67 Winter Would You Rather Questions for Teens and Adults

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Imagine this: you have your family and friends around you for the holidays. You’re all sitting by the fire, drinking hot chocolate and reminiscing about the old days.

You’re probably meeting them after a while since everyone has been busy with work and life.

That’s quite a pretty picture. Do you know what could make such a moment even better? Adding in some fun games, of course.

When it comes to playing with family, you will have to keep the different age groups in mind and come up with something that everyone can enjoy, be it the little kids or the older adults.

What’s one game that most people enjoy playing, do you think? Well, one of them is the ‘would you rather game. You can add your twist and make it winter-themed so you can play it with your family during the Christmas holidays or winter break.

For those of you looking for some funny and exciting winter, would you rather questions, we have a bunch of them for you to select from.

Winter Would You Rather Questions You Can Ask Teenagers and Grown-Ups

Winter Would You Rather Questions You Can Ask Teenagers and Grown-Ups

If you’re meeting your family and loved ones after quite a long time and are wondering which game will be suitable for all ages, going for the would you rather game is always a safe bet.

Let’s explore the fun winter. Would you rather have questions, you can ask teens and adults.

  • Would you rather build an igloo all by yourself Or spend time building a snowman with your buddies?
  • Would you rather enjoy an extra day of the summer holidays Or spend a cozy day at home while it snows outside?
  • Would you rather wear four layers of warm gloves Or put on three layers of comfortable mittens?
  • Would you rather spend your afternoon making 40 snowmen Or have a sweet morning making 40 snow angels?
  • Would you rather make yourself a cup of hot apple cider Or make a cup of delicious hot chocolate?
  • Would you rather spend your time ice fishing with your family Or stay at home having a lazy day?
  • Would you rather have your tongue stuck on a metal pole for an hour Or build a snowman for two whole hours without the protection of a pair of gloves?
  • Would you rather see a gorgeous ice castle Or a stunning ice sculpture?
  • Would you rather throw a vast summer birthday party and invite all your friends Or have a magical winter birthday party with no friends around?
  • Would you rather wear a woolen jacket while chilling at the beach Or rock a bikini while it’s snowy and chilly?
  • Would you rather spend time cleaning all the autumnal leaves on the ground Or clean the area by shoveling snow?
  • Would you rather go on a winter date where you’re skiing in the afternoon Or enjoy a date where you’re sledding?
  • Would you rather turn into a penguin for two days Or take on the personality of a polar bear for two days?
  • Would you rather get silly with a pillow fight with your friends Or indulge in a snowball fight with your buddies?
  • Would you rather tolerate an endless summer Or be in the loop of a never-ending winter?
  • Would you rather opt for a carrot-like nose Or be comfortable having a round, red nose?
  • Would you rather do away with spring break Or not get to enjoy your winter break?
  • Would you rather gorge on ice cream every winter morning Or have someone make you a cup of hot cocoa with soft marshmallows every winter evening?
  • Would you rather interact with Frosty the Snowman Or meet and interact with Rudolph the Red-Nosed Reindeer?
  • Would you rather be kept captive in an igloo for a week Or inhabit a gingerbread house for five days?
  • Would you rather take in some warmth sitting by a campfire Or have a warm, lovely evening with a bonfire in your backyard?
  • Would you rather enjoy a bowl of hot ramen noodle soup Or make yourself a bowl of clear chicken soup?
  • Would you rather enjoy a spontaneous adventure in the desert in the middle of winter Or get the chance to explore the North Pole?
  • Would you rather accept the dare to gobble down a handful of snow Or be treated to ice pops?
  • Would you rather enjoy a day of swimming without using towels and sunscreen Or enjoy sledding without gloves?
  • Would you rather have Olaf’s ability from Frozen not to melt Or Elsa’s magic to turn everything around into ice?
  • Would you rather put a bonnet on your foot Or slip a snowshoe on your hand?
  • Would you rather never get to witness snow Or have it snow every day for the rest of the year?
  • Would you rather relive a beautiful winter day all over again Or get the chance to experience a future winter vacation?
  • Would you rather wash your car in the summer heat every day Or clean your mom’s car during the peak of winter every day?
  • Would you rather enjoy the fireworks during the 4th of July holiday Or enjoy the sight of fairy lights during Christmas?
  • Would you rather dare to go solo on a water slide Or enjoy a day of ice skating with your loved ones?
  • Would you rather be faced with a humongous wave Or come face-to-face with a vast snowball?
  • Would you rather learn figure skating for your winter vacation Or take ice hockey lessons during your winter vacation?
  • Would you rather have a reindeer as your pet Or keep a baby penguin at home?
  • Would you rather have Olaf as your bestie Or be best buddies with a fluffy polar bear?
  • Would you rather prefer to have sour jelly as dessert Or be gifted mint candies for Christmas?
  • Would you rather bake delicious Christmas cookies for your family Or help your parents decorate the Christmas tree in the most festive way possible?
  • Would you rather watch The Holiday every Christmas Or re-watch Frozen with your little cousins every winter?
  • Would you rather only read winter-based contemporary novels Or enjoy horror novels centered around wintery themes?
  • Would you rather want your partner to plan a trip during the winter season Or plan the coziest winter day at home with movies and delicious food?
  • Would you rather play outside in the snow with your besties Or be under the blanket during winter while reading a book?
  • Would you rather get the chance to extend summer by a month Or have an extended winter?
  • Would you rather have a movie marathon with your family during the winter holidays Or engage in a massive snowball fight with them?
  • Would you rather reread your favorite book on a winter day Or listen to music all day long?
  • Would you rather enjoy only Christmas songs Or go around singing Christmas carols?
  • Would you rather be gifted elegant earmuffs to keep you warm Or gift yourself a colorful knitted scarf?
  • Would you rather get to take a picture with a white snowy owl Or have a photo session with a penguin?
  • Would you rather have the chance to come across a flying reindeer Or an animated snowman?
  • Would you rather experience an adorable snowman come alive in your home Or watch a gingerbread man turn into an actual person?
  • Would you rather have warm feet all the time Or have cold hands all the time?
  • Would you rather go away to a warmer climate during the winter Or be asleep throughout winter?
  • Would you rather follow a penguin around in the snow Or go alongside a polar bear on his adventures?
  • Would you rather take on the dare of wearing a funny winter coat to school for a week Or accept the dare of walking barefoot in the snow for an hour?
  • Would you rather consume warm water throughout the day Or keep drinking warm milk for an entire day?
  • Would you rather forget to have your warm socks on Or forget to wear your scarf?
  • Would you rather give Santa a glass of milk upon meeting him Or make him a cup of hot chocolate?
  • Would you rather face a dare of consuming cold noodles Or tolerate the dare of having melted ice cream?
  • Would you rather watch football on a winter day Or spend the day watching the Olympics?
  • Would you rather enjoy a plate of oatmeal cookies Or munch on some hot fudge on a winter night?
  • Would you rather enjoy a cup of hot tea with a snow angel Or sip on a cup of hot cappuccino with a reindeer?
  • Would you rather have your partner make you eggnog on Christmas day Or give you a glass of wine on the night of Christmas?
  • Would you rather spend your life at the North Pole Or migrate to the South Pole alone?
  • Would you rather get to fly around snowcapped mountains like an owl Or be able to walk around snowy forests like a wolf?
  • Would you rather have a chicken roast Or enjoy a plate of cold cuts and cheese for Christmas dinner?
  • Would you travel to London for the winter holidays Or go to New York on a winter vacation?
  • Would you rather know about the Christmas gifts you are about to receive, Or have your gifts be a secret till Christmas morning?


Keeping teens and adults occupied during a game can be pretty tricky. However, if you ask intriguing questions that make them think, everyone ends up having a grand time.

So, the next time your friends and family visit you for the holidays, ask them these questions and see their answers. Are there any more you would add to the list? Let us know in the comments.

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