45 Ghana Names: Cultural Gems for Your Precious Baby

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Do you have a Ghanaian heritage? Or do you want to honor someone in your family of Ghanaian roots by giving your little one a Ghanaian name? Then, you’re at the right place, my dear!

Ghana is best known for its captivating music, mesmerizing dance forms, spirited culture, impressive legacy of football, and gorgeous historical landmarks.

But did you know this country is well-known for its unique naming culture?

Yes, the people of Ghana believe that giving the right name to a person is very important as it is something that is going to accompany them all their lives. That’s why they pay attention to giving a meaningful name. They give names depending on the day a baby is born or based on their order of birth.

I know choosing the perfect name for your little one can be challenging. So, I have come up with the best Ghanaian names to choose from.

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The Best Ghana Names of All Time

Ghana’s names pay a lot of attention to virtues, spirituality, and natural connotations. They also look at the circumstances during the birth of the child.

Did you know that once babies are born in Ghana, they are not taken outdoors for at least seven days?

They are given a name on the eighth day after their birth. And on that day, their friends and relatives come in traditional clothing.

Now that you know how important and pure a naming ceremony is in Ghana, here are some of the top Ghana names that you can get your hands on.

Read on.

Ghana Names for Girls

Ghana Names for Girls

Are you blessed with a baby girl?

Well, congratulations! And welcome to the team. I am a mother to a baby girl, too.

I have dedicated this section to some of the prettiest Ghana names. All you have to do is scroll and select!

  • Angela

This name sounds like an angel. And did you notice how delicate it feels while you say it out loud?

This name has multiple roots. While some say that it has its roots in Ghanaian, Italian, and German languages, others believe that it originated in the Spanish, Russian, and Lebanese languages.

This beautiful name holds the meaning of “an angel from heaven to shower love and peace.”

  • Ashantee

If you are into names that sound sweet, then the chances are that you will like the name Ashantee.

It has its roots in the Ghanaian language and means “thank you.”

You can also choose between Ashanti, Ashuntae, Ashaunte, and Ashante.

  • Baako

Is this your first baby?

Then, the name Baako would be a perfect name for your baby girl. Although it is uncommon in the USA, it is popular in Ghana, Akan, and Africa.

It holds the meaning of “the firstborn.”

  • Caimile

If you want a unique name for your baby girl, you can choose Caimile for your baby girl.

It’s a sweet and elegant name that sounds like the name of some well-mannered girl. Originating in the language of Ghana, it holds the meaning of “a family is born.”

  • Do

Are you into short names? Then how about the name Do?

This two-letter name is a traditional name in Ghana. It sounds like the name of someone smart and intelligent.

It means “one who is independent, confident, and has the qualities of a leader.”

  • Dofi

Dofi is a common name carried by many Ghanians. But this name isn’t common in other parts of the world.

Are you a parent of twins? Is this baby girl born after your twins?

Then, the name Dofi would be a good name for her. It holds the meaning of “the second-born after twins.”

  • Effia

My daughter was born on a Friday during Christmas. If your baby girl is also born on a Friday, then Effia would fit her well.

It has a cute vibe and means “someone born on a Friday.”

  • Ekuwa

Ekuwa is a name with earthy vibes. If you like names that sound close to nature, you will like this name.

This name is common in Ghana, but you would rarely find people with this name in other parts of the world.

Ekuwa holds the meaning of “one who is born on Wednesday.”

  • Fifi

This name oozes cuteness! It sounds super adorable and can fit your little princess pretty well.

It is taken from Josephine, which is very popular in English-speaking countries. In the Ghanaian language, Fifi means “one who will add.”

  • Gifty

If you want your baby girl to have good height, then apart from putting her into exercise classes when she grows up, you can give her the name Gifty.

This name sounds somewhat like a gift, which is what your baby is-a gift from the Almighty.

It has its roots in both the languages of Ghana and Africa and means a girl who is attractive and tall.

  • Haniah

I like Arabic names as they sound musical to me. The name Haniah has both Ghanaian and Arabic origins.

There is nothing in this world that can replace the feeling of joy of being a parent. And the name Haniah expresses just that.

The word Haniah means happiness and bliss – perfect for your most precious treasure.

  • Ikhlas

Ikhlas is a word mentioned in the Holy Book of the Quran. People believe that it has roots both in Arabic and Ghanaian languages.

If you want your baby girl to grow up as someone whose heart is full of compassion and love, you can choose the name Ikhlas for her.

It carries the meaning of sincerity.

  • Jojo

It’s a trendy and catchy name that has multiple roots. While some say it originated in the African language, others believe it has Ghanaian roots.

As this translates to “Monday born,” it will suit your little princess the best if she is born on the second day of the week.

  • Kunto

Kunto is a name with Ghanaian roots. It has a sweet vibe to it that makes it all the more alluring to African parents.

While it is a common name in African countries, it is rare in the USA.

If you are looking for a name for your third child, Kunto would fit her the best. It translates to “the third child.”

  • Mama

Yes, your baby is likely to call you Mama when she is able to speak, but you can very well give her this name and won’t feel out of place at all!

Let me tell you, if you don’t know already, that Mama is a name that has Ghanaian roots. It sounds very close to my heart and means “a girl born on Saturday.”

  • Nanyamka

Did you have a complicated pregnancy? Were you having issues conceiving? Have you become a parent after trying for years?

Then, the chances are that you consider your baby girl a blessing from God. And in that case, one of the best names you can give her is Nanyamka.

This pretty name has its roots in Ghana, Ewe, and Africa. It holds the meaning of God’s gift.

  • Sika

Your baby is the most precious thing in your life, right? So, how about giving her a name that stands for pretty much the same?

Sika is one such name of Ghanaian origin. Also, some say that it has its origin in the languages of Tanzania, Bantu, Kenya, and Africa.

It sounds cool and can also be given to your little princess if you want her to earn a lot of money when she grows up. After all, Sika means money or gold.

Ghana Names for Boys

Ghana Names for Boys

Are you a parent to a baby boy? Or have you just found out that you will have a baby boy?


The following is a list of some of the best Ghana names you can give your baby boy.

Read on.

  • Aban

Do you like old-school names that have a vintage charm? Then you will like the name Aban for your little prince. This name has its roots in the Ghanaian language and means water.

Water is something we can’t live without – just like you can’t live without your little bundle of joy. So that makes Aban a perfect name for him.

  • Bobo

If you like cute names for your baby boy, then I am sure you will like the name Bobo.

It’s a short name with a catchy tone. It sounds like the name of a funny guy. Also, this is a good name for your kiddo if he is born on Tuesday.

Bobo has its roots in the Ghanaian, Fante, and African languages and means one who is “Tuesday-born.”

  • Coffie

Do you like coffee? Because this name sounds much like coffee!

The name Coffie is a popular name among the people of Ghana. It is mostly preferred by parents who look for traditional names. Also, this is a good name for babies born on Friday.

Coffie means “one who is born on Friday.”

  • Danso

If you want your baby boy to be someone whom people can rely on, you can choose the name Danso for him.

With its origin in the Ghanaian language, this name sounds posh and means “reliable and trustworthy.”

  • Danqyah

Go for this name if you want your baby boy to have an everlasting charm that will make people love him.

It’s a bit complex name, but if you look at its meaning of everlasting, the chances are that you will like it.

  • Enam

Enam has its roots in both Ghanaian and African languages. It sounds delicate, although it’s a  name for boys.

If you like elegant names, Enam can be a great option. It comes with the meaning of a gift from God.

Go for it if you consider your baby boy a precious gift.

  • Feneku

Feneku is a unique name that has its roots in the Ghanaian language. Also, some people say that this dashing name has Egyptian and Fante roots.

You can choose this name for your little baby boy if he was born late or if you have conceived after a lot of complications since Feneku means “born late” and “born after the term.”

  • Gyasi

Gyasi is a unique name that sounds like the name of some handsome guy. It has multiple roots, including Ghanaian, Egyptian, and Akan.

It has a certain earthy vibe to it, which I like. Give this name to your boy if you consider him the best thing that has ever happened to you.

Gyasi holds the meaning of a wonderful child.

  • Kaatachi

Do you want your baby boy to be a leader of people when he grows up? Or do you want him to be the best in whatever he does?

Then, choose the name Kaatachi for him.

This name means “a leader who is believed to be always at the top.” Also, some say that it translates to “supreme chief.”

  • Kplorm

It’s a popular name among the people of Ghana. If you want your boy to be guided by people who can motivate him and help him be a better person, you can choose this name for him.

It holds the meaning of “guide me.”

  • Lumo

Not all babies face the same circumstances during their birth. At times, a baby may be born prematurely or with certain health complications, and then there are some who are born at a particular angle.

If your baby was born with his face downward, the name Lumo would fit him well.

Lumo stands for babies who are born with their faces downward.

  • Madonudenu

Madonudenu is a bit of a long name, but there are parents who like to give their baby a name that is unique and one that not many kids carry in schools and colleges.

If you think likewise, you can choose this name for your little one. Also, this would be a good choice if you want a name with some religious connection.

It holds the meaning of “my confidence is in God.”

  • Majid

Do you want your son to grow up as someone whom people will look up to? If so, how about the name Majid?

This name sounds masculine and has roots in Arabian and Ghanaian languages. Majid holds the meaning of magnificent.

  • Oko

Short names are always catchy. They come with a certain trendy tone.

Oko is a three-letter name that is highly popular in Ghana and other regions of Africa. It’s a perfect name for one of your kids if you have given birth to twins.

Oko stands for the older of the twins.

  • Osei

Who doesn’t want their kids to be loved and respected by everyone, right? If you want the same for your little one, you can give him the trendy name Osei.

It sounds like the name of someone classy and well-mannered. With its origin in the Fante language, it means noble and honorable.

  • Sabir

When you become a parent, your patience gets tested every day, especially when you deal with their tantrums.

I don’t know how patient you are while dealing with your kids, but if you want them to have a lot of patience, you can choose the name Sabir for him.

This name has its roots in the Arabian as well as Ghanaian languages. It carries the meaning of patient and preserving.

  • Tano

Tano is the name of a popular river in Ghana. Now, is your baby boy born in or around that region?

Then you can give him the name Tano. It is a classic name that has a charming vibe to it. Also, it has an earthy ring to it.

  • Yao

This three-letter name sounds super trendy. It sounds like the name of some pop band member.

This quirky name has its roots in the Ewe region. It best suits your baby boy if he is born on a Thursday, as it translates to “Thursday born.”

Gender Neutral Ghana Names

Gender Neutral Ghana Names

Do you want to give your baby boy or girl a name that doesn’t specify any gender?

Then this section is for you!

Here, I have listed some of the most enchanting Ghana unisex names.

Read on.

  • Adof

Life is a battle that we win at times and lose in certain scenarios. But if you want your baby girl or boy to always win no matter what challenges life throws at them, Adof would be a good name for them.

This name of Ghanaian origin has a smart vibe to it. It sounds cool and carries the meaning of a warrior.

  • Afreyea

Your baby is a blessing in your life. When my baby girl was born, we had many good news. And that is why we consider her our lucky charm.

If the case is the same with you and you believe that your little sunshine has brought love and luck into your life, you can choose the unisex name Afreyea for them.

It has its roots in the Ghanaian language and holds the meaning of “born during good times.”

  • Akua

Is your baby boy or girl born on a Wednesday? Are you looking for a unisex name that stands for the same?

You can choose the name Akua for your little one. This cute name stands for someone born on a Wednesday.

  • Ashanti

Ashanti is a name of the Ghanaian language. It is taken from the word “Asante,” which is in Kiswahili language.

If you want to thank God and the universe for filling your life with great joy by making you a parent, Ashanti can be a good name choice. It carries the meaning of “thank you.”

  • Dogbeda

If you want your baby to have religious roots when they grow up and trust and pray to the Almighty for everything, you can name them Dogbeda.

This name has its origin in the Ghanaian language and means “pray.”

  • Dzidzorli

This name is a bit complex. But some parents like this kind of name as long as it has a good meaning.

One such name is Dzidzorli. This name is rooted in the language of Ghana and holds the meaning of “there is happiness.”

Give your son or daughter this name if you want their life to be full of love and happiness.

  • Deladem

Deladem is a name that comes with a strong vibe. It can be given to both boys and girls. It sounds like the name of someone who is well-mannered.

It holds the meaning of being redeemed by a savior.

  • Duku

If you are into short and catchy names, you can choose Duku for your baby girl and boy.

This name has its roots in the Ghanaian language. If this is your eleventh child, then, this name would fit your baby perfectly, as it means “the eleventh born.”

  • Dzifa

Peace is something we all want in our lives, isn’t it? No matter how wealthy we are, if we don’t have inner peace, we won’t feel happy in life.

So, if you want your little one to have a peaceful life when they grow up, you can give her the name Dzifa.

It holds the meaning of “one is at peace.”

  • Hunu

The sun is the symbol of life and power. Do you want your little prince or princess to be all-powerful when they grow up?

Then you can give them the name Hunu. It’s a gender-neutral name with a cool and trendy vibe to it. Also, it sounds super cute.

Hunu translates to sun.


Shortlisting names and then zeroing in on that one name that will fit your little sunshine the best is far from being easy.

But I have tried to make it easy for you by listing all the best Ghana names under one roof.

So, did you like the names? Which ones are your favorite?

Let me know in the comments!

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