Books for Kids: Geronimo Stilton The Hunt for the Golden Book

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Geronimo Stilton The Hunt for the Golden Book
Scholastic Canada
age 5-8
By Geronimo Stilton
56 pages

Synopsis from Scholastic Canada

Geronimo’s laptop is stolen just as he’s finishing up writing a special book! Can he and his friends hunt it down in time for his tenth-anniversary party? Extra! Extra! Read an entire bonus Geronimo Stilton story after the main adventure: The Lake Monster. Can Geronimo figure out this creature’s secret?

Geronimo Stilton books have been a part of our family’s reading since my oldest was in grade two, four years ago, but I had no idea the books have been published for ten years. To celebrate Geronimo Stilton takes on the task (or is coerced) into writing a special edition book to celebrate. The Hunt for the Golden Book follows Geronimo’s task to write the book and get it published as well as plan and host his own ten-year anniversary party.

The book is full of ‘cheesy’ puns and repetitive content, not a favourite feature of mine but my kids loved the book. My youngest devoured this story in less than one week. She would even pepper her regular conversations at home with some of Geronimo Stilton’s phrases like ‘holey cheese’ and ‘in a shake of a mouse tail’. The use of visuals and graphic text to illustrate a feeling or situation helps to keep early chapter readers glued to the story.

In addition to the mystery in The Hunt for the Golden Book kids will love the second story at the back, The Lake Monster. Along with the graphic elements in the first story, kids are given hints in the book to get them thinking and help Geronimo Stilton solve his mystery. At the end of the story kids can check their thinking skills against the answers for the previous hints provided. Plus you’ll find a handful of cheesy jokes at the back of the book:

Q: What time does a duck wake up?
A: At the quack of dawn.

That may have you groaning but be prepared to hear these jokes told over and over again. Geronimo Stilton The Hunt for the Golden Book is a great way to mark ten years of publishing. Now to determine which book from the growing series to read next with my daughter.

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