Kids Book Review: Santa’s On His Way

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kids_book_review_santas_on_his_waySanta’s on His Way
Candlewick Press/Random House Children’s Books
by Ruth Martin, illustrated by Sophy Williams
specialty book
14 pages

Synopsis from Random House Children’s Books:

In the week before Christmas, Santa has so much to do! Watch Santa and his elves as they make all the presents, groom the reindeer, and prepare for their most important night of the year — Christmas Eve. With tabs to pull to change the pictures, readers can watch them get everything ready day-by-day, until finally Santa’s sleigh takes off into the sky on Christmas Eve.

As your kids wait for Santa’s arrival, Santa’s On His Way, gives them a sneak peek into all the activity that goes on at the North Pole. The book starts from December 18, with each page counting down a new day until Santa’s delivery on December 24. The pages are full of warm illustrations and as you turn the page or lift the flap, images change to reveal Santa and his elves getting last minute preparations down.

As the last week of Christmas approaches, all my kids can think about is when will Santa arrive. The countdown on each page, both the actual date and Santa reminding his team how many days are left to get ready, is such a fun way to build on the anticipation. It’s also a great way to explain to kids that Santa is busy working and getting ready (so, no, he won’t be coming before Christmas Eve, no matter how much you wish).

You can add Santa’s On His Way to your personal library by visiting your local book store or visiting Random House Children’s Books. Visit our Kid’s Books section for other great book recommendations. What are you reading with your kids?

I have to thank Jessica and Cassandra at Random House Children’s Books for my review copy.

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