Raising Kids: The Interrupt Rule

I have two daughters. Even from a young age, girls seem to just want to talk and socialize. It’s our gifting, I guess. I love that. But there is a time and a place to talk.

My job as a parent is to teach my children not to interrupt but to have manners.Raising_Kids_interrupting_Rule If I was talking to their father, another adult, or on the telephone – I didn’t want my children to interrupt me. I did however, want them to know they were still important and I cared a lot about listening to their thoughts and concerns.

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Try Something Different

Are you a parent who yells? I know that when I have personal meltdowns and end up yelling at my kids – I hate it. I hate myself in that moment. Never, ever do I want to be the kind of parent I see when I walk by in a grocery store or mall department store like the kind of parent I witness yelling, snapping, and yanking on their kids arm. Ugly – ugly – ugly.

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No Such Thing as a Perfect Friend

I think we are hard on those around us at times. We expect a lot out of them and then when they let us down, rise up short, or fail to meet those unsaid standards, we are disappointed, discouraged, and frustrated. We fail to see that people are human. They will say the wrong thing at times, hurt our feelings, and even let us down with – or without intending to.

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Facebook Guidelines for Teens/Tweens


My daughter wanted a Facebook page when she was 12?. The first thing I did was have her research their rules. I told her if they said she had to be a certain age, then she had to obey their rules and wait until she was a certain age. I didn’t care if her friends already had Facebook pages. I wanted to show her and model honesty. You don’t lie about your age to get on and you don’t have your mom do it for you. You obey the rules/guidelines. They are there for a reason.

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