Melissa & Doug June Post – Painting What You See With Kids

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The warmer weather means summer is almost here. To avoid summer boredom Melissa & Doug have launched their 2014 Summer Fun Calendar again this year and I’m excited that EverythingMom is part of this year’s program.

Sometimes a blog post idea comes first, such as my Secret Code post based on a trip to Colonial Williamsburg, but when I discovered Melissa & Doug’s Picture Frame Art Pad I just knew my June post had to involve painting. I love these framed pages. They make me think of art on display in a gallery. So why not paint like art in a gallery?

For June I wrote about painting still life, landscapes, and portraits, having the kids recreate something they see in front of them versus painting sometime from their imagination.  It was interesting to see how they looked at things differently, picking out little details that they may not have noticed before. Remember, it’s not about perfection but about exploring art in a different way. Have you tried painting any of these styles with your kids?

Be sure to checkout the other great ideas within the second week of June Summer Fun Calendar.

Sharing is Caring!

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