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Finding books that interest your emergent reader can be one issue; another is finding books based on your child’s reading skill. Scholastic hopes to keep new readers engaged with Branches.

Moving from beginning readers into chapter books can be a big step for some new independent readers. They are ready for more than what Beginner Readers offer but can feel overwhelmed by Early Chapter Books. Branches hopes to bridge the gap by incorporating illustrations that help aid in story comprehension, simple storylines and easy-to-read text based on site words.

For the lack of a better word, the Branches stories branch out into topics of interest to kids:

Boris – Meet Boris, an enthusiastic warthog who is always seeking out the next adventure!  

Missy’s Super Duper Royal Deluxe – Missy is a young girl with a razzle-dazzle personality who makes everything Super Duper Royal Deluxe!

Lotus Lane Girls Club – Meet Kiki, official member of the Lotus Lane Girls Club. Some of her loves? Fashion, friends, andcollecting facts!

Loonieverse – Ed is a normal kid–until he finds a strange coin, and his life goes from beyond boring to beyond wacky.

The Notebook of Doom – Alexander Bopp is new to Stermont, but already, he has a sense there’s something not quite right about this creepy town…

My six-year old loves the Lotus Lane Girls Club book, feeling like she’s part of a girl’s club and preparing her reading skills for the Babysitter’s Club and other girl series books. My son enjoyed reading The Notebook of Doom book to his sister. Even though the series is young for him, the subject matter entertained him enough to want to read to his sister and it keep her interested too.

You can learn more about Scholastic’s Branches books on their site. What series do you think your kids would enjoy?

Thanks to the folks at Scholastic Canada for the review copies.

Sharing is Caring!

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