100 Funny Unanswerable Questions That You Just Can’t Guess!

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Can you answer these unanswerable questions? Likely, the answer to this answerable question is, “no!” Though, trying could lead to some pretty profound (or entirely useless) realizations!

From philosophical to astonishing, useless to bizarre, all the way to downright silly, I’ve packed this post with some fun questions that will definitely leave you guessing! 

Plus, regardless of the answer, trying to answer these should make you, the kids, your family, and friends laugh – which is all that really matters after all, right?!

Unanswerable Questions to Ask Your Family & Friends

Hilarious Unanswerable Questions to Ask Your Family & Friends!

How long is a piece of string?

How many miles did every man on Earth travel in the last ten days?

How many kg’s of potatoes have you eaten in your life?

What day will you die?

How many sausages can the average sausage dog eat?

How did you get here to Earth?

Will you be rich or poor when you’re older?

Why does your head stick out of your t-shirt?

Do fish ever get seasick?

How much wood can a woodchuck chuck?

How many hours are there in the universe?

Which came first – the chicken or the egg?

If God created us, who created God?

How many times did everyone on Earth sneeze today?

In which country did the first man on the planet lay down to sleep? 

Why did the chicken really cross the road?

What are the things and people in our dreams made out of?

If matter doesn’t really mind, then does the mind not matter because it’s partly matter, too?

How many noodles does it take to fill a bowl of noodles?

If thoughts come from the mind, which organ(s) do our feelings come from?

What is your purpose for being on Earth?

How can you learn about something that doesn’t exist?

Can ‘humans levitate?

What happens to our consciousness when we go to sleep?

How much money is there in the world?

If money is made of paper, does it not then actually grow on trees?

What happened to the man who cooked bacon and baked cookies?

Is it better to live without a care for death or live carefully fearing death?

Does the phrase “steal a life” mean to kill something or steal its’ freedom during life?

Can you do a handstand and stand on one leg at the same time?

How deep is the ocean?

Did the moon reflect the sun, or did the sun shine first?

Since many animals don’t have houses, are those animals homeless?

If animals had a Miss Universe beauty contest, would a seahorse or a horse win?

What do the French call French fries?

Why do Belgian people eat fries with mayonnaise?

Why do Germans live in Deutschland, but the Dutch live in Holland?

Can you expect the unexpected if it’s unexpected? If so, is the unexpected then expected, and therefore not unexpected, so actually expectable?

What happens if you bake a no-bake cake?

Do bakers always have buns in the oven?

How can you eat something that’s too salty?

As people get older, do they get bitter like vinegar, tangy like cheese, or sweet like wine?

If a cave caves in, is it no longer a cave?

Does the mind affect the body, or the body affect the mind first?

If insects have no bones, does that mean they have no backbone, either?

According to science, are cats actually liquid?

If you eat ten candy bars, how many candy bars did you have to begin with?

In an alternate universe, if 10 + 10 equals 0, then what does 3 + 4 equal?

If there’s no wrong answer to an unanswerable question, is there no right answer, either?

Are humans still organic if they don’t eat organic food?

How can you make something shrink without removing anything from it?

How can you drink something without eating it?

Can you breathe in and out at the same time?

If your belly is bare, is it barely a belly?

How many peanuts does it take to run a peanut circus?

What size is a drop of water?

How can you measure wisdom, intelligence, and kindness?

How many rats are there in a pack of pack rats?

Can you package a package of packages?

Do dogs wag their tails, or the tails wag the dogs?

How many scales does a fish have?

Can birds be afraid of heights?

How much would the ocean rise by if everyone on the planet went swimming in it at once?

How do lemons live with being so bitter?

Are there other inhabited planets in our universe?

How do jellyfish stand up for themselves if they have no backbone?

Is a fly without wings still called a fly if he can’t fly?

Should ketchup be used as a sweet ice cream topping since tomatoes are really a fruit, not a vegetable?

Why do humans call backstabbers “spineless snakes” when snakes do actually have spines?

Can you guess what color space is?

If we’re related to apes, why didn’t the apes evolve with us, too?

Who invented the first language?

If revenge is sweet and best served cold, is revenge really ice cream in disguise?

If you try not to fail and not to succeed at the same time, do you fail to succeed, fail, or neither fail nor succeed?

Since potatoes are vegetables, do potato fries and chips still count as one of your five a day?

If you sit barely moving in traffic during the busiest time, why is it called “rush hour?”

If grapes are sweet, then why do we call sour grapefruits the same name?

If cats love eating vermin and lizards, how come there is no commercial lizard, mouse, or rat-flavored cat food?

How can you waste time when you’re enjoying yourself doing so?

Are eggs a liquid or a solid?

If you have a smoothie or a soup, aren’t you technically eating and drinking at the same time?

If you take a nap during the day and have a dream, aren’t you technically day-dreaming?

If a coffin comes with a lifetime guarantee, isn’t that technically false advertising?

Do bananas feel embarrassed when you peel them?

If you arrested a one-armed man, how would you handcuff him?

Should someone who resists a rest be arrested?

Why is the phrase “the sky is the limit” inspirational if the sky is only around 12 km tall?

Why is vanilla considered a boring flavor when vanilla pods are actually the stamen of a rare type of orchid?

Why do some people call tall people “string beans” when string beans only measure a few inches tall?

Can you describe an argument as concluding if it finishes, but no conclusions were made?

Why do we say we love fish when we actually mean we love eating fish?

If the truth is different for everyone, then how can it be called the truth?

Why do we call it a TV set when there’s only one thing (a TV)?

Who tastes new dog food to make sure it is “improved-tasting?”

Can the President be cornered when he’s in The Oval Office?

How come it’s illegal to go fast on most roads, yet, it’s not illegal for manufacturers to create cars that go faster than the speed limit?

Do cannibals avoid eating clowns because they taste funny?

Can “The Flash” check himself out if he runs fast enough?

Did Adam and Eve have belly buttons since God created them instead of them being born?

If someone says you’re in denial, do you deny it and keep on swimming in The Nile?


Life doesn’t have to be so serious – sometimes, you need to look at things from a different perspective! Hopefully, these bizarre unanswerable questions have brightened your day!

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