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Isabella Girl on the Go
Sourcebooks/Raincoast Books
age 5-8
Written by Jennifer Fosberry, illustrated by Mike Litwin
32 pages

Synopsis from Raincoast Books:

Isabella, a precocious as ever, spends the day playing with her dad as they discover some of the greates places man has made around the world. She pretends everyday thinkgs (like a sandbox) are extraordinary places (like the sesert and pyramids of Egypt). Isabella ends the day in her own home-sweet-home, the most wonderfula place to be. A back-of-the-book “Places that Changed the World” section features descriptions of all the places Isabella visits.

One of the things I enjoy most about my kids is their imagination. Somehow as we have grown older that gift has been lost or surpressed. Now when we read Isabella on the Go we can relive that experience with our kids. Some of the places Isabella imagines visiting you and your kids may recognize. But Isabella doesn’t just visit new places, she takes on a new role, such as an astronomer when visiting an old Mayan temple. I love how her dad gets right into Isabella’s role playing, encouraging her to use her imagination.

Being a Canadian, I love seeing that the CN Tower in Toronto is mentioned, even if it’s a small mention. The back of Isabella on the Go includes two pages givine a little information on the sites Isabella visits as well as a quick one line description of the different occumpations she takes on in her imagination. If something really inspires your child, there’s a nice list of books and websites includes at the back of the book for further exploration

You can spend more time with Isabella in her first book My Name is Not Isabella (and for boys, My Name is Not Alexander).

You can find a copy of Isabella on the Go by visiting your local book store or visiting Raincoast Books. Visit our Kid’s Books section for other great book recommendations. What are you reading with your kids?

I have to thank Crystal at Raincoast Books for my review copy.

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