How to Plan a Picnic in 5 Easy Steps

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Picnics are so much fun! There is something about going to a destination and eating a picnic with each other. If you are struggling with how to plan a picnic, here’s how in 5 simple steps!  

How to Plan a Picnic

How to Plan a Picnic

As a family, we love having picnics.  Eating lunch or snacking at a picnic table or on a picnic blanket is a perk of the nice weather.  Sometimes they are impromptu, but we prefer to have some planning involved.

Picnics can be a lot of fun and easy to prepare for with these simple how to plan a picnic step. 

5 Easy Steps to Plan a Picnic

Planning a picnic is fun and easy with these 5 how to plan a picnic step.

1. Where to Go

How to Plan a Picnic

The first thing you want to decide when planning your picnic is where to go. Do you want to go to a local park, have a picnic in the backyard, or maybe next to the lake? 

The possibilities are endless when it comes to where to have a picnic. 

2. Grab Your Picnic Blanket

How to Plan a Picnic

The next step in planning a picnic is grabbing your picnic blanket. Grab one that is big enough for your whole family, or grab a couple. 

If you are planning to sit at a picnic table then grab a tablecloth instead. 

3. Picnic Food

How to Plan a Picnic

Sure, you could just throw a few snacks in a bag and call it a picnic, but if you are planning a day outside or away from home, you may have to prepare better than that.

The great thing about a picnic is that you don’t have to plan out a whole meal, just have enough food to set up a mini-buffet.

When possible, I highly recommend using reusable containers for all your food.  It reduces waste and makes packing up very easy.

If you are bringing products that need to remain cool, keep in mind the need for ice packs.

If you are short on time you can always grab some takeout on your way to the picnic. 

What Picnic Food Should You Bring?

  • Pre-cut fruit, berries, bananas or apples (fruit with their own ‘packaging’)
  • Dry snacks such as pretzels, nachos, crackers, or cookies. Here are a few great granola bar recipes you can try.
  • Sandwiches or wraps – peanut butter requires no cooling, but I love a good turkey or ham sandwich which are both great choices. 
  • Salads can be a great choice as well if you have a way to keep them cold. 
  • Don’t forget the drinks! I love using frozen juice boxes to help keep other things cool as they thaw. 

When packing your food, don’t forget utensils, napkins, and trash bags as well. 

4. Pack Toys/ Games

How to Plan a Picnic

No picnic is complete without toys and games! Pack the soccer ball and the kites and maybe even the ball and bat. 

Pack things that everyone can do together and have fun doing! 

5. Have Fun and Keep it Simple

How to Plan a Picnic

Picnics don’t have to be crazy! Some of the best picnics are simple. They require very little work. 

Growing up my favorite picnics entailed grabbing fast food on the way and flying kites and playing kickball. 

There was not huge in depth planning of the picnic it was just a matter of having fun and creating memories. 

So there you have it! How to plan a picnic in 5 simple steps! Would you add any steps to the planning? Share in the comments! 

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