Books for Kids: Whatever Happened to My Sister?

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Whatever Happened to My Sister?
Nobrow Press / Publishers Group Canada
By Simona Ciraolo
40 pages
age 3-5, 5-8

Synopsis from Publishers Group Canada:

A young girl sets out to find out exactly what happened to her sister. Who is this new sister? Why does she never want to play anymore?

As parents we lement on how our children grow my toddlers to little boys and girls almost overnight. Whatever Happened to My Sister? approaches this topic from a sibling point of view.

I love the sweet take as a younger sister tries to figure out what has caused her relationship with her older sister to have changed. They don’t play together as often. They don’t seem to enjoy is other’s company as much. The timing of this book is perfect in our home as my youngest has noticed her older sister moving away from her and into new endeavours and interests. I love that the young girl takes on this “mission” to figure out what has happened, why her sister and her friends are so different.

I found myself reminiscing on how my oldest has grown and changed and become more of her own being. But although things change, these relationships are never lost, as the story shows. Whatever Happened to my Sister? is a heartwarming story of sibling relationships.

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