Making a Boredom Buster Kit

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Repeated choruses of “Mom, I’m bored!!!” on a rainy day or school vacations isn’t what a busy mom wants to hear. Being bored isn’t a lack of things to do, it’s a lack of using one’s imagination. While toddlers can create fun out of cardboard boxes and sticks, older kids need a little inspiration in deciding what to do next.

boredom-buster-kitThe Boredom Buster Kit is a sure way to get kids using their creative muscles for fun playtime. With a little planning and time, you’ll have loads of creative ideas to keep you and your kids happy. Creating the kit together when your kids are bored is a great way to teach them to exercise their imaginations.

Creating Your Kit:

1. Along with your children, write down a long list of activities you enjoy. Get the kids to make their own lists, as well. If you need some ideas to get started, here are some our family enjoyed.

* Write a letter or postcard or draw a picture for a relative who lives far away
* Make paper dolls using old magazines or catalogs and design clothes for them
* Try a new craft or recipe. This is a good one if a trip to the library is possible to find children’s craft books or cookbooks.
* Make your own board game or play a family favorite
* Sew your own sock puppets out of lonely socks without a match

2. Check to see if anything needs to be purchased or gathered for use in the boredom kit. If so, make a note of what those items are for later.

3. Cut the list of ideas into strips.

4. Find an old box to be your Ideas holder. A tissue box or old shoe box works great for this part. Have your kids decorate it, then cut a hole large enough to get a hand into, then place the strips into the box.

5. Add a larger storage box to house items like art supplies, dress up clothes or anything else needed for your kit

6. Next time your children complain of not having anything to do, suggest they pick an activity out of the Boredom Buster Kit.

For younger children who can’t create lists or for an alternative to the Boredom Buster Kit, make a Surprise Kit instead. Surprise Kits are a welcome way to chase away boredom for any age. Pick up small items that you think your children might enjoy. Activity books with favorite characters would make any budding artist smile. New sunglasses or bracelets would delight the fashionista in your family while the animal lover might enjoy stickers of their favorite animal.

Sharing is Caring!