82 Scary Would You Rather Questions to Ask Your Friends

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Playing games with your friends is always a fun way to spend time with them. You can indulge yourselves in many games and have a blast. One of those games is the game of “would you rather?”.

Giving your friends tricky options and having them pick one is a hilarious sight to witness, indeed. However, do you know how you can make this game more interesting? By asking spooky questions that give them goosebumps, of course!

Whether you’ve all gathered together for Halloween or are just about to have a movie marathon watching scary movies exclusively, we can play this version of the game‌ anytime.

Just imagine a dark room with a grim setting and some candles burning in the background while you sit in a circle with your buddies, ready to have fun.

Are you wondering what are some of the spooky questions you can ask your friends? Well, we’ve got you covered.

Spooky and Scary Would You Rather Questions for Your Friends

Spooky and Scary Would You Rather Questions for Your Friends

All you lovers of horror and Halloween, gather around because we have some spooky and scary would rather questions you can ask your friends.

Let’s play, shall we?

  • Would you rather have a friendly but scary-looking monster under your bed for the rest of your life Or have nightmares every day?
  • Would you rather get kidnapped by a psychopath Or get abducted by aliens?
  • Would you rather be the first person Or the last one who turns into a zombie in a zombie apocalypse?
  • Would you rather be attacked by 20 bats Or 20 tarantulas?
  • Would you rather turn into a zombie Or a vampire?
  • Would you rather drink a cup of blood Or bite on a chunk of human flesh?
  • Would you rather die from a shark Or zombie attack?
  • Would you rather be killed by a vampire Or get turned into a vampire?
  • Would the devil rather possess you Or live in a haunted house for the rest of your life?
  • Would you rather live as a ghost on earth after you die Or stay dead?
  • Would you rather watch horror movies with a vampire Or a witch?
  • Would a demon rather possess you Or discover that demons possess all your family members?
  • Would maggots from the inside out Or piranhas from the outside rather eat you in?
  • Would you rather go on a date with Frank N. Furter from The Rocky Horror Picture Show Or Jared Leto as the Joker in Suicide Squad?
  • Would you instead move into the house from the movie, Paranormal Activity, Or the house in the movie, Insidious?
  • Would you rather go to a Halloween party Or stay at home and watch horror movies with your friends?
  • Would you rather have dinner with Hannibal Lecter Or Patrick Bateman?
  • Would you rather save your friend and let 100 innocent people die Or save 100 innocent people and let your friend die?
  • Would you rather forever be chased by Pennywise Or run away from the creature in the movie It Follows?
  • Would you rather choose a hair spray and a lighter as your weapon Or a rolling pin in the event of a zombie apocalypse?
  • Would you rather get kidnapped by Jigsaw from the movie Saw Or kill yourself?
  • Would you rather spend a night at Bates Motel from the TV show of the same name Or in room 1408 from the movie 1408?
  • Would you rather be trapped in a room with Annabelle Or Chuckie?
  • Would you rather have the old lady, Mrs. Sylvia Ganush, from Drag Me to Hell as your grandmother Or Rosemary’s baby from the movie, Rosemary’s Baby?
  • Would you rather read the book, The Babadook, Or say ‘Bloody Mary’ three times in front of the mirror?
  • Would you rather get stabbed by the killer from the movie, Scream, Or get eaten alive by the shark from the movie Jaws?
  • Would you rather be stuck on Shutter Island from the movie of the same name Or in the mental institution named Briarcliff from the TV show, American Horror Story?
  • Would you rather watch your friend be tortured by Jigsaw Or cut off your arm?
  • Would you rather find out that your parents are aliens who eat corpses but are charming people Or discover that your partner is a creature from another planet?
  • Would you rather wake up in a locked room on fire Or wake up in a glass coffin that slowly fills up with water?
  • Would you rather accidentally bite off the tip of your tongue Or accidentally rip off your pinky finger?
  • Would you rather live curse-free and not get any money Or live with a curse that gives you bad luck for one year and get a million dollars later?
  • Would you rather burn to death Or drown?
  • Would you rather face a quick and sudden death in your 40s Or a long and painful one in your 80s?
  • Would you rather pull out your front teeth with pliers Or all your fingernails with pliers?
  • Would you rather learn about how you will die Or know when you will die?
  • Would you rather have skeleton hands Or have a pumpkin for a head?
  • Would you rather eat one candy every day for a year Or eat all of your Halloween candy right away?
  • Would you rather have the power to wield a magic wand Or have the ability to fly on a broomstick?
  • Would you rather battle a supervillain Or a supernatural creature?
  • Would you rather be friends with a werewolf Or befriend a vampire?
  • Would you rather sleep in a room full of snakes Or a room full of spiders?
  • Would you rather transform into a black cat Or a bat?
  • Would you rather lie in a closed coffin for an hour Or be wrapped up like a mummy?
  • Would you rather walk through a dark graveyard alone Or walk through a dark forest all by yourself?
  • Would you rather eat a ghost pepper Or summon dark forces using black candles and Latin phrases?
  • Would you rather die in the next five minutes Or live forever?
  • Would you rather lose your sense of smell Or touch?
  • Would you rather let spiders crawl on your face Or eat a caterpillar sandwich?
  • Would you rather have a werewolf’s hairy fur all over your face and body Or a witch’s green skin?
  • Would you rather be able to talk to ghosts Or see them?
  • Would you rather put a toothpick under your big toe and kick a wall Or pull your thumbnail off with a fork?
  • Would you rather cut off your ring finger Or marry into the Addams family?
  • Would you rather be a part of American Horror Story: Murder House Or The Haunting of Hill House?
  • Would you rather carve a jack-o’-lantern Or dunk for apples?
  • Would you rather get Maleficent angry Or piss off the Wicked Witch of the West?
  • Would you rather walk into a very spooky dark cave to try and find something big Or put your hand into a dark slimy hole to try and find something small?
  • Would you rather have bacon for nails Or have coffee come out of your nose every time you sneeze?
  • Would you rather watch a scary movie with a scaredy-cat Or a scary movie with a scary movie buff?
  • Would you rather be eaten alive by fish Or be eaten alive by rats?
  • Would you rather dance the tango with the monster in your closet Or get a foot massage from the monster under your bed?
  • Would you rather have your feet go double in size Or have your hands get bigger?
  • Would you rather be abducted by aliens Or kidnapped by a psychopath?
  • Would you rather get chased by ten zombies Or get chased by one werewolf?
  • Would you rather eat your cereal with water instead of milk Or have lemon juice replace the milk?
  • Would you rather give birth to a puppy Or an elephant?
  • Would you rather have a snake wrapped around your neck Or let a tarantula crawl up your arm?
  • Would you rather have a black cat as your enemy Or a toad as your best friend?
  • Would you rather have the worst house in a fancy neighborhood Or have the best house in a scary neighborhood?
  • Would you rather be locked in a haunted insane asylum Or be lost in the woods with a killer on the loose?
  • Would you rather have snakes for hair Or scream like a banshee whenever you try to talk?
  • Would you rather eat a talking chicken Or gobble down a talking cow?
  • Would you rather have scissors for fingers Or have pins growing out of your face and head?
  • Would you rather eat snails with garlic butter Or dog food with sugar?
  • Would you rather eat a fried snake Or sugared spider?
  • Would you rather go bungee jumping even though you’re scared of it Or go skydiving despite your fear of heights?
  • Would you rather smell like a zombie Or look like one?
  • Would you rather have a time machine that only goes forward in time Or have a time machine that only goes back in time?
  • Would you rather jump into a volcano Or off the Eiffel Tower?
  • Would you rather have to sleep in a coffin Or have to sleep hanging upside down?
  • Would you rather be best friends with Sabrina the Teenage Witch Or have a deep friendship with Wednesday Addams?
  • Would you rather have someone haunt you while wearing a mask Or scare you with face paint?


Almost all of us have played would you rather the traditional way. So, why not change things and play the horror version with your friends the next time you see them?

Are you someone who likes horror elements? Let us know in the comments which question was your favorite from our list.

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