36 Flower Baby Names: Captivating Names Inspired by Flowers for Your Little One

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Flowers are always beautiful. No matter their shapes, sizes, and colors, they never fail to soothe our souls and bring a smile to our faces.

It’s the same feeling we experience when we look at a baby’s face.

I still remember holding my baby in my arms and looking at her sleeping face for the first time. What I felt can’t be expressed in words. The happiness in my soul and the peace in my heart are something that only mothers can feel.

And so, it is quite understandable when you want to give a flower name to your little bundle of joy. Flowers and babies do have similarities, especially when it comes to the effect they have on our moods.

There are plenty of different varieties of flowers around the world. All of them carry a unique meaning and essence.

I have compiled a list of flower baby names to help you choose the best one for your little sunshine. Try saying the name out loud to see if it matches the vibe of your baby.

Beautiful Flower Baby Names

Parents believe that the meaning a name carries will affect the traits of their babies. In other words, your child will become what their name means.

And so, many of us choose names looking at the meaning it carries.

Flower names can be great for your kids. They are bright, happy, and soothing to the ears.

The following are the best flower baby names you can use. And I have included their meanings too.

I have made different sections for boys and girls to make it easier for you to find what you are looking for. And you can find a section for gender-neutral names too.

Flower Baby Names for Girls

Flower Baby Names for Girls

Girls and flowers are almost synonymous. They are delicate, elegant, and colorful, like flowers. And their giggles seem like blooming flowers.

 This makes flower names perfect for girls.

If you are blessed with a baby girl and looking for the best flower name for her, look no further. The following is a list of some of the most gorgeous flower names for your little princess.

Read on.

  • Amber

Are you a DC comics fan? Have you watched Aquaman?

If your answer to both these questions is a “yes,” then you are likely already aware of the beautiful name Amber. It’s the real name of the female lead in that movie. Yes, I’m talking about Amber Heard!

Originating in the English language, Amber translates to a golden color. Also, the Flower Carpet Amber roses come in an attractive peachy and soft pink color.

  • Belladonna

Italy is a beautiful county. You can say the same about Italian names. And Belladonna is one such name.

In the Italian language, it holds the meaning of a beautiful lady, and that is what your baby girl will grow up to be.

But when it comes to flowers, it’s the name of a poisonous flower. It can harm you if you accidentally eat it.

Did you know that the women of Rome used diluted Belladonna as their eye drops?

They did it to dilute their pupils, believing it could make them look sexy and turned on.

  • Calla

Calla is the name for you if you are into short and flowery names. It sounds like the name of some elegant and graceful girl.

With its origin in the Greek language, it translates to beautiful.

The popularity of the name Calla reached its peak during the 19th century. And now it is making a comeback.

  • Daisy

Daisy is such a sweet name, I must say! It sounds like the name of some cute and bubbly girl.

With its roots in English, Daisy comes with the meaning of a day’s eye.

But what’s the best part of the name Daisy?

This name has been on the list of the most popular names in the USA since 1990. Isn’t that awesome?

The famous singer Katy Perry chose this name for her baby girl. You can go for this name if you are a fan of her.

  • Flora

It’s such a flowery name! And it oozes cuteness.

The name Flora is of Latin origin and holds the meaning of a flower.

Now, tell me, do you believe in mythology?

According to Roman mythology, Flora was the goddess of spring and flowers. This makes it a great name for religious parents too.

  • Ginger

We all are aware of the use of ginger spice in different recipes. But did you know that ginger has flowers too?

Yes, we use ginger roots in food, but ginger is actually a flowering plant, and its flowers look exotic. With roots in English, the word ginger means pep or liveliness.

  • Harmony

This name has such a vibe of unity – just like its meaning. You can give this name to your baby girl if you want her to believe in peace and unity.

A type of dwarf iris is known as harmony. It can grow up to five inches in length. And did I tell you how gorgeous of a deep bluish-purple color it has?

  • Ione

The name Ione has Greek and Celtic origins. It is unique and, thus, can be a good name for your little one if you are into such names.

While according to its Celtic roots, it translates to the king’s island, it holds the meaning of a purple flower according to its Greek roots.

  • Jasmine

Jasmine is a popular name that is loved by parents all over the world. If you are a fan of Aladdin, you are already aware of his lover, Princess Jasmine, right?

I grew up reading and listening to the enchanting stories of Aladdin and his magic lamp. And I still remember, whenever I saw an old-looking lamp, I used to rub it in the hope that some genie would appear before me and ask for my three wishes!

Jasmine is a name of Persian origin that holds the meaning of a gift from god.

  • Katy

The name Katy has roots in both Greek and Gaelic languages.

It is taken from the word Caitlin in Gaelic language and translates to pure. And in Greek, the word katharos also translates to pure.

Flaming Katy is the name of a succulent flower. It blooms during the winter months.

  • Lavender

Now, who doesn’t know about this beautiful flower, and of course, its lovely fragrance?

The smell of lavender perfumes is one of my favorites. And did I tell you how I LOVE its color?

I have dozens of dresses and pants in lavender colors.

This flower has got its name from the word Livere which is Latin in origin. And it holds the meaning of blue-ish. Also, some say that the root of the word Lavender is the French word Lavandre. It translates to “to wash.”

  • Magnolia

This super pretty flower name has its roots in the French language.

I like this name as it sounds feminine and delicate. This name is gaining quite a popularity these days.

You can shortlist this name if you like popular names.

  • Nanala

Are you into uncommon names? How about the name Nanala?

It has Hawaiian roots, and it holds the meaning of sunflower.

It can be a great name for your baby girl if you want her to be happy and her life to be bright.

Flower Baby Names for Boys

Flower Baby Names for Boys

Many parents think that flower names are only for girls. But that is not the case.

There are many names related to flowers and trees that are quite masculine and are just perfect for your little prince.

Check out the following list of flower names for your son!

  • Azami

Azami is a name of Japanese roots. It sounds like the name of someone who loves music.

If you are looking for a similar vibe in your baby’s name, you can go for it. It holds the meaning of a thistle flower.

These pink and purple-hued flowers stand for pride, protection, strength, and resiliency. Go for it if you want your little one to have these traits.

  • Blaze

Blaze sounds like the name of some masculine guy. It has Latin roots and holds the meaning of stutter.

Did you know blaze is a kind of climbing roses loved by all?

The popularity of this name stands in the middle – not too high, not too low.

  • Calix

Is your son super handsome? How about you name him Calix?

It’s a hot name that stands for very handsome. It isn’t a common name in the USA. So, if you are looking for rare names, you can go for this name.

Also, Calix can work as an alternative to the name Felix, which is very popular.

  • Dietes

Dietes is a name with Greek roots. It is made up of two words: di and etes. While the former word means two, the latter means an associate.

There is an island named Lord Howe Island close to Australia. And Dietes Robinsoniana is a gorgeous flower that blooms there.

This flower stands for good fortune. This makes it a great name for your son if you want him to be super rich when he grows up.

  • Florian

Florian is a name with Latin roots. It sounds like the name of a posh guy.

It is taken from the name Florianus, which has ancient Roman roots. It holds the meaning of a flower.

Did I tell you Florian is a patron saint in Upper Austria and Poland?

  • Galanthus

Originating in the Greek language, Galanthus translates to milk-white flower.

It has a tough vibe, making it perfect for strong guys.

According to Greek mythology, Galanthis, a variant of the word Galanthus, was transformed into a wessel. Hera did this, as Galanthis interfered in her plans.

  • Hamilton

Hamilton is a vintage name that still has its charm intact. The traditional vibe that it has makes it all the more attractive. This name has Old English roots.

It is taken from the words “Hamel” and “dun.” The former word translates to crooked, while the latter means a hill.

Lady Emma Hamilton is the name of a variety of roses. It comes in an attractive tangerine color and smells like citrus fruits.

  • Isaac

Whenever someone says Isaac, the image of Sir Isaac Newton comes to my mind. He was the one who developed the universal law of gravitation.

You can give your son this name if you want him to be wise like Newton.

Isaac has Hebrew roots, and it holds the meaning of “he will laugh.”

Madame Isaac Pereire is a variety of roses that looks stunning on walls and pergolas.

  • James

James is a very popular name that continues to interest people. It has an undeniable old-school charm.

It has its mention in the Bible. It is taken from the Latin name Jacobus, which means “may god protect.”

There is a gorgeous perennial flower named James Backhouse. It comes in the color lavender – my favorite!

  • Kamal

I find Arabic names to be very classy. And Kamal is one such name with Arabic roots.

It holds the meaning of perfection.

Brahma kamal is the name of a flower used for medicinal purposes. It can treat numerous issues, including urinary tract infections and bone aches.

  • Manuka

Some say that Manuka is a name that has its roots in America. However, there’s no definitive proof of this.

It carries the meaning of a tree or a little brown bear. Again, this is based on people’s assumptions.

If you want your baby boy to grow up tough so that he can deal with every situation in life – no matter how hard it is – this can be the perfect name for him.

  • Oleander

This name has its origin in the Greek language. Oleander holds the meaning of an evergreen tree.

You might have heard about the name Oliver, which is widely popular. Oleander is a variant of that name.

It’s a flowery shrub and can be great as the flower name for your little one. You can choose variations of the word as nicknames, such as Ander, Lee, and Ollie.

  • Perry

Perry is a popular name that is often used as a surname. While some say it has its roots in the English language, others say it originated in the Latin language.

The Latin version means a traveler, and the English counterpart translates to “someone living near a pear tree.”

Perry’s Blue iris is commonly known as the Siberian iris. It looks gorgeous in bright blue hues.

  • Potter

This name reminds me of the very famous character Harry Potter. Although it is commonly used as a surname, some people also use it as a first name.

It has multiple origins, including Dutch, German, and English. It means “one who makes storage and drinking vessels.”

Did you know there is a rose shrub named Beatrix Potter?

They look stunning with light pink petals.

  • Ren

Ren is the name for you if you are into short and trendy names.

It has its roots in the Japanese language and translates to lotus or love.

According to Greek mythology, the lotus or large water lilies can make you go into a forgetfulness that seems like a dream.

This name Ren is perfect for your kiddo if you want him to be a daydreamer.

  • Valerian

Are you a fan of the Game of Thrones?

 Then you can go for Valyrian, a variant of Valerian and a character in the show.

It has Slavic roots and holds the meaning of strength. Also, there is a flowering herb known as Valerian.

Gender-Neutral Flower Baby Names

Gender-Neutral Flower Baby Names

Gone are the days when parents would limit themselves to names of a specific gender while searching for the best names for their babies.

These days, parents are more liberal. They look for names that transcend the boundary of gender.

With that in mind, I have come up with gender-neutral names with a flower theme.

Keep scrolling!

  • Aster

The name Aster is said to have two origins: Greek and English. This name sounds dashing and attractive guy.

It holds the meaning of a star.

The Aster flower is somewhat like a daisy. It blooms during the late summer and early autumn. It can be a great name for your girl or a boy if they are born during this time of the year.

  • Dara

Dara has multiple origins. While some say it has roots in Hebrew, some say it originated in the Irish Gaelic language.

If you want your baby girl or boy to be a person of wisdom, you can give them this name. It holds the meaning of the pearl of wisdom.

According to its Irish Gaelic roots, it means fruitful or an oak tree.

  • Holland

Vintage names have a different kind of charm. And that is what I like the most about those names.

Holland is one such name. It has its roots in the Old English language. It is taken from the words hoh and land.

The petite de Hollande roses are beautiful!

  • Lotus

No matter how much I talk about the beauty of this flower, it will never be enough. Such beauty it has!

Originating in Greek, it translates to what it says – lotus flower.

Some regard this flower as a symbol of purity. People from many cultures and religions view it as a sacred flower.

If you like the soothing vibe of this name, go for it. You don’t have to consider gender, as it’s a unisex name.

  • Ollie

The name Ollie has a Latin origin. You might have heard the name Oliver in several novels and stories. And Ollie is a variant of that name.

If you like the name Oliver but looking for a less common version, you are welcome to keep your kid’s name Ollie!

The word Ollie means an Olive tree. It has a sweet note about it. Also, some say that it means “peaceful.”

  • Sage

I find Latin names to be hot. And the name Sage is no exception to it. It sounds cool and holds the meaning of a healing herb. Also, some say that it means wisdom.

Some variants of the herb sage have flowers in the color blue-ish purple.

Sage can be a cool name for your girl or boy if you want them to be knowledgeable and good in their studies when they grow up.

  • Shade

Shade sounds like a mysterious name to me. It has that dark vibe to it that makes it all the more attractive.

If you like that vibe, you can go for this unisex name. Trust me; your kid will be the only one with this name in school.


Flower baby names are such that they will never go out of trend – all thanks to their fresh and flowery vibe.

It’s one of the reasons many parents prefer giving their kids a name with a flower connected in some way or the other.

I hope you liked the names. Have you shortlisted some of them? Which are your favorite?

Tell me in the comments!

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