Books for Kids: The Lines on Nana’s Face

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The Lines on Nana’s Face
Flying Eye Books / Publishers Group Canada
By Simona Ciraolo
40 pages
age 5 to 8

Synopsis from Publishers Group Canada:

It’s granny’s birthday, but her little granddaughter wonders why, because of the lines on her face, she looks so worried! But they are simply wrinkles, and grandma is very fond of her lines because they are where she keeps her memories.

The lines and wrinkles that show on our face as we get old are often thought of as something to hide or be embarrassed about. This week’s book for kids pick, the story The Lines on Nana’s Face (affiliate link), reminds us that they are worth beaming with pride. It may sound like a grown-up topic, age and beauty, but an understanding of the importance of age can benefit kids when they are young. A young girl’s conversation with her aged Nana reminds us that each wrinkle and crease are a sign of a life of loving and learning. I like that Nana is able to draw upon a memory to each wrinkle the little girl points out. Nana doesn’t explain the memory but the illustration on each following page takes you down a memory path. It’s easy to see how each line is formed based on Nana’s face at the time of each memory.

The Lines on Nana’s Face is a great story to connect young to old, encouraging a sharing of stories. The act of reading the book together can create a new memory for Nana and the child.

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