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kids_book_review_zero_kissesZero Kisses for Me
Tundra Books
age 3-5, 5-8
Written by Manuela Monari Illustrated by Virginie Soumagnac
24 pages

Synopsis from Tundra Books:

“Zero kisses for me” is a declaration of independence from a youngster who has a family of fond, affectionate relatives. Sometimes kisses are sticky or perfume-y or just plain yucky, and, besides, they’re for babies. They’re not dignified for someone who’s growing up. Our small hero decides that the kissing ban goes for goodnight kisses too. That is, of course, until it’s bedtime and the monsters appear. And everyone knows that the best defense against the monsters is a goodnight kiss from Mom. The ban’s over, and he and his understanding mother come to the conclusion that nobody gets too old for kisses after all. As reassuring as a goodnight kiss, this tender book is sure to become a favorite at bedtime or anytime.

As my kids get older I know there will be some resistance to mom kisses; I’m already seeing this from my 8-year old daughter. I think as kids get older they feel, just like the boy in Zero Kisses for Me, that big kids don’t need to get kisses all the time; kisses are for babies. I think that’s why I loved this book so much. My kids are always trying to be ‘bigger’ and going to bed without a goodnight kiss is one of those things big kids do, so many kids think. Both the words and illustrations do a great job depicting how a young child is caught between wanting to be grown-up and not be coddled and kissed all the time while at the same time wanting to remain little and protected by their parents. All 3 of my kids could relate to both sides of the boys reaction.

When the boy has difficulty sleeping, after not getting his usual bedtime kiss, he is comforted again by lots of kisses from his mom. Reading Zero Kisses for Me segued nicely into talking about growing up and kisses and respecting personal space (such as maybe not giving too many kisses goodbye in the school yard but lots for good nights and good mornings).

You can add Zero Kisses for me to your personal library by visiting your local book store or visiting Tundra Books. Visit our Kid’s Books section for other great book recommendations. What are you reading with your kids?

I have to thank Sylvia at Tundra Books for my review copy.

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