150 Funny Newlywed Game Questions for Family

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The Newlywed Game was a popular 60s game show for married couples. It pitted multiple couples against each other to find out which pairs knew each other best!

During the game show, each of the partners gets asked a series of questions relating to their loved one and relationship. Though long concluded, the Newlywed Game still lives on!

This fun game is the perfect ice-breaker to put you and coupled friends on the spot, get to know each other better, and have a laugh or two! May the best couple win, too, of course!

However, you probably want to know more about the game and what questions to ask? In this post, I’ve listed the funniest newlywed game questions, game rules, and more!

In This Post:

  • How to Play the Newlywed Game
  • The Funniest Newlywed Game Questions to Ask!
  • Fun Newlywed Game Show Facts & Trivia

How to Play the Newlywed Game

The Newlywed Game is all about grilling each partner on how well they truly know each other! As such, each question they give the same answer to score the couple points.

The highest scoring couple at the end of the game wins!

Game Rules:

Here are some basic rules for playing the Newlywed Game at home. Feel free to adapt these to your game play, too!

Elect a Host

First off, choose a host, or a couple, to host the game. The host or hosts will be responsible for asking the couples all the newlywed game questions, and keeping score, of course.

Top tip: Be sure to have your questions ready, as well as scoreboard, pens, markers, or whatever else you need for the game.

Split Into Teams

Splitting into teams for a Newlywed Game is easy. Each couple forms a team.

Top tip: You don’t have to be married to play the Newlywed Game! Unmarried or newly dating couples can play, too!

Get the Wives to Leave the Room

First, you’ll need to get the wives to leave the room so the host can ask all the husbands the first game question.

Top tip: Give each player a pad to write down their answers. Or, get each to come and write down their answers on a single page that the hosts keeps to avoid cheating!

Get the Husbands to Leave the Room

After they’ve answered, get the husbands to leave the room. The wives must now come back into the room and answer the same question.

Tally the Question Points

Now that both partners have answered the question, compare the answers. Matching answers win the couple a point.

Ask the Next Question

Move onto the next question, again asking the wives to leave the room, then the husbands. Repeat the process until all the game questions have been answered.

Tally the Game Points to See Who’s Won

At the end of the game, tally up each couple’s points to see who won, who came in second, third, and fourth. And, of course, who performed the poorest of the lot!

Top tip: Make your game night more fun by buying prizes for the highest scoring couples!

Compare Answers for a Laugh

Let the couples compare answers for a laugh!

The Funniest Newlywed Game Questions to Ask!

1. What’s “your song?”

2. How did they set up your first date?

3. What did your partner wear on your first date?

4. Which of you said “I love you” first?

5. How many dates did you go on before making things official?

6. What interests do you have in common?

7. What attracted you to your partner in the first place?

8. Who is the more romantic one?

9. Which of you is the better cook?

10. What are their spiritual views?

11. How did they feel on the first date?

12. What is their favorite ice cream flavor?

13. Are they a dog or a cat person?

14. Who takes better selfies?

15. Why did they decide to date you

16. Where did you first meet or go for a date?

17. What do you disagree on most?

18. Who cracks the funniest jokes?

19. Who is the slowest to get ready?

20. Who spends the most time on social media?

21. When did you move in together?

22. How many kids do both of you want?

23. When did you know they were “the one?”

24. What was your wedding cake flavor?

25. What was their initial wedding venue preference?

26. Did they want a small wedding or a big wedding?

27. How many pets do they want to have?

28. Where did they want to go for the honeymoon?

29. How much did they want to spend on the wedding?

30. Who is more punctual?

31. What annoying habits do they have?

32. Who initiated the first kiss?

33. When did you first hold hands?

34. What did you do on your first date?

35. What is their nickname?

36. How many siblings do they have?

37. What is their number one fear or phobia?

38. What is their favorite candy bar?

39. Who is their favorite celebrity?

40. Which school subject did they hate?

41. Which school subject did they love?

42. Are they an introvert or an extrovert?

43. What is their star sign?

44. What religion do they follow?

45. What is their favorite dish?

46. What is their favorite cuisine?

47. How do they act when they’re upset or angry?

48. What is their favorite TV series?

49. Which is their favorite movie?

50. Who is most likely to cry when watching a sad movie?

51. What allergies do they have?

52. Which food would they never eat?

53. Chocolate or vanilla – which is their favorite flavor?

54. What is their dream job?

55. Who is their favorite parent?

56. What was their first job?

57. How many times do they brush their teeth every day?

58. Who works out more?

59. Who is most likely to spend all day at home in pajamas?

60. What is their ultimate holiday destination?

61. Who sings better?

62. Who is the early waker?

63. Who makes better pancakes?

64. Where did they propose to you?

65. How many times did they propose?

66. Who makes more money?

67. Tea or coffee – which is their preferred hot drink?

68. Beer or wine – which is their preferred beverage?

69. When do they want to have kids?

70. Who takes the longest in the bathroom?

71. Where do you see yourself as a couple in ten years?

72. Are they a country or a city person?

73. What are their top three hobbies?

74. Who is the tidier one?

75. Who is the most likely to get lost when driving somewhere?

76. Who is the dreamer and who is the realist?

77. What is their pet name for you?

78. What is their dress size?

79. What is their shoe size?

80. Who is the better driver?

81. Who is the most likely to sell everything and go traveling?

82. What was their first pet’s name?

83. Who is the better singer?

84. Who is the shyest?

85. Who is the bigger party animal?

86. What is their favorite band?

87. What is their dream vehicle (car, bike, boat, etc.)?

88. What is their favorite pizza topping?

89. Where do you see yourselves as a couple in a year’s time?

90. Who is the bigger risk taker?

91. Who is the more organized one?

92. What is their favorite color?

93. What three things do you have in common?

94. What is their most embarrassing moment?

95. What is their best physical feature?

96. What is the first meal you cooked for them?

97. Did you fall in love with them at first sight?

98. Who is better at managing money?

99. Who is most likely to come home with a surprise gift?

100. Who is the foodie?

101. Who is the health freak?

102. Who is the gym junkie?

103. What was your scariest experience together?

104. What was your happiest moment together?

105. Who has better eyesight?

106. Who is most likely to mislay an item?

107. What is the best gift they ever gave you?

108. Which day with your partner would you relive again if you could?

109. Which of you steals the other’s clothing?

110. Who is most likely to mix the black, color, and white clothing when doing the laundry?

111. Who does the most household chores?

112. Who is more responsible?

113. Which clothing item of yours are you never getting back?

114. Who of you is more likely to steal the other’s food?

115. Which is their favorite item of clothing?

116. What item do you think they couldn’t live without?

117. Who is the quicker eater?

118. Who is the pickier eater?

119. Who is the stubborn one?

120. Who is more fashionable?

121. Who spends more on clothing?

122. Who is the more wise one?

123. Who is more afraid of cockroaches, rats, spiders, and insects?

124. Who of you is never wrong?

125. Who apologizes first?

126. Who is the better gift picker?

127. Who is the shopaholic?

128. Who is the more laid-back one?

129. Where do you see yourselves in 30 years?

130. Who’s the handier one around the house?

131. Who’s the first to suggest ordering take-out on the weekends?

132. What do they spend most of their spare cash on?

133. What is their favorite sport or physical activity?

134. Which celebrity would they swap lives with for a day?

135. Who is the more intelligent one?

136. Where do they want to live in the future – the countryside or the city?

137. Who prefers to stay in rather than go for a night out?

138. Who is the most likely to wake early?

139. Who is the most likely to go to sleep late at night?

140. Who is more tech-savvy?

141. Who is most likely to lose the keys?

142. Who is the worst in terms of swearing?

143. Who leaves the bathroom the messiest?

144. What was their first car or vehicle?

145. Which countries have they traveled to?

146. What is your partner obsessed with?

147. Who’s the better dancer?

148. Who is the more arrogant one?

149. Who is the more ambitious one?

150. Who is more likely not to replace the used loo roll?

Fun Newlywed Game Show Facts & Trivia

  • The Newlywed Game was the last U.S. commercial network series to debut in black and white.
  • The Newlywed Game show first debuted on July 11, 1966.
  • The Newlywed Game ranked number 10 on the TV Guide’s 2013 list of the 60 greatest game shows ever.
  • The Newlywed Game was one of the longest-running daytime shows on ABC, up until 1985 when Family Feud surpassed it.
  • The show ran for almost 8 and a half years.
  • The game show concluded its final run on December 20, 1974.
  • A successful syndicated version of the show, created by Chuck Barris, aired in 1977.
  • The syndicated version got canceled in 1980 due to Chuck Barris’s spin-off game show, 3’s a Crowd.
  • 3’s a Crowd pitted wife, husband, and secretary against each other instead of just husband and wife
  • The controversial nature of the 3’s a Crowd game show ruined Chuck Barris’s reputation, also shutting down his other shows, The Newlywed Game, The Dating Game, and The Gong Show!


Undoubtedly, the Newlywed Game is one of the best games to play with married (or, even unmarried) couples in your life! Enjoy asking these fun newlywed game questions!

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