41 List of Popular Ghetto Names For Boys And Girls

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Have you become a parent recently? Are you looking for the best name to suit your baby?

When you become a parent, you become responsible for the little life you brought into this world. It would help if you fed them, put them to sleep, changed their diapers, and the list goes on and on.

And one of the most important things you need to take care of is choosing the right name for them.

Yes, the name is very important. And there are so many things that go into choosing one for your child.

While some parents pay attention to a name’s meaning, uniqueness, and origin, others look at its overall vibe and popularity.

Now, are you into names from a specific culture, ghetto, to be specific?

Then, I have good news for you!

Here I have come up with some amazing ghetto baby names that will blow your mind. And at the end of reading this article, you will already have a name in mind for your little sunshine.

Amazing Ghetto Baby Names

Do you have an African-American heritage? Or do you want to honor someone in your family who belongs to the African-American community?

I have a long list of Ghetto names for you!

Ghetto names became popular when the European and African traditions got mixed up. Christian, Muslim, and French cultures mostly influence these names.

If you pay close attention to ghetto names, you will see that they sound like traditional names, but most are spelled differently.

The parents may want their babies to have uniquely spelled names, or they don’t want to use traditional spelling.

Whether a girl or a boy, I have created a list of names for both. All you need is to scroll through this list and zero in on the name that suits your baby the most.

Ghetto Baby Names For Boys

Ghetto Baby Names For Boys

Are you a parent to a baby boy and now looking for the best name for him?

You have come to the right place!

Names play an important role in our lives. They are something that people will know us by. Also, the meaning of your name has contributed to at least some of your characteristics.

It makes the selection of names tricky. But I have made this job easy for you. The following are some of the trendiest ghetto boy names.

Read on.


I have a thing for a French accent. And the name Autry has its roots in the French language.

It’s rare, so if you are into unique names, this is the name you should opt for, for your baby.

Also, if you want your little boy to grow up strong, you can choose this name for him. It comes with the meaning of noble strength.


Do you want your son to have great power when you grow up?

Then you can go for the name Asaad for your baby boy. It’s a ghetto spelling, but the other spelling of this name is Asad.

It has its roots in Arabic and carries the meaning of lion.


If you want your little sunshine to be loved and praised by everyone when he grows up, Ahmod can be a good name option.

The common spelling of this name is Ahmed, which has its roots in Arabic. But as Ahmod is a ghetto version, it comes with a unique spelling.

Ahmod holds the meaning of “highly praise.”


Have you heard this name before?

I haven’t. Such a unique name Busta is!

It derives from the name Buster, which is rooted in the American language. It holds the meaning of a friend.


Booker sounds like the name of some nerd. You can go for this name if you want your son to have nerd-like qualities.

Earlier, Booker was used as an occupational surname, but it came into popularity as a first name in recent years. It comes with the meaning of scribe.


If you are religious and want your little sunshine to have faith in God, too, Caleb is the name for you.

Originating in the Hebrew language, it means “devotion to God.”


Are you into comics?

Then the chances are that you have read the very famous Calvin and Hobbes series. And if you are a fan of it, you can go for this name.

It is one of the most famous African-American names and is chosen by many. It comes with the meaning of a little bald one.


If you want your boy to be good at whatever he does when he grows up, Daran can be the name for him.

It has its roots in English and holds the meaning of great.


Have you watched the very famous series Vampire Diaries? If you ask me, I’m a HUGE fan and have watched the series multiple times!

In that series, Elijah is a very important vampire character.

This name has its roots in the Hebrew language and holds the meaning of “God is powerful.”


If you want your son to be a leader and a people person when he grows up, you can name him Farrell.

This name sounds like the name of a handsome man. It is a variation of the common name Pharrell and comes with the meaning of a superior man.

A famous personality with this name is the American songwriter and singer Pharrell Williams.


You can go for the name Guyton if you like trendy names.

It’s such a quirky name, I must say! Also, it has a cool guy vibe. There are many variations of this name, and one of them is Gayton. It’s a name that’s popular among French families.

If you give this name to your son, you can choose Guy as his nickname.


This name has an elegant vibe that is hard to ignore. If you are looking for something similar in your son’s name, you can choose this name for him.

Hampton holds the meaning of a high settlement.

If you like this name but want a different spelling, you can choose between Hampden and Hamdyn.


As parents, we always want our kids to be happy. And the name Isaak signifies just that.

Originating in the Hebrew language, it carries the meaning of laughter.

Give this name to your baby boy and see how he makes people around him happy.


No matter how our babies look, they are the most beautiful human beings for us, right? It’s the same for all parents. And that is what the name Jamal signifies.

It has its roots in the Hebrew language and stands for handsome.


Which day is your son born? Is he born on Saturday?

If you answer “yes,” you may consider calling him Kwamie. It’s a rare name, and you can find few people with this name.

Kwamie has African-Akan origin and means “born on a Saturday.”


Do you want your little one to grow up as someone who thinks and cares about general people? How about the name Luther?

This name was first used as a surname, but then it gained popularity as a first name too.

Thanks to the very famous Martin Luther King, Luther also has historical value. This name holds the meaning of people’s warrior.


I had a classmate whose name was Parvez. This name has its roots in the Old Persian culture.

If you want your kid to do praiseworthy things, you can give him this name. It holds the meaning of commendable.


As a parent, I want my kid to grow up as someone who is caring, loving, and believes in sharing.

If you want your kids to bear similar characteristics, you can go for the name Qasim.

This name has its roots in the Arabic language and carries the meaning of sharing.

Ghetto Baby Names For Girls

Ghetto Baby Names For Girls

Have you become a parent to a little princess and looking for a name that will be perfect for her?

You have landed on the right page!

Choosing a name that sounds good and has a good meaning is, no doubt, difficult. I can say that from my own experience. It took me months to zero in on one name for my toddler!

But you don’t have to scratch your head here, as I have made a list of some of the best ghetto girl names for your little sunshine.

So, what are you waiting for?

Let’s jump right to the list!


All parents want their babies to be intelligent enough to know what is right and wrong and make the right decision when they grow up, right?

If you want that, too, you opt for Akilah. It’s taken from the very popular name Aaliyah which has Arabic roots.

It carries the meaning of “intelligent.” Also, some say that it means logical.


Do you want your kid’s name to have at least some connection with God? Do you want them to have faith in the Almighty?

You can choose the name Amani for your little sunshine.

Amani is a counterpart of the Arabic name Imani and holds the meaning of faith.


As a mommy to my toddler, what concerns me the most is who will love my little baby after I’m gone. Will someone who will love and care for her the way I do come into her life?

The answer to this is uncertain, which is why I want her to be wise and make the right decisions in life.

If you want something similar for your daughter, you can choose the name Braelin for her. This name has got all the uniqueness a name can have. And did you notice how sweet it sounds to the ears?

It holds the meaning of an intelligent or wise person.


I find the Italian accent to be very sexy. And their names are good too.

The name Capria has its roots in the Italian language. It has a musical tone and sounds like the name of some posh maiden.

If you like the vibe of this name, you can go for it.


When I gave birth to my little princess, my entire world changed at that very moment. I felt like I have got some purpose in life now. Also, my life is filled with joy and laughter. I now know what motherhood feels like.

So, our kids are like that dazzling star in our lives that makes us happy. The name Dazzline signifies something like that.

It means luminous – a perfect name for the brightest star of your life.


Finding someone caring and loving has become difficult in this busy world where people don’t have time for themselves.

If you want your daughter to have these qualities, you can choose Ezra.

With its origin in Hebrew, this name stands for someone who helps.


Do you want your little princess to the full faith in God? How about the name Fayth?

This name is derived from the word Faith, and the spelling makes it unique. It has that unmissable charm to it.


Have you heard the name Abigail?

Gail is a shorter version of that name. It sounds trendy and charming. Go for it if you are into short and beautiful names.

It holds the meaning of “my father rejoices.”


Hanita, as a name, sounds super appealing. And did you notice the musical vibe it has?

With its origin in the Indian language, this name means divine grace. It makes it a perfect name for your graceful daughter.


My husband’s favorite color is blue. Do you or your partner like this color a lot?

Then you can choose the name Indigo for your baby girl. Indigo is a shade of blue and has roots in the Greek language.


If you are into short names, Jada is the name for you. It has got that cool vibe to it. It sounds like the name of someone authoritative.

A famous personality with this name is Jada Pinkett Smith, an American talk show host and actress. Also, she is the wife of the very famous actor Will Smith.


This name sounds very sweet. It sounds like the name of a very delicate and elegant girl.

If you want your girl to borne qualities such as these, you can see the name Kimani as an option.

This African-American name holds the meaning of sweet and beautiful.


Such a lyrical name, it’s, isn’t it?

Liana is the female counterpart of the male name Julian. It has its roots in the French language and holds the meaning of “youthful.”


This name sounds like the name of some soap to me! But it has got a beautiful feminine vibe to it.

Merryll has a melodious charm with its roots in the Celtic Gaelic language. It carries the meaning of “as bright as the sea.”


As a parent, I want my little one to succeed in whatever she does. And I think this is something all parents wish for their kids.

Nakala is a ghetto name that symbolizes this characteristic. With its roots in Greek culture, Nakala is a counterpart of Nike.


I don’t know how heaven is. But being with my toddler and hearing her infectious laugh, I sometimes feel like God has poured all his love on me and that I’m in heaven.

Yes, kids fill your world with happiness.

If you want to honor this feeling, you can choose the name Nevaeh for your little princess. It holds the meaning of heaven.


What would be your answer if I asked, “What is the most precious thing you have?”

If you ask me the same question, my answer would be, “My little girl.” And the name Orlena has a similar kind of meaning, which is “gold.” And your daughter is precious like gold, right?


I’m a huge fan of Rihanna, the very popular African-American singer. And the name Rhianna is a variation of that name.

If you like this too but want to avoid going for the common name Rihanna, you can choose the name Rhianna instead.

And did I tell you that it comes with the beautiful meaning of a great queen?


Well, I liked this name the moment I heard it. Tia is short, sweet, and has a badass vibe, all of which I liked a lot.

It has its roots in Greek culture and holds the powerful meaning of goddess. Now, don’t you want your daughter to be praised and loved by all?

Gender-Neutral Ghetto Baby Names

Gender-Neutral Ghetto Baby Names

These days parents are not limiting themselves to choosing gender-specific names. Gender-neutral names are all the rage right now.

From celebrities to the general public, all want to go for unique names that don’t point to any specific gender.

Are you one of those parents?

Then this section is for you!

Here, I have compiled a list of some of the most interesting unisex ghetto baby names for your little one.

Are you ready to explore?

Read on.


The name Dallas has its roots in the Scottish language. It sounds super awesome and has that posh vibe.

Although it’s a name that both boys and girls can carry, I feel that it will suit your boy the most.

Dallas holds the meaning of meadow dwelling.


I like the overall vibe of this name. And it has a charm that you can’t ignore, can you?

The best thing about this name is that you can give it to your boy or girl.

This name has multiple variations. Some of them are Gabriella, Gabriela, Gabriele and Gabrielle. Also, you can choose between nicknames such as Gabby, Gabs, Gab, and Brie.

The meaning of this name is “god is my strength.”


Do you want your little one to grow up strong?

Then you can choose the name Owen for them!

It’s a short name with its roots in the Welsh language. It has been on the list of the most popular name since 2000.

It means a young warrior. Although it is a unisex name, it is mostly used when naming boys.


Xavier is a name of multiple origins, including Spanish and French. It has a traditional and religious vibe to it.

 Mostly, boys carry this name, but it fits girls too.

Xavier holds the meaning of a new house.


Parents these days are looking for unique names and have something that will make people remember them forever.

And ghetto baby names fit the bill. They sound good, have unique spelling, and have good meanings.

So, which of these names did you like the most? Also, do you want me to add more names to the list?

Tell me in the comments!

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