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Earlier I shared a list of 51 Advent Calendar Craft Ideas to celebrate the days leading up to Christmas. One idea we included in the list, and an idea my family participates in at home, is enjoying a different holiday themed book each day before Christmas. Here are 24 Days of Holiday Books, some old favourites mixed in with new releases, to count your way to Christmas.

December 1 December 2
holiday christmas book countdown dec12013If You Take a Mouse to the Movies
From stringing popcorn to making ornaments, kids will love how Mouse moves from one action to another in frantic holiday excitement.
holiday christmas book countdown dec22013Dream Snow
A dream for a snowy Christmas turns into a wonderful surprise. The acetate pages allow you to reveal the animals hidden under the snow but my favourite part is the chime at the end of the story.
December 3 December 4
holiday christmas book countdown dec32013Little Tree
A classic poem from e. e. cummings about a little tree looking for a place to call home. Love the illustrations from Chris Raschka.
holiday christmas book countdown dec42013The Great Reindeer Rebellion
Kids expect Santa to show up but what happens when his reindeer go on strike? Many creatures try unsuccessfully to fill the sleigh pulling spots. A fun holiday rhyme full of playful illustrations
December 5 December 6
holiday christmas book countdown dec52013A Christmas Carol
See the green wreath the Ghost of Christmas Past wears and the silver chains dragged by Old Marley. The classic Dickens tale A Christmas Carol is made approachable for even the littlest readers in this colour primer book from BabyLit.
holiday christmas book countdown dec62013Scaredy Squirrel Prepares for Christmas
This ‘guide’ will help you prepare for those scary parts of Christmas like decorating and meeting Santa. Kids (and parents) will love Scaredy Squirrels antics and over preparedness coupled with cute illustrations.
December 7 December 8
holiday christmas book countdown dec72013Santa’s Great Reindeer Chase
This interactive book will have you moving a cut-out of Santa through doors and across the world as he tries to find the missing reindeer before the night runs out. A great good night story for the holidays.
holiday christmas book countdown dec82013The Empty Stocking
Twins Sam and Charlie are worried. Have they been naughty or nice this year? When Charlie helps to fix a mistake from Santa it might be enough to move her to the nice list this year.
December 9 December 10
holiday christmas book countdown dec92013Brownie Groundhog and the Wintery Surprise
Brownie is ready for a winter nap but Fox feels lost without his friend around. Fox and Bunny inadvertently wake Brownie for one last winter surprise. A fun story about friendship and celebration.
holiday christmas book countdown dec102013The Christmas Book
Accompanied by simple illustrations Dick Bruna’s The Christmas Story is a lovely story about the birth of Jesus. The words are simple making it an ideal story for early readers to share with the family.
December 11 December 12
holiday christmas book countdown dec112013Dusk
As nature’s lights go out, one by one, city’s lights turn on, revealing brilliant Hanukkah, Kwanza, and Christmas displays in streets, homes, and stores.
holiday christmas book countdown dec122013Santa’s Gift
Timothy has a long list for Santa but instead of getting what he wants Santa puts him in change of handing out the gifts to his friends. What Timothy things will be the worst Christmas ever is actually one of the best.
December 13 December 14
holiday christmas book countdown dec132013The Great Christmas Crisis
The Elves are not happy at the North Pole and Santa goes undercover to find out why. A fun rhyme to remind all of us to enjoy the holidays (the Ho Ho jokes will help) and not get too wrapped up in what has to get done.
holiday christmas book countdown dec142013Pinkalicious Merry Pinkmas
We love the antics of Pinkalicious and this Christmas version is bound to delight. As my youngest goes through her pink phase (with a pink artificial tree in her room) she’s all for the Pinkertons getting a pink Christmas tree this year too.
December 15 December 16
holiday christmas book countdown dec152013Big Snow
There’s something magical about snow on Christmas so it’s no wonder David stares hopeful at the clouds outside. He’s hoping for snow, really big snow. A delightful story on that anticipation every child has when it comes to new snow.
holiday christmas book countdown dec162013Christmas with Rita and Whatsit
Kids love to get involved with Christmas preparations. Just like Rita and Whatsit, kids have their own way of making cookies and decorating and patiently waiting for Santa. One of my favourite Christmas preparation stories.
December 17 December 18
holiday christmas book countdown dec172013Princess Posy and the Christmas Magic
Book seven in the Posey chapter book series has Posey wishing for a real magic wand. But a lie to cover up an accident has her worried that Santa won’t visit. Perfect holiday read for young readers.
holiday christmas book countdown dec182013Dwarf in the Drawer
Does the Elf on the Shelf visit your home? He’s not in ours but the Dwarf in the Drawer might be. This is a fun parody on the mischief one mythical creature can cause when he visits your house during the holiday season.
December 19 December 20
holiday christmas book countdown dec192013Olive the Other Reindeer
Olive is a cute dog with big dreams and heart to match. When it looks as though Santa may have to cancel Christmas, Olive heads to the North Pole to help.
holiday christmas book countdown dec202013Galaxy Zack A Green Christmas
Zack is looking forward to heading back to Earth for a white Christmas but a storm changes everything. What could be a disastrous Christmas on another planet doesn’t seem so bad after all.
December 21 December 22
holiday christmas book countdown dec212013Peter Claus and the Naughty List
It can be tough for kids to be good all the time, especially when you’re Santa’s son. Peter thinks kids are mistakenly put on the naughty list and sets out to convince Santa to give them a second chance.
holiday christmas book countdown dec222013Stella Queen of the Snow
Although not specifically about Christmas, snow plays a big part of the seasons magic. Stella and her brother Sam spend a day together full of outdoor snow fun (and lots of snow questions).
December 23 December 24
holiday christmas book countdown dec232013A Porcupine in a Pine Tree
The 12 Days of Christmas is a favourite family carol. A Porcupine in a Pine Tree is a fun Canadian version with moose, Mounties, and hockey players added to the mix.
holiday christmas book countdown dec242013The Night Before Christmas
This is a perfect tale for a Christmas Eve night. Add to that the delightful images created in detailed plastercine artwork by Canadian artist Barbara Reid.

Do you have a holiday book library at home? I love adding to our collection every year. What are some of your favourite books to share as a family during the Christmas season?

Sharing is Caring!

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