Monster Jam: Not Just for the Boys

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Monster trucks have never really been that much of an interest to us. I’ve always felt they attract suburban or rural men folk with a thing for the loud, rough, and fast. Even after seeing the debut of Northern Nightmare, Monster Jam’s Canadian monster truck, I wasn’t won over. Sure the trucks are big, bigger than anything I’ve seen in the city. They’re also pretty darn loud.

I couldn’t imagine sitting and watching a whole show filled with them but the Monster Jam bug bit my two youngest, which was obvious just by the gift they bought their father, a pair of earplus. So the five of us set out to our first Monster Jam event at the Roger’s Centre.

Either there are a lot of men folk who live in the city or travel to the city or I was missing something about the whole Monster Jam phenomenon. The traffic around the Dome was crazy; we had to park blocks away. And those cars causing the traffic jams were obviously filled with people, as the Roger’s Center was full.


We arrived just in time for the show though ticket holders were invited to the Pit Party earlier in the afternoon. This gave them access right down on the course with the trucks and drivers for photos and autographs. Looking down on the field of the Rogers Center you would never have guessed that baseball games or concerts were held here. The field was covered with a dirt track and hills to jump. There were crushed cars too set-up as barriers on the track. It was an incredible makeover (though I would hate to be part of the team cleaning that mess up).

We arrived just in time to see the race. Each Monster Jam monster truck took the course in pairs and had to race around the track to see who could complete the course the fastest, without a wipeout. It doesn’t sound that thrilling but I’ll tell you, we, myself included, were on the edge of our seats watching these monster vehicles take to the dirt. And the jumps at the end were spectacular. Of course there were a few spills and spins that had everyone’s attention but luckily no injuries. Like any sport, fans had a favourite truck and would cheer wildly for them when they took the course. My youngest loved Monster Mutt Dalmatian partly because it was a dog themed truck but also because it had a female driver. How cool is that? She actually performed really well in the race too, coming in second to Mohawk Warrier, my son’s favourite (it’s a hair thing).


We couldn’t stay for the rest of the show which is ashame really since that’s where the real fun was planned with freestyling and demolition. My oldest daughter and I went to the show really because the rest of the family was going but we both walked out of there disappointed to be leaving. The Monster Jam show is loud (ear protection is a must) and there was a slight fume smell to the air, but it was incredibly entertaining and I would definitely visit them again next year.


Thanks to the folks at Feld Entertainment for giving us the chance to see the Monster Jam show.

Sharing is Caring!

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