Kid’ Book Review: Monsterologist

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Sterling Publishing
Age 5-8. 8-12
50 pages
written by Bobbi Katz, illustrated by Adam McCauley

Synopsis from Sterling Publishing:


Open this memoir…if you dare! For inside this rare collection of letters, notes, and interviews lie the choicest fruits of the monsterologist’s bone-chilling research. In engaging rhyme, the monster master tells all about Count Dracula (“When you visit Transylvania, be sure to stay with me”); issues a werewolf warning; and dishes on trolls, ghosts, witches, ogres, and myriad mythological and literary creatures! Designed to look like a treasured scrapbook, every page features an eye-catching mix of drawings, photos, and handwritten text. Plus, kids will love the die-cut, gatefolds, and other cool surprises throughout!



There are many topics that my kids continually enjoy and monsters is one of them. Although they can read about monsters anytime of the year, there’s something about October that makes them that much more appealing.

I loved Monsterologist even before opening the pages. Designed to look like a leather bound journal, the cover draws you in. But the amazing illustrations don’t just stop there. Adam McCauley’s use of graphics and layout and type face makes this a wonderful book to just look at. My kids love looking through the little details, like an personal ad for Medusa that appears at the bottom of the page. Or Dr. Frankenstein’s door you have to open (a great use of gatefolds). Each page is a delightful surprise.

Bobbi Katz’s rhyme’s are equally enthralling. My kids love reading about monster’s they know and learning about new creatures. This isn’t a typical scare-your-pants-off monster story. Each page talks about a different monster and gives a more personal touch. My son loves Ping Pong with King Kong, where King Kong squashes the ball. My older daughter loves all the stories, but if forced to pick, she would say her favourite is The Worms In. She laughs as we read it, with the words missing from where the worms ate the paper. There is a great wit behind every rhyme too. I enjoy reading this book just as much as my kids enjoy listening. My favourite of course is a monsterized version of that Sound of Music song My Favorite Things. We must have sang that three times while reading the book and my kids want to learn all the words so they can teach their friends.

The Monsterologist is an amazing book to look at and a laugh and a delight to read. This will certainly become a new Halloween favourite, though I’m sure it will be read all year round. For added fun, be sure to visit www.Monsterologist.com  for some interactive fun.

You can add Monsterologist to your personal library by visiting your local book store or visiting Sterling Publishing. Visit our Kid’s Books section for other great book recommendations. What are you reading with your kids?

I have to thank Sterling Publishing for my review copy.

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