Books for Kids: Hungry for Math

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Hungry for Math: Poems to Munch On
Fitzhenry & Whiteside
By Kari-Lynn and Lori Sherritt-Fleming, illustrated by Peggy Collins
32 pages
age 5-8

Synopsis from Fitzhenry & Whiteside Books:

Kari-Lynn Winters and Lori Sherritt-Fleming team up again for another poetry collection for young readers with the emphasis on math concepts including measuring time, patterns, counting, symmetry, numbers, shapes, estimating and more!

Understanding basic math concepts doesn’t have to involve workbooks and flashcards. Hungry for Math: Poems to Munch On uses rhythmic poetry to explore time, currency, geometry, graphing and counting. Each poem is like a mini story using math concepts. Follow a mouse as she passes the hours moving through a clock. Join the Spendosaur buying treats for his friend in a candy store. Count by twos at a doggie tea party.

Each poem is short and upbeat, illustrating how numbers and math can be used in different ways. Hungry for Math: Poems to Munch On is both entertaining and educational. The rhymes will have your kids counting by twos and tens and figuring out coins just for fun. And isn’t that the best form of learning?

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Sharing is Caring!

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