Books for Kids: The Bear’s Song

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The Bear’s Song
Chronicle Books / Raincoast Books
age 3-5, age 5-8
by Benjamin Chaud
32 pages

 Synopsis from Raincoast Books:

Sweet has new meaning in this richly illustrated, immersive picture book about two bears on a big-city adventure. Papa Bear is searching for Little Bear, who has escaped the den. Little Bear is following a bee, because where there are bees, there is honey! When the quest leads both bears into the bustling city and a humming opera house, theatrical hijinks ensue, culminating in a deliciously harmonious reunion.

The first thing that drew me to The Bear’s Song is the shape of the book, elongated versus a traditional square design for most picture books. This tall format is used beautifully throughout the pages with wonderfully detailed images that take you from the forest to the city streets and into the opera house. The text appears along the bottom so as to not interfere with your illustrated adventure.

And what an adventure. As we followed Papa Bear with each page turn, my kids loved hunting among the illustrations to find Little Bear and the bee he is chasing. They also loved to predict the situations Papa Bear would find himself in why trying to catch-up with Little Bear. The Bear’s Song is a lovely illustrated story that will have you enthralled with Papa and Little Bear’s adventure.

You can find a copy of The Bear’s Song by visiting your local bookstore or Raincoast Books. Visit our Kid’s Books section for other great book recommendations.


Sharing is Caring!

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