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Pan Macmillan / Publishers Group Canada
By Bethan Woollvin
56 pages
age 5 to 8

Synopsis from Publishers Group Canada:

Golden-haired princess Rapunzel is kept trapped in her lofty tower by a wicked witch, who lops off locks of her beautiful hair and sells them for her own profit. Can Rapunzel ever figure out a way to escape?

Your child’s home library more than likely has a few traditional fairy tales on on the shelf. Some of those fairy tales can seem a little dated, especially stories that have the girl waiting to be rescued by a boy, like Rapunzel.

However this version of Rapunzel, though following the overall premise of the original story pretty close (she is imprisoned in a tall tower by a witch for her hair), offers up a modern twist. A twist that shows an empowered girl taking control of her destiny. You’ll find no Prince Charming in this tale. You can also see the related story Little Red, a review on our YouTube channel.

This story shows that girls can be princesses or admired for their beauty but that doesn’t stop them from being strong, intelligent, and brave. The use of colour in the story helps to draw attention to the girl and her main attribute, her golden hair, making this a visually striking story.

You can get an inside peek at this book in the following video review, published within our Picture Book playlist:

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