Kids Book Review: Everything I Need to Know Before I’m Five

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kids_book_review_everything_I_need_to_know_before_fiveEverything I Need to Know Before I’m Five
Random House
Age 3-5
40 Pages
by Valorie Fisher

Synopsis from Random House:

Do you know your letters? Can you count to twenty? Learn all that and more in this all-in-one concept picture book. Perfect for kids heading to kindergarten, this book covers the alphabet, counting, opposites, shapes, colors, and seasons. Award winning author-illustrator Valorie Fisher uses bright, gorgeous photos of retro toys to illustrate these topics in a completely fresh way. Parents will love this stylish and funny approach to basic concepts, while kids will learn, well, everything.

Heading off to kindergarten is exciting for kids: making friends, playing with toys, learning new skills. Everything I Need to Know Before I’m Five gives your child a primer to some of the concepts they’ll be learning.

Everything I Need to Know Before I’m Five has bright colourful pages, with the topic clearly marked on the edge of the page, like a tab. The images consist of a combination of craft elements and kid’s retro toys, used to illustrate the various concepts: plastic figures rake leaves to illustrate Fall, a collection of frogs count out to the number ten. My 4-year old daughter loved the look of the book. Having all a variety of concepts in one book gives you a basis for covering what your kids will learn in school or should already learn, but it also gives your child a variety of topics to focus on.

You can add Everything I Need to Know Before I’m Five to your personal library by visiting your local book store or visiting Random House . Visit our Kid’s Books section for other great book recommendations. What are you reading with your kids?

I have to thank Cassandra at Random House for my review copy.

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