Kids Book Review: Porkelia

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Porkelia. A Pig’s Tale
age 5-8
Written and illustrated by Lindy Tucker
64 pages

Synopsis from Charlesbridge:

Porkelia is not your average pig. Tired of rooting around in the mud and living in a sty, Porkelia turns to the Wise One for an answer. When the Wise One proclaims that Porkelia was born to be the first piggy Rockette, she is overjoyed—that’s all she’s ever dreamed of being, after all. Despite everyone else’s doubts, Porkelia takes a leap of faith and says goodbye to her home as she sets off to New York City. Once there, she realizes that the road to becoming a star is not easy. After years of selling blenders by day and dancing by night, Porkelia finally gets her big break when she is discovered by an agent!

As parents we have aspirations for our children but they also have dreams of their own. Porkelia had a dream, though it was foretold through a crystal ball, and she followed it to the end. Although we can’t predict the future for our kids, or for ourselves for that matter (how nice would that be), that doesn’t mean dreams can be achieved. Sometimes these goals can mean a lot of work but perserverance and determination can lead to great things. Porkelia is a reminder to kids to keep tryiing at something they really want. It’s also a reminder to us parents to be supportive our child’s dream, even if it goes against something we didn’t have planned for them.

You can find a copy of Porkelia by visiting your local bookstore or Charlesbridge. Visit our Kid’s Books section for other great book recommendations.

I have to thank Charlesbridge for my review copy.


Sharing is Caring!

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