Kids Book Review: Space Walk

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Space Walk
Sterling Children’s Books
age 3-5
by Salina Yoon
12 pages

Synopsis from Sterling Children’s Publishing:

Blast off into space! Eight planets revolve around our sun, and we’re going to visit them, one by one. By lifting the flaps, young children will embark on a cosmic adventure. They’ll visit hot, dry Mercury; red, glowing Mars; and storm-ravaged Jupiter, just to name a few. Featuring friendly rhyming verses with simple facts about each planet, and Salina Yoon’s fun and cheerful illustrations, this is the perfect fun introduction to the solar system.

Space can be an exciting place for kids to discovery, with rockets, astaroids, and aliens. Space Walk taps into your child’s natural curiosity and wonder by exploring the actual planets in our Solar System in Space Walk. Your travel guide, which looks like another child, visits each planet in the order from the sun.

The planets are colourful illustrations, with the name clearly written above, but lift the planet flap and learn kid-friendly facts, like Jupiter is the largest planet in our Solar System. Written in rhyme the book is fun to read and learn about the planets. My own daughter was reciting the planet order to her older siblings after reviweing the book. Space Walk is a nice combination of a fun story on a non-fiction topic for young kids. A perfect book for your budding space enthusiast.

You can find a copy of Space Walk by visiting your local book store or visiting Sterling Children’s Books. Visit our Kid’s Books section for other great book recommendations. What are you reading with your kids?

I have to thank Sterling Sterling Children’s Books for my review copy.

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