Pop Up Facial Spa for Your Holiday Face

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I know taking care of myself is important but it always seems to fall to the bottom of my list. Does this happen to you too? Consonant Skincare makes it easy to put you first this November with a Pop-Up Facial Spa just in time for the hectic holiday season.


We’ve always been fans of Consonant’s products, most recently the DHE Mask, but what I really love about Consonant is their commitment to healthy skin beyond just the products you use on your skin. This philosophy extends into the companies they partner with and the fabulous seminars and events they hold in the flagship Toronto store. Our Junior Style Blogger’s skincare routine benefited from attending Consonant’s pre-teen and teen skincare seminar earlier this year.

Now Consonant wants to pamper mom’s skin with their Pop Up Facial Spa. For one week only (November 19-24, 2013), Consonant Skincare is bringing Toronto’s premiere facial from Fresh Beautiful to their flagship store in Toronto. Each 45-60 minute treatment includes a gentle Crystal Microdermabrasion to slough away dull skin followed by a low level light therapy using red and blue light in tandem with Consonant serum geared to your skin type.

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Having never had a facial, let alone one involving microdermabrasion and light therapy, I was invited by Consonant to give it a try. If you’ve ever visited the Consonant Skincare store you know it’s not very big, making it intimate and personal when shopping. The Pop Up Facial Spa actually occurs on the second floor of the shop in a private back room so there’s no worry about being interrupted. And you’ll love the quiet space as you melt into your facial experience.

Stephanie from Fresh Beautiful was simply lovely. Before starting any treatment we talked a little about my skin. I have a family history of rosacea with some redness on my cheeks and chin. At the Pop Up Shop in November each facial will begin with a consultation to determine any specific skin needs.

Lying on a comfortable table Stephanie wrapped my face in a delightfully warm towel. I know it was to prepare the skin for the facial but I found it made me relax and mellow right out. The term microdermibrasion sounds a little aggressive but the treatment was more like having a sponge with fine grains of sand rubbed over your face. The light therapy was cooling as Stephanie glided the wand over all aspects of my face. I sometimes think that Pop Up experiences are designed to be quick and just get the basics done but Stephanie took the time needed to reach every crease, crevice and flat surface of my skin. That is the lovely part about having someone else do a facial treatment for you versus doing it at home.

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My facial ended with a Consonant Skincare cleanser and moisturizer based on my skin needs. It turns out my skin is on the dry side when I’ve always thought it fell in the normal to sometimes oily side. As the end Stephanie, who is also a make-up artist, touched up my skin with some mineral powder so I could go about my day.

My skin felt lovely. Stephanie indicated that a facial like the one she was offering at the Consonant Pop Up Facial Spa isn’t something you would do every day but it is the perfect way to treat yourself and prepare your skin for the hectic holiday season that lies ahead.

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We spend so much time taking care of our family’s needs; the Consonant Skincare Pop Up Facial Spa is the perfect excuse to take care of you. Perhaps its time for an early holiday treat. Spots will be limited so make sure to book your appointment either by email [email protected] or phone (416) 295 2855. The Pop Up Facial Spa is offered at a special price of $99 Cdn versus the standard $125 plus you’ll have a chance to shop Consonant Skincare to refresh your own products or perhaps get a jump on holiday gift ideas.

Thanks to Consonant Skincare and Fresh Beautiful for the amazing facial.

Sharing is Caring!

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