100 Influential Names That Means Protector For Boys And Girls

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As a parent, we wonder what name we will give to our kids. It truly is such a beautiful process to think of a name that has a great meaning attached to it, is it not?

Are you on the lookout for the perfect name for your newborn baby? Do you want to give them a name that signifies the strength of their character? Do you want the name to have a brave and courageous quality?

Then names that mean protector will be perfect for your little bundle of joy!

For those of us who grew up loving and enjoying superhero movies, a name that means protector holds an even deeper value, and also for those parents who hope that their child will grow up to be a compassionate individual who protects those around them.

These names have a charm that is undeniable. And not to mention the captivating and bold air that they have! Also, these names reflect a good soul and a brave heart.

Here is a huge collection of powerful and lovely names that have beautiful meanings. All you need is to choose the one that you think will fit your baby the best!

Names That Mean Protector For Girls

Names That Mean Protector for Girls

Your baby girl is a blessing in your life, don’t you agree? And so, give her these names to add a powerful ring to her character.

  • Arminda

This name has such a fascinating vibe to it! I’m blown away by the exotic and irresistible loveliness that it has.

The name Arminda has its roots in Latin America. And it translates to the protector of humanity.

  • Aloisa

This name is quite lyrical when you say it aloud. And that is the reason why I like this name a lot.

Are you into melodious names?

Then you can choose this name for your baby girl. It originated in Germany, and it means a famous fighter.

  • Alexis

The name Alexis is not that common. However, it has a modern vibe to it that makes it perfect for newborn babies of today’s generation.

This name translates to the protection of mankind. And did I tell you that you can use this name for both boys and girls?

Yes, this name is unisex. But it is used mostly for girls.

  • Alexandra

Do you want to give your little girl a name that sounds aristocratic and has a certain sense of old charm to it? How about the name Alexandra?

This name originated in Greece and has been a favorite among many since then. It means the protector of man. Also, some say that it holds the meaning of defender.

  • Alexa

Now, who doesn’t know about Alexa – the cloud-based voice service by Amazon! This modern name has a fierce and foxy vibe to it. Don’t you agree?

This beautiful name has its roots in Greece, and it has the meaning of an individual who protects humankind.

  • Alessia

The name Alessia is a lovely name that originated in Greece. But there is a disagreement between people regarding its origin. Some say that it has its roots in Italy.

When it comes to its Greek origin, it means the protector of mankind. And when it comes to its Italian roots, it translates to a defending warrior.

So, whichever meaning you pick depends on you.

  • Alessandra

Do you like names that are wordy, heavy, yet elegant? How about Alessandra?

It sounds majestically royal, isn’t it? And did I tell you that it has mythological connections too?

The meaning of the name is a protector. So, if you want to give your baby girl a regal name, this can be the one!

  • Delmira

There are so many names that mean protector. But if you are someone who wants to give their baby a unique name with the same meaning, Delmira can be the one.

This name is uncommon and sounds very pretty. It has a certain sweetness to it. Originated in Germany, this name has the meaning of a noble protector.

  • Deandra

When you say the name Deandra, doesn’t it sound melodious? And not the mention the exotic charm that it has!

This name originated in England. And it carries the meaning of a divine protector.

  • Dealla

Have you heard the name Dealla before? Well, I haven’t. So, when I heard it for the first time, I fell in love with it!

This name is unique, has a modern ring to it, and no one can ignore its captivating charm. But unfortunately, there is a disagreement regarding the meaning of this name. While some say that it means a protector, there are others who say that it means an early invader.

The name Dealla came from Ireland.

  • Elda

Short names are catchy and easy to pronounce. This is one of the reasons why most people prefer giving their babies short names. And Elda is one such name.

This strong name is rooted in Italy. It translates to a warrior.

  • Edme

This is another short name that is made up of four letters. So, if you are someone who loves a simple and strong name, go for it!

The name Edme has its roots in Scotland. And it has the meaning that you are looking for – a protector.

  • Hilda

Do you like names that have an old charm to them?

Hilda is the one! This five-letter name has a fascinating charm that I instantly liked. It is rooted in Germany, and it has the meaning of a woman who battles or a battle woman.

  • Harta

This name sounds a bit commanding. And it is intriguing too.

The name Harta has its source in the Indian culture. It has several meanings, but all are quite similar. While some say it means preserver, some say it means one who defends, and then there are others who say that it means one who protects.

  • Ilma

This four-letter name has an edge to it that I liked. This can be a good name for your newborn angel.

The name Ilma is rooted in Germany, and it has the meaning of a resolute protector.

  • Kendria

This name has a soft tone and a lyrical touch to it.

It hails from England. And did I tell you that it means a royal protector?

  • Kendra

Are you up for a stylish and charming name for your pretty little princess? How about Kendra?

This name originated in England, and the meaning is, knowledge. But did I tell you that some believe the name Kendra is a mix of two names? One of the names is Ken which translates to royal obligation, and the other name is Sandra which translates to a protector of man.

  • Kelly

The name Kelly has a timeless and undeniable charm to it. And not to mention how modern it sounds!

This name hails from Ireland and translates to war.

  • Myla

This four-letter word signifies strength and power. It is fierce and shows courage.

The name Myla stemmed from the country Germany. And it is said to have the meaning of merciful and soldier.

  • Mina

Mina is a sweet and pretty name for your little bundle of joy.

I liked it the moment I heard it. You can ignore the slight melodious tone that it has. It stems from the Dutch culture and is said to have the meaning of a protector.

  • Meredith

Are you looking for some sweet name for your sweet daughter? How about Meredith?

This name has an oozing charm that no one can ignore. It stems from the Celtic culture and translates to one who protects the sea.

Have you watched the popular TV show named “Grey’s Anatomy?

Then you may have heard this name already, and that’s the one reason this name became popular.

  • Medusa

This name is very common. Are you into Greek mythology?

According to it, Medusa had no hair. Instead, she had living venomous snakes all over her head like hair.

This name has a bewitching charm to it. It is said to have the meaning of a protector. Also, there are people who believe that Medusa means a cunning female.

  • Malou

This name is quite chic. Are you into Dutch names?

Then you may like the name Malou, as it has its stems in the Dutch culture. It translates to a famous warrior. Some people say that it means bitter too.

  • Malin

I found the name Malin to be really enigmatic. It can enchant you with how it sounds.

It stems from England and carries the meaning of strong and a little warrior.

  • Rosetta

The name Rosetta has a mysterious charm to it. Don’t you think so?

It has its roots in Germany and translates to a noted protector.

  • Rosabella

This melodious name is a hit among many parents with a baby girl. And it is romantic too.

The intriguingly appealing name Rosabella stems in Germany and carries the meaning of a noted protector, similar to the meaning of Rosetta.

So, if you like the meaning, you get to choose between any of these two names!

  • Ritza

Ritza is a modern name that is fierce and chic at the same time!

It is rooted in the German language and holds the meaning of a protector.

  • Ramona

This is a mesmerizing name, no doubt. And I like it! I found it to have an old charm to it.

It stems from Spain and translates to a wise protector.

  • Sasha

The name Sasha is modern and has a sexy tone to it. I like how it sounds when you pronounce it!

This hot name with an enchanting appeal has its roots in Russia. It is said to have the meaning of defending men.

  • Sandra

I love the famous Hollywood actress Sandra Bullock, and she is the one to contribute to the huge popularity of this name.

The name is rooted in Greek culture. It is said to have the meaning of one who protects the man.

  • Abrial

Abrial sounds more like Gabriel, doesn’t it? The name has a rhythmic tone to it. Abrial was more popular as a surname in Canada and the United States from 1880 to 1920. 

Abrial means to be protected and secured. It is a variant of the male name Abraham and is quite uncommon.

  • Bellatrix

The name has a sense of elegance associated with it. The first half of the name ‘Bella’ comes from the Latin word bella, which means beautiful.

Bellatrix not just means a female warrior but also refers to a star of the constellation Orion.

Let your little princess’s name shape her personality and make her one of the brightest stars with a tremendous fighting spirit.

  • Bernadette

The name itself makes its French origin evident. It is the feminine variation of the male name Bernard, which means brave bear; and strong.

If you wish your princess to grow up as a strong, determined girl with the heart of a lion, then no name seems as perfect as Bernadette.

  • Gertrude

Gertrude could be your perfect pick if you wish to give your girl a vintage name loaded with elements of sophistication. This German name has a symbolic meaning, referring to the strength of a spear.

The name signifies strength, authority, and power. You could even shorten Gertrude to Gerty and Trudy and choose them as nicknames for your little one.

  • Griselda

Griselda combinedly has German and French origins. ‘Gris’ is an Old French word that means gray. Hiltja in German stands for battle.

Griselda was a figure in European folklore and epitomized obedience, patience, and strength.

Did you know many eminent personalities have had their first name as Griselda – Griselda Alvarez, Mexico’s first female governor; Griselda Gambaro, an Argentine writer.

  • Gunilla

Gunilla means a battle maiden. This traditional Swedish name has a modern appeal.

You could even shorten Gunuilla to Nilla as an enticing nickname.

  • Imelda

Imelda has a soft and gracious tone associated with it. This Spanish-Italian name comes from the German word ‘Irmhild.’  The name means a powerful fighter and a warrior woman. The name also stands for a universal battle.

Imelda will suit your taste if you wish for a charming and delicate protector name for your baby girl.

  • Matilda

When we mention Matilda, what’s the first thing that comes to your mind? Is it thoughts about that girl who always lied and was responsible for her doom? That was just a poem – Hillary Belock’s Matilda. So, it’s time you shed your apprehensions.

In reality, Matilda means the one who is mighty in battle. It comes from the German name Mahthildis. ‘Maht’ means strength and might, and ‘hild’ stands for battle.

  • Tiaret

Tiaret has an African-Algerian origin and means lioness. Who can be more powerful a protector than a lioness?

Your little Tiaret would grow into a strong, powerful lioness with excellent protective instincts.

  • Odeda

Pronounced as oh-DEH-dah, Odeda is one of the most unusual female protector names. The syllables sound so lyrical that it seems like a song when one pronounces the name.

Odeda has a Hebrew origin and symbolizes strength and courage.

Names That Mean Protector For Boys

Names That Mean Protector for Boys

Are you looking for a male name that has the meaning of a protector? Have a look at my list!

  • Armando

Are you into romantic names? How about the name Armando?

It sounds romantic, and why will it not? It originated in France, greatly known for romance.

Armando has the meaning of a soldier.

  • Ansel

The name Ansel for your baby boy has an appeal that I liked. This name of five letters falls under the category of shorter names.

So, if you are into short names, you can definitely choose this one for your little bundle of joy. Ansel has the meaning of the slave of God.

  • Amanpal

The name Amanpal is very uncommon, and it is mysteriously charming.

This name stems from the Indian culture and is said to have the meaning of the protector of peace.

  • Alexander

Don’t you find the name Alexander to be majestic?

Maybe it’s because we have all heard the stories of the king Alexander the Great. So, you can say that this name is timeless, and many parents prefer giving this name to their baby boy.

The name Alexander has its stem in Greece. It translates to one who protects mankind and one who defends men.

Now, if you give this name to your boy, you can call him by the nickname Alex. It sounds cool.

  • Aleister

This is a unique name that will suit your little prince pretty well, I must say!

And you can’t deny the regal vibe that it comes with. This name for gentlemen is said to have the meaning of the protector of man.

  • Aimon

I have a friend who has this name. And just like the name suggests, he is strong, courageous, and always has my back.

The name Aimon stems from the country of Ireland. It is said to have the meaning of a protector who is rich.

  • Adarvan

This is another uncommon name on my list of names that mean protector. This captivating name is such that if you hear it even once, you will be able to remember it.

It stems from the Parsi language, and it translates to one who protects fire.

  • Blaz

Do you like short names? How about the four-letter name Blaz?

This name has its origin in France, and it is said to have the meaning of a protector who is unwavering.

  • Edward

I’m a huge fan of the “Twilight” movie series. Are you too?

Then you may have already come across the name Edward. He is one of the lead characters in the movie. And did I tell you that I have watched that movie at least fifty times?

This name hails from France and translates to a wealthy protector.

  • Edmund

Edmund is a classic name that is timeless and traditional.

It is taken from the French language. People believe that this name hails from both France and Germany.

It is said to have the meaning of a wise protector.

  • Edmon

The name Edmon has a gentlemanly and stately tone to it. Don’t you think so?

It sounds quite similar to the name Edmund, but it has a small twist.

It originated in France and is said to have the strong meaning of a prosperous protector.

  • Eamon

This name is not that common and manages to make a lovely impression.

It has its roots in France and is said to have the meaning of a prosperous protector, similar to the meaning of the name Edmon.

  • Ehno

This short four-letter word is unique. I have not heard this name before. Are you up for a name that is unique for your baby boy? Ehno can be the one!

It hails from Italy and is said to have the meaning of one who protects.

  • Fremont

This name has a poetic tone to it. So you can give your baby boy this lovely name if you are into poetic names.

The name Fremont hails from the country Germany and is said to have the beautiful meaning of the protector of liberty.

  • Hami

If you are in search of cute and short names, Hami can be the one.

This name stems from the Swahili language. It has multiple meanings, including show favor, patron, supporter, and defender.

  • June

The name June has a timeless charm to it.

It hails from the Latin language.

Did I tell you that this name came from the word Juno?

According to Roman mythology, he was the protector of women and marriage.

  • Kane

Are you into names that are stylish, short, and popular? How about giving your baby boy the name Kane?

It is the name of a famous rapper, Kane West. And he contributes a lot to the popularity of this name.

The name has its stems in the Welsh language, and it is said to have the meaning of a warrior.

  • Kandarie

Do you like intricate names? How about the name Kandarie for your baby boy?

It hails from India, and it is said to have the meaning of one who defends.

Did you know that Kandarie is the name of the war god? And it was one of the many names of Lord Muruga.

  • Lewis

The name Lewis has a modern ring to it. It is a good choice of name for your little boy.

The name Lewis stems from England, and it carries the meaning of a popular or renowned soldier.

  • Murphy

Do you like ancient names like I do?

Then you may like the name Murphy too! It has an old-school vibe to it, yet is it modern.

It originated in Ireland and is said to have the beautiful meaning of a sea warrior.

  • Alister

Alister is the Anglicised version of the Scottish name Alasdair. The name has an appeal with its unique significance as it means man’s defender. We all know about Alexander the Great, one of the greatest military generals in the world. Alister is a variation of the name Alexander.

If you choose to name your little master Alister, it would be a unique choice. Who knows, shortly, your hero will adopt the perseverance and stamina of Alexander and make you proud.

  • Alvar

Alvar might not be popular worldwide. However, this Finnish name is one of the most sought-after choices in Scandinavian countries.

Alvar has been derived from ‘Alfarr,’ the Old Norse name, where ‘alfr’ means elf, and ‘arr’ signifies warrior.

Besides meaning an elf warrior, Alvar also stands for a guardian. With this name as his guard, your little boy would get ready to fight against all odds and for all that is right.

  • Amon

The name sounds as appealing as it means. Amon has Egyptian and Hebrew origins and means a wealthy protector. According to Egyptian mythology, Amon was the god of fertility, air, and creativity. Eventually, he went on to become the king of all gods.

Such a powerful name should impact your son’s personality and help him grow into a strong-minded man. Amon has several spellings, like Ammon, Amen, and Amun.

  • Castiel

Does Castiel sound more like a castle to you? The name has immense spiritual significance and means the shield of god.

  • Igor

Names starting with the letter ‘I’ are quite hard to find. Igor is one such uncommon name with a significant meaning.

It is a Russian name meaning warrior. So, if you’ve named your boy Igor, you’ve set high standards for him. Here’s hoping he excels as a fearless warrior in all spheres of life.

  • Jalmari

Jalmari is one of those unconventional names with a deep meaning. This Finnish name comes from the Old Norse word Hjalmarr, a portmanteau of two words – ‘hjalmr’ and ‘hariar.’ While hjalmr means a helmet protector, hariar stands for a leader or warrior.

  • Kenelm

Kenelm comes from the Old English name ‘Cenhelm,’ where ‘cene’ means keen or bold, and ‘helm’ stands for ‘helmet.’

This is one of the uncommon protector names you could choose for your baby boy if you have had enough of the conventional ones. You could use the nickname Ken if you find pronouncing Kenelm difficult.

  • Ludwik

A much-preferred name in the Scandinavian countries, Ludwik has a Polish origin. Ludwik is a variation of the German name Ludwig, with a more toned-down pronunciation.

Ludwik means a renowned warrior or one who has gained fame in battles. Therefore, we wish that the apple of your eye emerges victorious in all the battles in life.

  • Nakoa

Nakoa is a popular Hawaiian name not used much outside its origin. The name means a lot of things, like a warrior and someone who is brave, fearless, and bold.

  • Pharamond

Doesn’t this name sound interesting and unusual? Pharamond comes from the German name Faramund. ‘Fara’ means to travel or journey, and ‘munt’ refers to the defense of protection. So, to sum it up, Pharamond signifies a protector of journeys.

The name may seem complicated to pronounce, but it is unique in what it means. So here’s wishing that your prince charming grows up with strong foresight and learns to think rationally before every action.

Unisex Baby Names That Mean Protector

Unisex Baby Names that Mean Protector

While some names are only meant for boys or girls, there are a few gender-neutral names.

If you have twins and are looking for matching names, these unisex ones are your perfect choice.

Some names like Alex, Andy, Akiva, and Narain sound pretty boy-like. But they qualify as feminine names as well. Likewise, names like Kelly and Emerson have that girlish touch. Yet, they have become a popular name for boys over the years.

A name profoundly influences shaping or building an individual’s character. So let’s hope these great names inspire your child to become a powerful protector.

Most of the names in the list below directly mean a protector, while a few signify traits that an individual requires to become a protector.

  • Aiden

Aiden is unique with a fancy touch. This Irish name means little fire. Your little Aiden would hopefully grow into a good human and spread their light of success around.

  • Alex

Alex may sound boyish, right? It is a unisex name, meaning a protector of humankind or defender. You could play with the spelling and choose among various options like Alecs, Alek, and Alexe.

  • Akiva

The name may have a masculine touch to it, yet it suits well for the feminine gender as well. This uncommon name is of Jewish origin and has a deeper symbolism. It means to protect or give shelter.

Be it your baby boy or girl, the name Akiva will surely take their personality to the next level.

  • Andy

Andy has various spellings like Andie, Andee, or Andi. This cool-sounding name has a special significance associated with it. It means to be brave and manlike, some of the main attributes a protector should have.

  • Bailey

Bailey has an English-Scottish origin, meaning an officer who professes justice. That’s how a protector should be, preaching and practicing justice.

  • Casey

Doesn’t this adorable name have a touch of softness, sweetness, and elegance to it? This Irish name also has an intense meaning, signifying vigilance and watchfulness.

It was one of the commonest Irish surnames in the past, often used as O Cahessy or O’Casey. However, Casey became popular as a unisex name after the 1960s.

If you’ve been a Teenage Mutant Ninja Turtle fan, this name will strike a chord in your mind. So here’s wishing that your Casey surpasses Ninja’s Casey in adventures and lives up to their name when it comes to displaying qualities of vigilance.

  • Dustin

It derives its roots from ‘Þorsteinn,’ a masculine name. While Þórr means thunder, referring to the Norse god Thor, stein refers to stone.

Dustin is popular but not that overused. If you are looking for a namesake, you have American actor Dustin Lee Hoffman.

  • Emerson

This unisex name has a German origin. It has a lot of significant meanings, like the child of Emery, powerful, and brave.

Emerson was more of a girl’s name in the past, though with time, it became popular among boys as well.

  • Greer

Greer has a Scottish Gaelic origin and means a watchful and vigilant guardian. But, as per modern analysis, Greer has a different meaning – quick and swift.

Both meanings have equal symbolism, making the name rise to heroic proportions.

Did you know? The Navy of the United States had a destroyer warship by the name USS Greer.

  • Farrell

Farrell has an Irish origin and was more common as a surname. The name means courage, one of the prime qualities needed to qualify as a protector.

The name has a royal touch as it stems from the Irish surname Ó Fearghail. The Ó Fearghail was one of the many noble families of Ireland living in County Longford. So, if you are looking for a name that balances cuteness and sophistication, Farrell may be your perfect pick.

  • Finley

This sweet-sounding, easy-to-pronounce melodic name has an Irish and Scottish origin. It might relate to the Norse name Finn, translating to battle and hero.

Finley has a meaning of its own, too – a fair-haired hero. It was surveyed as one of the most popular names in 2020.

  • Frankie

Doesn’t Frankie sound cool and sweet? The first impression one might have of someone with this name is that of a good-natured, down-to-earth, and friendly person. However, Frankie has some intense meanings, like free and truthful.

True, that Frankie doesn’t mean a protector. But the name justifies the qualities of a protector, like free thinking and truthfulness.

  • Howard

When I think of Howard, things that come to my mind first are the prestigious Howard University and the famous wizard Howard. Apart from these, the name has an added significance and means a brave heart.

Howard is of German and English origin, inspired by the Norman names Heward and Huard, and means a brave heart.

So here is a good luck wish from my end for your Howard to grow up as a brave heart and rule all hearts.

  • Jasper

Jasper has a touch of simplicity and elegance. The best part of the name is the ease of pronouncing it, not needing to twist the tongue too much.

Jasper gets its name from the Persian word ‘ganzabara.’ It has no connection with its namesake gemstone. Instead, Jasper stands for a keeper, guardian, or bringer of treasure.

  • Kamali

The name Kamali has been influenced by African, Arabic, and Indian cultures. In some cultures, Kamali is solely reserved for girls; in others, it is a preferred choice for a boy’s name.

If you’ve named your beloved child Kamali, then be geared up for a protector and spiritual guide in the making. That’s what the name means.

  • Kelly

Kelly is one of the most common names given to girls. But did you know that traditionally the name was reserved for males only? From 1960, its usage changed, and only a few people, mostly Celtic families, used it as a name for boys.

Bring up your child in a way so that they may live up to the meaning of this name and grow up as a lively, bright-headed warrior.

  • Lex

Does Lex sound manly to you? Well, you could still choose it for your little doll if you are on the lookout for an out-of-the-box name.

Lex has a Greek origin and means to help or defend. Many often use it as a short form for Alexis or Alexa.

  • Melvin

Melvin comes from the German name ‘Malwin,’ which means a council protector or friend of justice. It is also a Scottish surname that has French roots.

The name has a tinge of smartness and charm to it.

  • Milo

Milo sounds masculine, but it is a unisex name that is well-suited for your little girl. You could break the Milo a little to Myla or Mila if seeking an out-and-out girlish name.

The name is derived from ‘miles,’ a Latin word that means a merciful soldier. A soldier’s job is to protect his country. So here is hoping your Milo will also become a fierce and brave protector with time.

  • Narain

Narain, meaning protector, has an Indian touch. It is the other name of the Indian god, Lord Vishnu, the protector, sustainer, and preserver.

So, if you are looking for a name with spiritual significance, Narain could be your choice. True that the name is more boy-like. Yet, you could also give it to your girl if you are looking for a deviation from the typical female names.

  • Randi

This gender-neutral name is of Latin origin meaning protector wolf. If you are a baseball lover, this name could be one of your choicest picks.

However, you might prefer a ‘y’ with Randy instead of ‘i’ after Randy Johnson, the famous baseball pitcher. In fact, Johnson had once said that his home lacked a security system. Instead, he had a bucket filled with baseballs to protect himself.

  • Reynold

No, we aren’t talking about Reynolds pen here. Instead, the name in question comes from the Norman names ‘Reinold’ and ‘Reinald’ and stands for a powerful protector.

Pronouncing the name might require you to push your tongue palate a little more. Yet, a thoughtful name will positively impact your child’s personality.

  • Riley

Riley has two meanings, one of Irish origin and the other of English descent. In the Irish origin, the name is derived from the word ‘Raghailleach,’ meaning valiant. In English origin, it is a portmanteau of two words, rye and leah, that translates to wood, clearing, or meadow.

  • Scout

Did you grow up reading Harper Lee’s ‘To Kill a Mockingbird’? Then you are acquainted with Scout, the novel’s narrator and protagonist.

Scout means to be watchful, knowledgeable, and curious.

  • Shay

Shay has a Hebrew origin, with many meanings. On the one hand, it stands for admirable and fortunate. While on the other hand, it also means being watchful, the absolute trait needed for a protector.

  • Sisu

This gender-neutral name has a Finnish origin. It symbolizes bravery, tenacity, hardiness, resilience, and grit. Aren’t these the qualities needed to define someone as a perfect protector?

With sisu as their name, your child would strive hard to get the traits the name stands for.

  • Sloan

Unique and uncommon, sloan is an Irish name that means a brave warrior or a strong protector.

A variant of the words slowan, and sloane, sloan is often used with stories of brave leaders and tall tales.

  • Teddie

Teddie sounds teddy-like, sweet, and adorable. Yet, don’t get deceived by its charm; behind all the cuteness lies a brave and wealthy protector. Yes, that’s what the name means.

  • Wyatt

This Old English name, brave at war, originates from Wyot, a Medieval name.

Wyot, again, has a history of its own. It is a form of the word wigheard, where ‘wig’ means war and ‘heard’ means brave.

  • Liam

Liam has an Irish origin and means a resolute protector. It may sound boy-like, but it has gained popularity as a girl’s name with time.


In the current world that we live in, it truly is a matter of pride to have a child that efficiently and sweetly takes care of the people surrounding them.

So, which names that mean protector did you like the most?

Let me know in the comments!

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