The Best Craft Subscription Boxes for Kids

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I’m always looking for new ways to entertain my kids that will keep them engaged and help them build new skills. These Craft subscription boxes for kids are the perfect solution! 

My Favorite Craft Subscription Boxes for Kids

Subscription boxes are all the rage lately, and for good reason! Who doesn’t love getting a package on your doorstep full of fun new things?! So why not give your kids that same excitement? 

There are some great kids boxes out there that encourage reading, learning, stem skills, and more, but my favorite new thing is craft subscription boxes for kids! With all the fun artsy materials and none of the work, they are a mom’s dream come true.

The Best Craft Subscription Boxes for Kids

Why Crafts?

Kids. Love. Crafts. It’s a fact that’s been tested and proven time and time again by parents. There’s something about the freedom, the mess, the sensory experience, and the creative outlet that kids of all ages just can’t get enough of. 

And not only are they fun, but they also are great for learning and development. Crafts are a great way to help express emotions, boost confidence, learn new talents, and practice those crucial fine motor skills.

One of my favorite benefits of crafts for kids is that they help them to follow instructions and be patient. It’ll take some practice, but your kids will have an opportunity to learn how following directions and self-regulating can help create the perfect final product they were hoping for!

If you need even more incentive, these craft subscription boxes for kids will be sure to keep your child’s attention for quite some time. You can enjoy some quality time working together, or let them have an independent activity while you relax!

Are craft subscription boxes for kids worth the money?

As great as crafts can be, I’ll admit that they are a rare activity in my home. Don’t get me wrong, I love crafts and I love seeing my kids create, but they just take so much work and time to prepare. Plus all the materials can end up being pretty expensive! This is why I’m loving craft subscription boxes for kids.

These boxes come with all the materials you need, and they come up with all the ideas and instructions. No prepping cups of paint, no gathering materials. No scrolling through Pinterest to find ideas. All you have to do is open the box and watch your kids have fun!

Without a doubt, it’s worth the price to have these amazing learning experiences with my kids that my busy mom schedule doesn’t always allow for without a little help. Plus, there are so many options out there that you can absolutely find the right box for your budget!

The Best Craft Subscription Boxes for Kids

There are lots of fun options out there but after looking around these are the craft subscription boxes for kids that I’m dying to try out!

Guide Dots

This box is geared towards 4-10 year-olds, but I can definitely see your teens getting jealous of these fun activities. 

Guide dots is basically an art tracing that helps kids learn how to draw. Your first box comes with a light tablet and each box comes with different projects that you can use over and over again. If you have an art lover in your family, this is the box subscription for you!

Busy Little Book Club

For all your little book worms, try out the Busy Little Book Club boxes. Each one comes with a book and some cute activities and crafts to go along with it that are perfect for 4-8 year-olds.

Craft Subscription Boxes

Building up your book collection is always great, and if you are wanting to encourage more reading in your home, having the artsy activities to go along with it will be just what you need. 

We Craft Boxes

We Craft is one of the most popular craft subscription boxes for kids because it’s a great deal, comes with all the tools, and is packed with activities. 

Craft Subscription Boxes

Their goal is to encourage families to create together, so they include stories to read together and so many fun projects to increase imagination as you enjoy some family time. 

You can shop for a single box too which is a great way to see if this subscription is the right one for your kids!

Craft + Boogie

I am obsessed with Craft + Boogie boxes! They are focused on celebrations and learning so they always have the greatest holiday projects. Plus, they are a family-owned and family-oriented company that has donated tons of boxes to kids and families in need. 

Craft Subscription Boxes

You can subscribe for your kids to get a box each month, or you can just get a box for each big holiday to add a little more fun to your celebrations. 

Girls Can Crates

If you have any daughters, do not miss your chance to try out the Girls Can Crates with them. They are a company seeking to empower young girls by introducing them to powerful women role models.

Craft Subscription Boxes

Each box comes with an activity book focused on an inspiring woman as well as plenty of arts, crafts, and activities to go along with it. The boxes are designed for 5-10 year-olds in mind and you can choose to get a full crate or a mini box each month. 


KidArtLit is great because you can choose to get either one project, two projects, or a digital activity each month. 

Craft Subscription Boxes

The boxes come with a really good-quality hardback book and however many projects you choose. Most of these boxes come with a lot of little projects, but these boxes have some bigger and more detailed projects for your 3-8 year-olds to enjoy. 

Green Kid Crafts

The great thing about craft subscription boxes for kids is that they can incorporate some powerful learning experiences. Green Kid Crafts encourages scientific and environmental learning through creative projects and crafts in each box.

Craft Subscription Boxes

The boxes come with magazines as well that you can keep around as learning tools for your home! Geared towards 2-10 year-olds, you can choose from several age categories so you can get the perfect activities for your kids.

Paletteful Packs

Another great choice for art-loving kids is the Paletteful Packs boxes. Many of these boxes are geared towards younger kids but Paletteful Packs Young Artist Box is perfect for older kids and teens! They even have boxes for adults so you could get one too. 

Craft Subscription Boxes

Because they come with real high-quality art materials, they are on the pricier end of craft subscription boxes for kids, but they are packed full and so worth it! If you have older kids with an interest in art, they’ll love this. 

My Creative Box

My Creative Box has 3 stages from ages 2-12 so you are sure to find the right fit for your kids’ developmental level. Each box comes with arts, crafts, and learning activities and the projects are seriously so cute!

Craft Subscription Boxes

Your first box will come with tons of extra tools that will help you with all your craft projects for years to come. And with the great instructions in each box, this subscription is the whole package. 

M is For Monster

Little learners will jump for joy when they see an M is For Monsters box on their doorstep. The company that makes these boxes is all about learning and letting kids get messy and work with their hands.

Craft Subscription Boxes

Not only do they have a monthly subscription, but you can also snag individuals boxes from their site to try out. Full of books, games, activities, and crafts, these boxes are a learning and creative explosion.  

Sago Mini Box

For your little ones, the sago mini box is perfect! These petite boxes are supposed to be for 3-5 year-olds and are a great inexpensive option for your toddlers and preschool kids. 

The boxes each come with a letter for parents that introduces a theme and of course tons of games and crafts to put together. 

Kiwi Doodle Crates

The list wouldn’t be complete without Kiwi Doodle Crates. These crates are absolutely packed, and they aren’t just paper crafts either. Make gardens out of felt and clay, or use those fine motor skills to build a rocket. 

Craft Subscription Boxes

This is one of the more unique crates. We love it for its wide variety of age groups it offers. The learning themes to choose from are pretty outstanding as well.

These craft subscription boxes for kids are all so much fun I can hardly choose! Let us know in the comments what your favorite is!

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