Your Family: Choosing Baby Gear

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When getting ready for baby, there is so much baby gear available these days…how do you chose? K.I.S.S. – Keep It Simple Silly! Match your gear to your lifestyle. What you need is what you get.


The simple fact to remember with car seats is that they all have to meet the basic safety standards in your respective country. (In Canada – refer to Transport Canada – also a good source for car seat recalls)

They cannot be sold on store shelves if they do not meet the safety standards. shopping_for_baby_gear_essentialsSimple. So choosing a car seat comes down to personal choice of style, colour and practicality. Do you want something that clicks into your stroller? Do you like the carry-ability of a certain handle? Is there a certain brand you feel better about?

Remember it is not advisable to purchase car seats second hand. This is because 1) there is an expiry date on car seats and 2) car seat safety can be compromised should the seat have been in an accident or mishandled in any way.


Some strollers can be more expensive than cars (cheaper cars anyway). There are travel systems, joggers, umbrella strollers, double strollers, strollers with boogie boards…wowza!

Simply, you want:

  • All weather tires
  • Good size storage basket
  • 5 point harness
  • Ease in maneuverability
  • Good shade canopy

Everything else is frosting.


Otherwise known as “that which took the place of my purse” the diaper bag is the carry-all of everything baby. There is the messenger style diaper bag, the diaper tote, the dad bag, the backpack, the sling.

Simply, you want:

  • Comfortable strap
  • Large inner compartment for diapers/wipes/clothes
  • Zippered compartment for “parent stuff” (keys, wallet, cell phone)
  • Outside pocket for bottle/snacks/toy


You simply want safety in a crib. Bars not too far apart a child can stick their head through (and get stuck!). Barriers high enough a child (standing) does not fall out.

You can chose a model which “grows” with your child – converting from crib to bed (if you are investing now – you might as well invest for the long term).


What fits your space should be your simple decision maker. What fits? Smaller spaces require something that belts on to a chair. Larger spaces allow for a freestanding chair.

Some chairs “grow” with your child from newborn recliner to booster. Others have removable trays and/or activity centres. Decide on what fits for you.

We have the tendency to want to get everything for our baby. However, realistically they have basic needs to which we cater. Above all, is the attention from Mom and Dad. So put away the baby catalogue and enjoy some baby time. It’s that simple!

Sharing is Caring!

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