Books for Kids: My Rules for Being a Pretty Princess

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My Rules for Being a Pretty Princess
Raincoast Books / Sourcebooks
By Heath McKenzie
32 pages
age 5-8

Synopsis from Raincoast Books:

One little girl gets her greatest wish of becoming a princess – only to discover that the rules of royalty are no fun. She has to have perfect hair and eat daintily and dance gracefully – boring! So, she decides to make up her own rules… A delightfully subversive picture book that teaches girls to be themselves – clumsy dancing, crazy scribbling and all.

As we are getting ready for an up coming trip to Disney World, the talk of princesses have filled our house. Who’s your favourite Disney princess? Who do you want to visit on our trip?

The young girl in My Rules for Being a Pretty Princess is introduced to her role as a princess by an actual princess and it’s not quite what she expects. My youngest loves the jewels and dresses and palaces that fill the lives of princesses but like the little girl in the story, she too would alter the role.

There’s so much negativity around princesses, and My Rules for Being a Pretty Princess does start with a few stereotypes, but the young girl decides to make a few changes. I like that the young girl realizes that the princess life, the one told in fairytales, may not be what she wants but instead of walking away she decides to alter her idea of a princess role.

A cute story for princess fans with a twist that will make parents like myself happy.

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