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Snow Babies
Boxer Books / Sterling Publishing
age 0-3
by Laura Ellen Anderson
26 pages

Synopsis from Sterling Publishing:

They’re soft, fluffy, cuddly, and cute—and they all live in the freezing cold. Time to meet the snow babies! From roly-poly polar bear cubs happy at play to seal pups snuggling and penguin chicks waddling, there’s nothing more adorable than these wintry animals.

Toddlers will enjoy celebrating the animals of winter with Snow Babies, a large format board book. The images are cute and colourful, showing the cubs and chicks and other animal babies at play in the wintery weather. A simple sentence adorns each image telling us the animal we see, though your child may be able to name them on sight alone. I like that each image uses different action words to describe the animals’ various types of play: bounce, hide, race. This is a great way to extend a child’s vocabulary easily. Perhaps a toddler reluctant to enjoy the winter outdoors may feel different after seeing the fun these animal babies have in the snow.

You can find a copy of Snow Babies at your local bookstore or at Sterling Publishing. Visit our Kid’s Books section for other great book recommendations.

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