30 Excellent New Year Trivia Questions With Answers

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Another year is almost about to come to an end. Yes, believe it or not, after all the festivals that have sprinkled joy in our lives throughout the year. The seasons have come and gone, and it’s time to make resolutions for the year we’re about to embrace soon.

Different people celebrate New Year’s Eve differently.

Some prefer to go to a crowded public space and do the countdown with a bunch of strangers, some call up their closest friends and visit restaurants or clubs, and some prefer to sit at home with their family and loved ones and ring in the new year together.

Whether you’re the host of a New Year party or a guest, it can often be slightly tricky to keep everyone entertained throughout the evening.

In such cases, games come to the rescue, and what better game to plan on New Year’s Eve than some trivia rounds based on the tradition of New Year’s.

The parties and gatherings held on New Year’s Eve weren’t just invented out of the blue but had traditions associated with the occasion.

Do you, too, wish to enlighten yourself and pass on the knowledge to the surrounding ones? If yes, these New Year’s trivia questions and answers will boost your expertise further.

New Year’s Trivia Questions And Answers

Most of us have been to multiple New Year’s parties so far in our lives. Chances are you’re probably planning something glittery and glam for this year.

However, have you ever thought about the meaning of these celebrations? It turns out it’s much deeper than we realize. Let’s get into it.

Historical New Year Trivia

Historical New Year Trivia

Information about New Year’s Eve and the associated gatherings can be traced back several years. These traditions, symbolism, and historical significance make this occasion what it is today. Some of the history-related New Year trivia are as follows:

When did Times Square first witness the New Year’s Eve Ball Drop?

In 1907

The first-ever New Year’s Eve party at Times Square was attended by how many people?

More than 200,000

What was the first Times Square New Year’s Eve Ball made of?

Wood and iron

When did the second Times Square New Year’s Eve Ball come into being?


Which metal ended up replacing iron in the Times Square New Year’s Eve Ball?


When did the Times Square New Year’s Eve Ball witness computer controls for the first time?

In 1995

What is the material or brand of the triangles found in the Times Square New Year’s Eve Ball?

Waterford Crystal

What was the debut year of the Waterford Crystal Times Square New Year’s Eve Ball?


What is the weight of the Waterford Crystal Times Square New Year’s Eve Ball?

About 12,000 pounds

The month of January gets its name from which Roman God?

Janus, the Roman god of beginnings, endings, and transitions

Where did the New Year’s kiss tradition come from?

Ancient Rome

In which month were the Ancient Babylonians known to celebrate their New Year’s?


According to the Gregorian calendar, when do the Ethiopians mark their New Year’s?

On 11th September

Who was responsible for revising the Julian Calendar and shifting the beginning of the New Year to 1st January?

Pope Gregory XIII

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Modern New Year Trivia

Modern New Year Trivia

Certain New Year traditions are also modern and came into being perhaps just a couple of years back. Regardless, they are equally fun to know about. Listed below are some of those questions, along with their answers:

How many people watch the Waterford Crystal Times Square New Year’s Eve Ball every year?

About one billion

How many LED modules does the Times Square New Year’s Eve Ball have?


How many triangles does the Times Square New Year’s Eve Ball contain?


How many LED lights illuminate the Times Square New Year’s Eve Ball?


What is the diameter of the Times Square New Year’s Eve Ball?

12 feet

How many versions of the Times Square New Year’s Eve Ball have been created to date?


What does the phrase, Auld Lang Syne, mean?

Times long past or days gone by

The Chinese New Year is based on which calendar?

The Lunar Calendar

How is the arrival of the New Year celebrated in Miami, Florida?

By erecting a metal foot that is 35 feet in size, known as Mr. Neon.

Which place in the world celebrates the New Year before everyone else on the planet?

Kiribati, an island country located in the Central Pacific.

What foods are considered unlucky to be consumed during New Year’s?

Lobster and chicken

Which place in the world celebrates New Year’s after everyone else?

American Samoa

In which place is it considered a good omen to wear red undergarments on New Year’s?


In which country is it a tradition to break plates and old dishes to shoo away the vile spirits on New Year’s?


In which country is it a tradition to eat grapes as the clock strikes midnight on New Year’s?


What is the name of the New Year’s celebrations in Scotland?


How to Host a New Year Trivia Quiz?

New Year trivia quizzes can be both exciting and informative. Here’s what you might want to remember while hosting a New Year trivia quiz: 

1. Make it Fun

Make it Fun

Quizzes don’t have to be grim or serious, mainly when they focus on something as extraordinary as New Year’s celebrations. Keep the questions as lighthearted as possible so that all the players have fun answering them.

2. Frame it Interestingly

Having a very long question or one that needs clarification on the participants is dull. Turn things around and make your questions brief yet gripping. Frame them in a way that makes everyone think out of the box and give creative answers.

3. Utilize Various Formats

Utilize Various Formats

During a New Year’s quiz, you can stick to multiple formats where you ask questions, and the players give the answers. You can mix things up and include audio-visual questions, multiple choice, or correct-the-order questions.

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Think about it: You have a glass of champagne in your hand, surrounded by your family and friends, and you’re all having a gala time listening to music and dancing the evening away.

The addition of a fun, exciting, and thrilling game will undoubtedly make things better.

Read through the New Year’s trivia given through these questions and answers, and let us know which ones you already knew about and which you found interesting.

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