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Wishes and Worries. Coping With a Parent Who Drinks Too Much Alcohol
Tundra Books
age 5-8
Written by Centre For Addiction And Mental Health, Illustrated by Lars Rudebjer
32 pages

Synopsis from Tundra Books:

Children of parents who drink too much alcohol are affected in many ways. They may experience anger, fear, confusion, and guilt. This reassuring book, written by professionals, offers information in the form of a story about one family’s struggle. When Dad’s drinking ruins a birthday party, everyone wishes that he would just stop. If only wishing could fix the problem!

Wishes and Worries is an excellent way to open a discussion between adult and child. It provides straightforward answers to common questions. Why does my parent drink? Will I drink too much, too? What can I do to help? Is it my fault? The book also includes important information for parents, teachers, and professionals. Wishes and Worries is an excellent resource for children affected by adult problems.

While some kids are worried about making it to the finals with their junior hockey team or what item to bring to show and tell tomorrow, others are hoping their mom or dad doesn’t come home drunk. Wishes and Worries addresses the concerns children living with an alcoholic face each day: not inviting friends over, struggling with school work, feeling that they are somehow to blame for the situation.

Worries and Wishes isn’t a typical storybook that I would pull out to read for enjoyment but it is a great book to help start the dialog. If a child is living in this situation, the book might answer questions for them that they would otherwise be afraid to ask. Alcoholism is an illness that probably affects more families then we know and the children in these families are caught in the middle, afraid to talk about it. Hopefully books like Wishes and Worries reassures them that they’re not to blame and helps them understand they’re not alone.

You can find a copy of Wishes and Worries by visiting your local book store or visiting Tundra Books. Visit our Kid’s Books section for other great book recommendations. What are you reading with your kids?

I have to thank Sylvia at Tundra Books for my review copy.

Sharing is Caring!

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