Books for Kids: The Monstore

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The Monstore
Simon and Schuster Canada
age 5-8
Written by Tara Lazar, illustrated by James Burks
32 pages

Synopsis from Simon and Schuster Canada:

The Monstore is the place to go for all of your monsterly needs. Which is perfect, since Zack definitely has a monsterly need. The problem? His pesky little sister, Gracie, who never pays attention to that “Keep Out” sign on Zack’s door—the one he has made especially for her. But when Zack’s monsters don’t exactly work as planned, he soon finds out that the Monstore has a few rules: No Refunds. No exchanges. No exceptions.

Monsters have a way of fascinating kids, my own kids included. My youngest daughter has read and reread The Monstore and when asked why, “I love monsters.” I can see how kids would be enamored with the concept of being able to go to the store, the Monstore, to pick out a monster to handle a problem. Hate brussel sprouts? There’s a monster for that. Being bugged by your little sister? There’s a monster for that too. I know with my own kids that siblings can get on each other’s nerves quickly but really they need and love each other. Sometimes it takes a shared moment to be reminded of this. The Monstore also takes a fun look at the whole ‘monster under the bed’ idea, complimented by fun colourful illustrations and a surprise twist at the end.

You can find a copy of The Monstore by visiting your local bookstore or Simon and Schuster Canada. Visit our Kid’s Books section for other great book recommendations.

Sharing is Caring!