind of charm you can’t help but notice. And Natalie is one such name.

It is best for kids born in December or during Christmas, as it translates to Christmas Day.

A famous personality with this name is Natalie Portman, one of my favorite actresses.

Nathalie, Natallie, and Natali are other variations of this stylish name.

  • Petal

This name oozes cuteness! And I’m already in love with it.

The name Petal has its roots in the Greek and English languages. And it translates to just what it says – flower petals.

You can go for Petel too. Only a few people use this name in the USA or other countries of the world.

  • Reyne

If you want your daughter to be a leader or rule people when she grows up, you can name her Reyne.

It sounds feminine and soft to the ears and means “to rule.”

Rayne, Raine, Rain, and Reign are other variations of this name. You can choose the one you like.

  • Sheena

Sheena is a cute name that you can give your beautiful daughter. It is uncommon worldwide. You can get to hear this name in India and Scotland.

The word Sheena means “God is gracious.”

Other variations of this name are Sheenah and Sheana.

Gender-Neutral Scottish Baby Names

Gender-Neutral Scottish Baby Names

Now that I have already mentioned a list of boy and girl names, it’s time to look at the gender-neutral Scottish names you can give your boy or girl.

Have a look!

  • Ainsley

If you are into names so rare that only your kid will carry them in the entire school, you can choose Ainsley.

It has roots in the English and Scottish languages. It translates to clearing and hermitage.

Other spellings of this name are Ainslie and Ainslye.

  • Blair

Originating in the Gaelic and Scottish languages, Blair holds the meaning of a meadow or plain.

It has a tough vibe and sounds like some military guy’s name, although it’s gender-neutral.

You can choose between Blaire, Blaere, and Blaer too.

  • Esme

Esme has roots in the French and Scottish languages. Are you a fan of The Twilight Saga?

Then you may already know this name, as it was the name of an important character. Although in that movie, the name Esme was carried by a female character, you can give this name to your son too.

It has the beautiful meaning of “beloved.” And you can choose the spelling Esmee too.

  • Greer

This unisex name is super cool and trendy. With its Scottish roots, it translates to watchful and alert.

Greer is a name that is used in the USA but not much used in other countries. You can choose between Gryer, Grier, and Grear too.

  • Innis

No matter how unique it sounds, Innis is an uncommon name in Scotland. But some people in the USA use it.

If you want to give an elegant name to your son or daughter, you can have a look at its other spellings, such as Inyss, Inisse, and Iniss.

It holds the meaning of “from the river island.”

  • Jaimy

Jaimy has a super trendy vibe and is perfect for your Zen Z boy or girl. It’s rooted in Hebrew and Scottish and translates to “he who replaces.”

Jami, Jaimy, and Jamie are its other spellings. A famous personality with this name is Jaimy Gordon, an award-winner writer in America.

  • Leslie

Leslie is a name of Gaelic origin. It’s a unique name many parents in the USA and other countries prefer to give their little ones. The word means “holly garden.”

It has other variations, such as Lesli, Lesley, Lesleigh, and Leslee.

A famous personality with this name is Leslie Mann. Have you watched the movie George of the Jungle or 17 Again?

These are some famous movies where she played one of the main characters.

  • Lyndsey

Whenever I hear Lyndsey, the one name that comes to mind is Lindsay Lohan. I liked her since her Mean Girls days. Of course, the spelling of her name is different, but it’s a variation of the name Lyndsey.

Some other variations of this name are Lyndsay and Lindsey.

It’s a traditional name with English and Scottish roots.

  • Mackenzie

The name Mackenzie has a very formal tone and means attractive. This unisex Scottish name has many variations, such as McKenzie, MacLensie, and Mackenzie

You can get to hear this name in the USA, although it’s very rare.

  • Riley

If you want your little one to be courageous, you can name them Riley. It has Irish and Gaelic roots and means valiant.

Rylie, Rylee, and Reilly are some other variations of this name that you can opt for.

A famous personality with this name is Riley Smith, who is well-known for his roles in different television series.


The Scots love storytelling. And you can see that their names have a background that’s steeped in history or are some fictional characters from stories.

I hope you have liked my list of Scottish baby names and have shortlisted one of them for your little one! Or do you want me to add more enchanting names to this list? Do let me know in the comments!

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