Books for Kids: Augustus and His Smile

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Augustus and His Smile
Tiger Tales / Publishers Group Canada
By Catherine Rayner
32 pages
age 5 to 8

Synopsis from Publishers Group Canada:

Augustus the tiger was sad. He had lost his smile. So he did a HUGE tigery stretch, and set off to find it. Stunning illustrations celebrate the beauty of the world and the simple happiness it brings to us. An imaginative book for children who love to explore the world around them.

Beautifully illustrated to mimmick the richness of Augustus’ fur and forest surrounding, Augustus and His Smile (affiliate link) tells the tale of finding happiness. While Augustus is determined to find his lost smile he discovers that it was never really lost in the first place. Although our smile can often be confused for the source of our happiness, it is just an outward sign. Happiness is something we source from inside.

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Sharing is Caring!

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