Books for Kids: How to Speak Wookie

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Star Wars. How to Speak Wookiee
Chronicls Books/Raincoast Books
Written by Wu Kee Smith, illustrated by JAKe
24 pages

Synopsis from Chronicle Books:

Everyone’s been there—you’re playing holo chess with a Wookiee, and things get out of hand. You’ve done something to offend him, but you don’t know what. How can you defuse the situation? Better yet, how can you make sure you never end up there again? With intergalactic travel easier than ever, Wookiees can now be found on nearly every planet in the galaxy and on starships everywhere in between. This helpful guide teaches citizens of the galaxy key phrases in the Wookiee language, eliminating near-fatal encounters with notoriously short-tempered Wookiees while smoothing the way to lasting partnerships and friendships. The handy sound module—recorded by Chewbacca himself!—demonstrates proper pronunciation of ten key phrases.

When I saw this video from Chronicle Books, promoting How to Speak Wookie. A Manual for Intergalactic Communication, I had to get a copy. I could say it was for my Star Wars obsessed kids but I really it was my inner geekiness that wanted it. Broken into 10 different Wookie-meeting scenarios, the book provided the phonetic prononciation of key phrases, with an audio translation at the push of a button.

Hearing the kids recreating the dialog (or at leaset trying to recreate it) based on the audio was very funny. I’ll admit, even I tried it. Along with the sounds, the copy and even the phrases included made me snicker. How to Speak Wookie is a great book for any Star Wars fan, young and old.

You can add How to Speak Wookie. A Manual for Intergalactic Communication to your personal library by visiting your local book store or visiting Chronicle Books. Visit our Kid’s Books section for other great book recommendations. What are you reading with your kids?

I have to thank Crystal at Raincoast Books for my review copy.

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