Kids Book Review: Count the Sheep to Sleep

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Count the Sheep to Sleep
Sky Pony Press/Thomans Allen and Sons
age 3-5
by Philippa Rae, illustrated by Stephanie Rohr
28 pages

Synopsis from Thomas Allen and Sons:

Late last night I lay in bed and found I couldn’t sleep. So I scrunched my eyes up tightly and counted woolly sheep. In this amusing bedtime story, a little girl decides she must count sheep in order to fall asleep. Starting at ten, her sheep begin to suffer humorous mishaps as she happily drifts into dreamland. Each number illustrates sheep flying off in different directions, unable to control their skateboards, the slippery floor, or their crazy dance moves. Children will laugh and learn in this combination bedtime and counting book. The sing-songy verse and bright, whimsical illustrations provide a visual counting aid, as well as entertainment in the moments before bedtime. Count the Sheep to Sleep is sure to help children fall asleep to their own leaping sheep, transforming bedtime from a struggle into a fluffy white parade!

It’s not just babies that are up at night; sometimes your toddler and preschooler are struggling with falling to sleep. Count the Sheep to Sleep is a fun story built along the premise of counting sheep as a way to fall asleep. The child in the story starts at 10 sheep and each page, after a sheep mishap, the number of sheep to count would be one less. My 5 and 8-year old loved the antics the sheep got messed-up in, nothing like jumping over a fence. Count the Sheep to Sleep is a fun bedtime story to read and it’s a great way to introduce young kids on ways to help themselves fall asleep, counting sheep.

You can find a copy of Count the Sheep to Sleep by visiting your local book store or visiting Thomas Allen and Sons. Visit our Kid’s Books section for other great book recommendations. What are you reading with your kids?

I have to thank Thomas Allen and Sons for my review copy.

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