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Odd Dog
Random House Canada
age 5-8
Written and illustrated by Claudia Boldt
32 pages

Synopsis from Random House Canada:

Meet an odd dog, and watch him learn how to make friends. Helmut is an odd dog. He doesn’t like bones, he likes apples. In fact, he loves apples, and he can’t bear the thought that his next-door neighbour Igor might be stealing them from his tree. Helmut lies awake at night, thinking of how he can protect his favourite food, but he has a big lesson to learn about Igor, and about himself.

You might think this is a dog book and it is I guess. I think it’s more about obsession. I find with kids it’s sometimes easier for them to relate to or understand a topic when it’s portrayed by something cute, like a sausage dog. Like most dogs, Helmut gets a little possesive about his things, such as the apples in his tree. Kids can sometimes feel the same way, obsessing over their posessions, worried that someone else might take them. Kids will be able to relate to Helmut’s single minded focus, even if it is on the extreme end. The extreme worry Helmut goes through, keeping him up at night, illustrates that although it’s great to feel pride of ownership, we shouldn’t let this take over our lives. Thankfully Helmut realizes in the end that his worry is a little over the top.

The wonderfully illustrated Odd Dog, with muted colours excepted for the bright coloured object of Helmut’s offection, reminds us that not everyone wants what we have. Sharing your firetruck at play time doesn’t mean you’ll never get it back. It is also a wonderful way of imagining what goes on in the minds of our own pets. A delightfully amusing book for kids and adults.

You can find a copy of Odd Dog by visiting your local bookstore or Random House Canada. Visit our Kid’s Books section for other great book recommendations.

I have to thank Random House Canada for my review copy.


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