Kids Book Review: Polar Bear Morning

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Polar Bear Morning
Scholastic Canada
age 3-5
Written by Lauren Thompson; illustrated by Stephen Savage
32 pages

Synopsis from Scholastic Canada:

On a chill, bright morning, a polar bear cub awakes inside her cozy den. She hears the seagulls’ faraway calls and clambers out into the day. Suddenly a snowy something tumbles down a little snow hill. She sees a snowy face, snowy paws, and snowy fur. What can it be? Thrilling words and glowing pictures make this morning-time tale of first friendship as satisfying as a warm hug.

There’s something special about a young child’s openess and acceptance when it comes to those around them. They don’t prejudge but rather view each encounter as a new friendship in the making. That’s the story of Polar Bear Morning. It’s a simple tale based on the act of simple friendship. The uncomplicated colour block images add to the straightforward nature of the way friendship unfolds for Polar Bear.

You can find a copy of Polar Bear Morning by visiting your local bookstore or Scholastic Canada. Visit our Kid’s Books section for other great book recommendations.

I have to thank Scholastic Canada for my review copy.



Sharing is Caring!

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