Books for Kids: Mario Makes a Move

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Mario Makes a Move
Schwartz and Wade/Random House Canada
age 5-8
Written and illustrated BY Jill McElmurry
32 pages

Synopsis from Random House Canada:

Mario is a squirrel who loves to invent amazing moves, like the Super Looper and Tail, Don’t Fail. But though his parents ooh and ahh at whatever he does, his friend Isabelle is not so easily impressed. When she points out that anyone can have a move, Mario must find some other way to stand out.e birthday party for Nana.

Like Mario in Mario Makes a Move, my kids are constantly developing a ‘move’ or something that expresses their character and when they feel someone has copied or done a better move, they get a little out of sorts. Mario’s reaction is one may children (and parents) can probably relate to but sharing your talent is much more fun than sulking. And really, no one can ever do what you do exactly. But be warned, after reading Mario Makes a Move, don’t be surprised if your little readers try to mimic Mario or create their own acrobatic moves..

You can find a copy of Mario Makes a Move by visiting your local bookstore or Random House Canada. Visit our Kid’s Books section for other great book recommendations.

Sharing is Caring!

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