Sharing is Caring!

As a family, we love having picnics.  Eating lunch or snacking at a picnic table or on a picnic blanket is a perk of the nice weather.  Sometimes they are impromptu, but we prefer to have some planning involved.

Picnics can be a lot of fun and easy to prepare for with these simple how to plan a picnic tips:

Picnic Food

Sure, you could just throw a few snacks in a bag and call it a picnic, but if you are planning a day outside or away from home, you may have to prepare better than that.

The great thing about a picnic is that you don’t have to plan out a whole meal, just have enough food to set up a mini-buffet.

When possible, I highly recommend using reusable containers for all your food.  It reduces waste and makes packing up very easy.

If you are bringing products that need to remain cool, keep in mind the need for ice packs, or better yet, a plug-in cooler for in the vehicle.

What Picnic Food Should You Bring?

  • Pre-cut fruit, berries, bananas or apples (fruit with their own ‘packaging’)
  • Dry snacks such as pretzels, nachos, crackers or cookies. Here’s a few great granola bar recipes you can try.
  • Sandwiches or wraps – peanut butter requires no cooling, but if you prefer try egg salad sandwiches or veggie wraps with cheese. Checkout these Picnic Ideas: How to Plan a Picnic. Stellar Sandwiches Make Tasty Lunches Steller Sandwich recipes for a few ideas.
  • Salads (again, depending on cooling) but ones that are easy to eat such as macaroni or potato (leaf salads are messy, require dressing and so on)
  • Drinks (water in reusable containers are recommended because they can be refilled, but sometimes juice boxes are a fun and easy addition) TIP: Add frozen juice boxes to the cooler to act as ice packs. Hydration is very important when outside in the sun. If you’re looking for some fun ways to keep your fluids up, Sharing is Caring!