Gifts for Kids? Stock-Up at the Mastermind Toy Warehouse Sale

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Being a parent is an expensive job. I’m not referring to the clothing and food they seem to go through at an alarming rate. No, I’m talking about gifts. First it’s just gifts for their birthday or Christmas but as kids get older and become more social, they make friends. And these friends have parties, which of course you need to buy gifts for.

See what I mean? Expensive.

To combat this gift buying expense in our house, we have a gift closet or cupboard. Should a birthday or other special occasion arrive with a need for a gift, we just go through the gift closet. We have cars, games, Lego, activity sets, and craft kits stored in there; we’re bound to find something whatever occasion crops up.

So where’s the savings in having a gift cupboard you’re wondering?

Sales. Everything in the closet has been picked-up at a sale. The Mastermind Toys Annual Warehouse Sale is a great place to shop. This year the sale runs from Wednesday, May 23 until Sunday, May 27; five full days of discounted brand name toys.

It may seem strange to be buying Christmas gifts in May but when you can pick-up Playmobile, Thomas and K’Nex items for 50-percent off or sometimes more, you’ll be glad you did come the holidays. The Mastermind Warehouse Sale not only offers a wide variety of toys (baby gear, outdoor toys, games and puzzles, imaginative play and more), they also offer a large stock. That being said, really hot items have been known to sell out in the first few days.

A sale this big could be complete chaos but the folks at Mastermind have it all under control. Their staff is on the ball: making sure you get a shopping care when you arrive (and trust me, you’ll want one), keeping sale tables stocked, isles clear and the cash lines moving smoothly. They’ll even offer you assist you to your car should you be over burdened with goodies.

The sale continues over the weekend and crowds are expected to be pretty steady (with heavier crowds on the weekend).

If you want a real bargain, drop into the sale on the last day. You’re bound to find remaining stock drastically reduced. The popular items will probably be gone but I’ve found great deals on games and crafts for almost ninety-percent off the retail store price.

If you do head out to the Mastermind Warehouse Sale and grab-up a fantastic find, I’d love to hear about it.

Happy Shopping.

Mastermind Warehouse Sale
International Centre, 6900 Airport Road, Mississauga, ON

Wednesday May 23th – 10am-8pm
Thursday May 24th – 10am – 8pm
Friday May 25th -10am – 8pm
Saturday May 26th – 10am-7pm
Sunday May 27th – 11am-5pm

For more information on the Mastermind Warehouse Sale, visit their events page on facebook.

Photo: Courtesy of Mastermind Toys, Warehouse Sale 2010

Sharing is Caring!

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