41 Hispanic Baby Names: Embrace Cultural Diversity with Beautiful Hispanic Baby Names

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Do you have Hispanic roots that you want to honor? Or do you want your kids to carry the same values? If so, then choosing Hispanic baby names for your little one would be a good decision.

The Hispanic culture is filled with rich traditions and customs. And that you can see in their names too.

They say a name is what your kids become after some time. And so, choosing a name with a good meaning is very important.

Now, you don’t have to juggle between pages for the perfect name for your little heart. Here I have come up with the best Hispanic baby names with meanings.

All you have to do is take some time out, sit with this list of names and review them, and zero in on one of them.

The Best Hispanic Baby Names

When it was time to choose a name for my baby girl, I took days. Every day I used to sit with a new list of names and then get all confused and end up with nothing.

It continued until I chose a specific first letter and origin. And then only I was able to decide on a name for her.

I have made everything easier for you by having different sections for girl, boy, and gender-neutral names so you can jump right to the section you are looking for!

Hispanic Baby Names for Boys

Hispanic Baby Names for Boys

As the Hispanic culture is full of rituals and customs, you can see that in their names too. Their boy names are mostly strong and have a thoughtful vibe to them.

The following is a list of the most demanding, unique, and rare Hispanic boy names for your little pumpkin.

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  • Alarico

Do you want your little one to grow into a powerful person who can inspire people? How about the name Alarico?

With a masculine vibe, this name holds the meaning of “all-powerful and one who is a ruler of all.”

It’s a classic Hispanic name for your baby boy.

  • Balduino

It has become hard to find a loyal friend who cares for you. Do you want to name your boy with something that means a great friend?

Balduino is the name for you.

This name sounds strong and holds the meaning of a brave friend.

  • Cayo

Modern parents always prefer short names as they are cool, trendy, and easy to pronounce.

If you also like short and cute names, you can go for Cayo. It sounds super cool, like the name of some pop singer.

Cayo holds the meaning of lord.

  • Demetrio

I like names with a vintage vibe. They always stay in style even if they are old. And some parents actually like this kind of name.

Demetrio is one such vintage name that sounds classy and posh.

Also, it can suit your baby boy well if you want him to be closer to nature, as it translates to one who loves the earth.

  • Enrique

This name hits me differently. After all, this is the name of my first-ever crush during my school days. Yes, I’m talking about the very famous pop singer and heartthrob of many – Enrique Iglesias!

This name has a sexy vibe that you can’t ignore. It is a popular name in the USA and other parts of the world.

Enrique holds the meaning of home ruler.

  • Federico

Peace is something that we all want in our lives. And peace is what we all felt when we held our baby for the very first time.

And even now, when I look at the sleeping face of my toddler, my heart feels calm and peaceful.

You can name your son Federico if you want this feeling to stay forever.

It’s an old-school name that means a peaceful ruler.

  • Hernan

Here comes another name that has a close association with peace.

Hernan is a sweet name that can fit your little prince perfectly. It sounds like the name of a well-mannered, high-class guy.

It holds the meaning of ardent peace.

  • Hermenegildo

It’s a long and complex name with a beautiful meaning.

Do you want your kid to be virtuous, compassionate, and kind?

You can give him this name. It’s also great for parents looking for unique and exotic names for their babies.

It holds the meaning of “all giving.”

  • Isandro

Isandro is a traditional name that has a charming vibe. It sounds like the name of a rich, handsome guy who can attract people with his charm.

With its roots in the Hispanic culture, Isandro holds the meaning of liberator.

This name will suit your modern boy perfectly.

  • Juan

Are you a religious person? Do you want to give a name to your son with at least some connection with divinity?

You can go for the name Juan.

This short and classy name means God is gracious.

  • Leonardo

Since I watched the iconic movie Titanic, I became a fan of Leonardo DiCaprio. I watched that movie multiple times, and every time I cried watching its ending.

If you are a fan of this American actor, you can choose to give this name to your boy.

It has a very strong and manly vibe to it. It translates to as strong as a lion. Leo will work great as a nickname.

  • Manuel

We love our kids the most, and what we fear is thinking about who will love them after we are gone, right?

So, why not name him something that will always have him blessed, whether we are with them or not?

Manuel is the name. It has a religious note and means God is with us.

  • Nicolas

Nicolas is an old-school name mentioned in several movies and books. And who doesn’t know about the very famous actor Nicolas Cage?

This charming name holds the meaning of victor of the people. It makes it a great name for your son if you want him to be a people person.

  • Osvaldo

If you are into unique and rare names, you can choose the name Osvaldo.

I haven’t heard this name before, and I’m sure you haven’t. It is an uncommon name in the USA.

If you give this name to your little prince, the chances are that he will be the only one in his school and workplace with this name.

  • Placido

Do you want your baby boy to have a lot of patience and be calm no matter the situation?

You can give him the name Placido. It has a cool vibe and sounds like the name of an intelligent and happy guy.

Placido holds the meaning of calm.

  • Quique

Such a unique name Quique is!

It’s a rare name not only in the USA but also in other countries.

It has a cute vibe to it and sounds like the name of some happy-go-lucky kind of guy. It holds the meaning of home ruler.

  • Ramiro

If you want your baby boy to be intelligent and popular when he grows up, you can name him Ramiro.

It’s a stylish name that sounds like the name of some sports guy. With its roots in the Latin language, it holds the meaning of wise and famous.

Hispanic Baby Names for Girls

Hispanic Baby Names for Girls

Hispanic girl names are supremely charming, feminine, and elegant, and most of them have a vintage vibe – thanks to Hispanic culture.

Below is a list of your little princess’s most amazing Hispanic baby names.

Scroll through them and choose the one that suits your baby the best!

  • Adriana

The country of Italy is synonymous with romance. And the name of its people is equally charming.

The same can be said for the name Adriana. It’s a classic name that never ceases to amaze people, no matter how old it is.

It translates to “from the city of Adria.”

  • Ana

If you like short names that sound super cute, you can choose Ana for your baby girl.

This modern name has a trendy vibe to it. And it can work great as a nickname for any first name that starts with “An.”

Ana is taken from both Hebrew and Spanish languages. It holds the meaning of gracious.

  • Alma

Alma has a spiritual vibe to it. It sounds like the name of a girl with a clear vision of everything.

While some say that it has Spanish roots, others say that it originated in the Latin language.

This unique name holds the meaning of soul.

  • Camila

If you like classic names, you can go for the name Camila. It has such a vintage charm!

Also, it has a religious connection to it. It holds the meaning of an attendant at a religious ceremony.

Camila has both Portuguese and Spanish roots.

  • Catalina

It’s such a feminine name! And did you notice the strong vibe it has?

It sounds like the name of a supremely beautiful and confident girl who knows how to make herself happy.

Catalina is of Spanish origin, and means pure.

  • Elena

I’m a huge fan of the Vampire Diaries series and have a lady crush on the character of Elena. She is the female lead in the series.

Her character has made the ever-so-gorgeous name Elena famous.

With its origin in Spanish, it holds the meaning of bright, shining light.

Go for it if you want your little princess to bring light to people’s life.

  • Esperanza

Many couples with pregnancy issues don’t lose hope until they finally conceive.

 Are you one of those couples?

You can give such a name to your baby girl that she becomes the hope of the people close to her. And Esperanza is one such name.

This vintage name of Spanish origin sounds super classy and oozes charm.

It holds the meaning of hope.

  • Estrella

Do you have a fascination for the sky and the moon? Do you want your little princess to have the same love for them?

You can name her Estrella. It has an elegant and gracious vibe and means star. After your girl is the star of your life, isn’t it?

  • Isabella

Have you watched the Twilight Saga movie series? Or have you read them?

You may already know this name, as it is the name of the female lead in the movie. Her name is Isabella Swan.

This gorgeous and very popular name Isabella has its roots in the Italian and Spanish languages. It holds the meaning of “devoted to god.”

  • Lucia

Your world lights up with the arrival of your baby girl, right? And the name Lucia stands for the same.

It has an elegant vibe and sounds like a well-mannered, soft-spoken girl’s name.

Originating in the Italian and Spanish languages, Lucia holds the meaning of light.

  • Luz

My toddler is the light of my life. Her existence brightens up my day. No matter how low I feel, all my tiredness and anxiety go away whenever I look at her happy face. She is like therapy to me.

If you feel the same for your baby girl, you can give her the super short and trendy name Luz.

Did you notice how sexy this name sounds?

Luz holds the meaning of light with its roots in the Latin and Spanish languages.

  • Marisol

Do you love the sun, summer, and beaches?

 Then you will like the name Marisol.

It has a traditional vibe to it and has its roots in the Spanish language. If you want your daughter to like the sun too, you can give her this name.

It holds the meaning of sea and sun.

  • Matea

If you have had a complicated pregnancy or conceived after a long wait, the birth of your little sunshine can seem like a blessing from God.

And if you want a similar vibe in your baby girl’s name, you can go for the name Matea.

It’s a unique name and sounds like the name of a poised and elegant girl. It holds the meaning of the gift of God, and it has its roots in the Spanish language.

  • Mariana

Mariana sounds musical, which is why I liked it the moment I heard it.

And did you notice the regal vibe it has?

While some say it has Latin roots, others believe it originated in Spanish. Either way, Mariana is undeniably attractive as a name.

It holds the meaning of “of the sea.”

  • Paloma

Do you want your little girl to grow up as an epitome of peace? How about you give her the super soothing name Paloma?

This elegant name holds the meaning of dove. And we all know that the dove symbolizes peace, right?

  • Rosalinda

Rosalinda has a lyrical note to it. It sounds like the name of a pretty and feminine girl.

If you like flower names, this can be a great name for you too. With its Spanish roots, Rosalinda holds the meaning of a beautiful rose.

The perfect nicknames with this name would be Rose and Linda.

  • Selena

Selena is such a popular name! There are plenty of celebrities with this name.

Selena Gomez is one of my favorite singers. I fell in love with her voice when I heard “I Love You Like a Love Song, Baby.”

It can also be a great name if you want your daughter to be as fascinated as you are with the moon. Selena translates to the moon goddess.

  • Valentina

If you like names that are hugely popular, you can choose Valentina for your baby girl. It sounds super gorgeous.

Also, it can be a great name if you want your little one to lead a healthy and happy life. It holds the meaning of healthy and strong.

It has its origin in the Latin language.

And did I tell you that the very popular Salma Hayek named her daughter Valentina too?

Gender-Neutral Hispanic Baby Names

Gender-Neutral Hispanic Baby Names

Gone are the days when parents used to stick to gender-specific names no matter how deeply they loved names of the opposite gender.

Today, there are gender-neutral names specially made for parents who want to transcend the boundaries of gender.

The following is a list of the most beautiful unisex Hispanic names for your baby.

  • Ale

If you are into super short names that come with a good meaning, choose Ale for your baby girl or boy.

It has a quirky vibe that makes it perfect for modern kids.

Ale translates to “to defend.”

  • Amets

Becoming a mother or a father is like a dream come true for many. And I’m one of those moms blessed with a baby girl.

If you want to make this feeling everlasting, one of the best things you can do is give them a name that stands for the same.

Amets is one such name with the meaning of the dream.

  • Amor

Your baby is the fruit of your love for your partner. If you want your baby to mean the same, you can choose Amor.

It can also be a good name if you want your kids to spread love wherever they go, as it holds the meaning of love.

  • Cruz

If you are someone with strong religious beliefs and want your baby to have the same, give them the name Cruz.

This trendy Hispanic unisex name fits your Zen Z well. It holds the meaning of a cross.

  • Reyes

Reyes is a name that has regal vibes. It sounds like the name of someone rich, powerful, and belonging to a royal family.

If you are looking for the same vibe in a name, you can give this name to your boy or girl, no matter their gender.

It holds the meaning of kings.

  • Zorion

I especially like names that start with the letter “Z.” They sound super dashing, hot, and whatnot.

And this is why I gave my daughter a name starting with “Z.”

Zorion is a unique name that can suit both your girl and boy. If you want your kid always to be happy and spread happiness in the lives of the people they love, this would be a good name.

Zorion holds the meaning of happiness.


I know how hard it is to choose the right name for your kids. And so I have tried my best to give you a good experience with this entire name-selection scenario.

Did you enjoy reading the names? Which are your favorite Hispanic baby names from this list?

Tell me in the comments!

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