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Love You More Than Anything
Sterling Books
age 3-5
By Anna Harber Freeman, illustrated by Jed Henry
24 pages

 Synopsis from Sterling Books

There’s nothing children like better than hearing how much their parents love them! And this rhyming read-aloud assures kids—in so many ways—that they’re loved more than anything in the world. Follow an adorable chipmunk family for a fun outing at the park, a special homemade cake after dinner, and a snuggle before bedtime—and all the while mom and dad find dozens of ways, big and small, to give their children the affection and security they crave.

We use the word love to express how we feel about things in our lives. I love syrup on my pancakes. I love feeling the sun on my face. Kids are no different, loving a favourite show or a zipping down the slide in their favourite park. What we all really want to hear, kids especially, is that the important people love us, not just a little but a lot. Love You More Than Anything takes moments kids love, such as a picnic in the park or drawing with chalk, and has the family expressing their love is even more.

I love that the story can be read from either the parent’s perspective or that of the child, expressing a deep family love. My kids enjoyed the rhyme and guessing what the ‘love you more than’ line would be as it usually appeared on the next page. This had the kids reacting and interacting with the story. Even after we finished the story the kids were creating their own ‘I love you more than’ lines. Love You More Than Anything is a great reminder that no matter how much we love the activities and things around us, loving each other out weights it all.

You can find a copy of Love You More Than Anything at your local bookstore or at Sterling Books Books. Visit our Kid’s Books section for other great book recommendations.

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