Kids Book Review:Lulu’s Piano Lesson

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kids_book_review_lulus_piano_lesson_tundraLulu’s Piano Lesson
Tundra Books
Age 5-8
32 pages
written by Arlene Alda and illustrated by Lisa Desimini

Synopsis from Tundra Books:

Who wants to practice the piano? Certainly not Lulu. She’d rather listen to her swing squeak, the bell on her bike ring, or the apples thump as she climbs a tree. Even her shoes play a tip-tap tune as she runs on the sidewalk. Before she knows it, it’s Friday afternoon and time for her piano lesson. Lulu’s heart sinks. She hasn’t practiced all week. Luckily, Lulu’s teacher knows how to inspire his small student.

Ah music. Sining. Playing piano. Many parents see the benefits of music study in their child’s life but sometimes kids just see music study as work. In Lulu’s Piano Lesson, Lulu knows she’s suppose to practice her piano every day but there’s so much more she would rather do. But it turns out while riding her bike or climbing the apple tree, Lulu is discovering the music around her, at least so her clever music teacher points out.

Lulu now has a different appreciation for her piano. She now sees it as a tool to recreate sounds in the form of music, just like the sounds create in the world around her

My kids don’t take lessons but we do have a piano. They love to try and recreate songs they’ve heard or make-up their own songs. I found Lulu’s Piano Lesson wasn’t so much about the lesson and Lulu’s distraction with outside things, but the book was more about exploring and appreciating the sounds around us, making and recreating music, whether it’s on a piano or not. If you do have a child who is reluctant with lessons, Lulu’s Piano Lesson is a great way to address the whole idea of sounds and using your child’s instrument to recreate them and mimic nature, the world around us, and the music others have created. Perhaps it will inspire them to play more.

You can add a copy of Lulu’s Piano Lesson to your personal library by visiting your local bookstore or from Tundra Books. Visit our Kid’s Books section for other great book recommendations. What are you reading with your kids?

I have to thank Sylvia at Tundra Books for my review copy.

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