Kids Book Review: Star Wars ABC

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kids_book_review_star_wars_abcStar Wars ABC
Scholastic Canada
Age 0-3
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Synopsis from Scholastic:

Star Wars: ABC is an alphabetical adventure through the imaginative and intergalactic world of Star Wars featuring the names and images of the most popular characters, droids, spaceships, and creatures in this galaxy far, far away.With artistic alliterative text that describes each image and emphasizes each letter, Star Wars: ABC is a completely new way to learn about the legendary story of Star Wars.

My kids knew most of the characters in Star Wars ABC but it was great to see them discover the spelling or the first letter of each character. My 3-year old isn’t familiar with all her alphabet but knowing the character name was a great way to work on the letter sound and the letter name. The only problem was stopping my enthusiastic son from shouting out the letters before my younger daughter had a chance to read them.

For kids who already know their letters, the simple sentence on each page is a great way to connect reading with those Star Wars fans. My son enjoyed ‘teaching’ his younger sister the letters and trying to read the words on the page. I should point out that since this is an ABC book, the sentences just help reinforce the letter on the page versus telling a story, but that didn’t bother my kids.

You can add Star Wars ABC to your personal library by visiting your local book store or visiting Scholastic. Visit our Kid’s Books section for other great book recommendations. What are you reading with your kids?

I have to thank Nikole at Scholastic Canada for my review copy.

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