Kids Book Review: Chicken, Pig, Cow on the Move

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chicken_pig_cow_move_annick_press_reviewChicken, Pig, Cow on the Move
Annick Pres
Age 3-5
32 pages
written and illustrated by Ruth Ohi

Synopsis from Annick Press:

Chicken, Pig and Cow are looking for a change. The popsicle-stick barn Girl built for them is great, but sometimes it gets just a little too crowded. So off they go in search of a new house. They soon discover that nestling among fuzzy slippers in the closet is too “linty,” and living under the furniture is too scary! What about Girl’s dollhouse? There’s lots of space and they all get their own room—Chicken’s even has TV. But what seemed perfect turns out to be a lot less desirable than the comforts of home. Maybe their jam-packed barn isn’t so bad after all …

My children enjoyed Chicken, Pig and Cow‘s first story so they were thrilled to follow them on another adventure. My daughter loved Chicken’s choice for a home and what each of the three friends loved about the home.

Lulu now has a different appreciation for her piano. She now sees it as a tool to recreate sounds in the form of music, just like the sounds create in the world around her

The illustrations are warm and fun. I especially love the images of Cow enjoying her new bed, on her side, on her back, on her head. This is a wonderful tale of the grass is always greener. The three friends think they need more room, a little more space between each other. But when they finally get it they find out it’s not actually what they want. I think this is a story both children and their parents can relate to, which will make it a story the whole family will enjoy, many times.

You can add a copy of Chicken, Pig, Cow on the Move to your personal library by visiting your local bookstore or from Annick Press. Visit our Kid’s Books section for other great book recommendations. What are you reading with your kids?

I have to thank Joanne at Annick Press for my review copy.

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Sharing is Caring!